[Top 8] Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring Installation Tips

The demand of hand-scraped hardwood flooring is on the rise since the past several years particularly due to the natural worn out look it adds to the interior of the room. In most of the cases, the hardwood flooring is re-engineered at the manufacturer’s unit to give them the hand-scraped finish. However, different manufacturers follow different techniques for getting the right look, and hence different patterns in hardwood hand-scraped flooring are now available. So, if you too have decided to install this unique flooring in your home or kitchen, first you need to have a clear idea about the installation process, because installation of the flooring is directly related to the quality of the service provided by the flooring. Here we share with you some of the best tips for installing this special hardwood flooring solutions.

hardwood flooring installation

Best Tips for Installation of Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

  • First decide the type of installation appropriate for the place where you are planning to install the flooring. You can either opt for glue down installation, staple down installation or floating installation depending on various factors. For deciding the type of flooring installation to follow, always check out with the manufacturer’s guide.
  • The sub-floor is very important when it comes to installation of hand-scraped hardwood flooring. The sub-floor always needs to be tested for moisture and should be completely dry and clean. Improper sub-floor can ruin the total quality of even the most expensive hardwood floors, so ensure that the sub-floor is properly prepared according to the manufacturer’s guide.
  • Hardwoods are sure to expand with change in the moisture content in the air. So, it is necessary to leave a minimum of 1/2” gap between the flooring and any of the walls. Use spacers for maintaining the gap. This gap will be covered while reapplying the base moldings.
  • One of the key points to keep in mind while installing hand-scraped hardwood flooring is that no area of the connected flooring should cover more than 90 feet in length and 30 feet in width. In case the same stretch of flooring is used for covering more area than mentioned there is maximum chance that the hardwood pieces will not be able to expand properly, which can cause bending and unevenness in the flooring at a later date. For covering areas larger than mentioned, always use T-moldings or other types of transition pieces in between.
  • It is best suggested to draw a reference line on the subfloor before starting with installing the hand-scraped hardwood flooring. The reference line can be very effective to ensure that you are maintaining a proper straight line. In case the walls are not straight, you will need to scribe cut the first row of planks to fit and then follow a parallel line with the wall.
  • Every piece of hand—scraped hardwood flooring slightly differs in their shade and grain type and hence, it is important that you use the planks from a few boxes together and not only from a single box. However, do never open up more than a few boxes at the same time. Before fixing them, dry-lying can be a good option to come up with a pattern of your choice.
  • Make it a point to start installation of each of the rows from the same side of the room. This will not only ensure that the planks lying side by side are properly connected but will also help to have the right look after completion of the installation.
  • Use of tapping block for setting and joining the planks is necessary. Pressure or hammering the groove edge of the flooring directly can result into breaking or cheeping of the wooden planks.

So, if you are planning to install the hand-scraped hardwood floor on your own keep the above tips in mind and ensure to check the manufacturer’s guide in detail before you start with the job.

About The Contributor: These tips have been contributed by Marks, who is an interior décor expert, with years of  specialization in Hardwood floors, Laminate and Carpet Calgary .He has serviced hundreds of homes in Alberta and continues to provide services to new and existing clients. When he is not working, he likes to share his knowledge with his avid readers and followers by writing articles online.

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