Hair Straightener Options that are Totally Worth it

While trying to figure out what is the best hair straightener iron you should purchase, it’s important to consider your hair type and the plates. But what about all the hair straightener features that are available? There are so many features out there, so how do you pick and choose the ones that you want and need, to the ones that are garbage to you? That’s where this article comes in place!
If you’re out looking for a new hair straightener, I implore you to read this list of hair straightener feature that are totally worth it. This list of options will break down what each feature means, and help you better decide if it’s something that you need or want. Some people might only want a flat iron with a digital temperature reader, while others might not care and want one with an auto shut-off option.

So, if you’re unsure of what exactly you want or need in a hair straightener / flat iron, but you’ve figured everything else out you’re in the right place. Let’s continue on and get into some of the features that you can find on a flat iron and find out if they’re good for you!

6 Hair straightener features / Options That are Totally Worth it

hair straightener features

  1. Digital Temperature Reader

No joke: this is probably one of the best features that you can find on a hair straightening iron. They help you figure out exactly what temperature you’re setting the iron to and helps you prevent unnecessary heat damage. By being able to prevent overheating and the damage that comes with that. Plus, once you find a temperature that works really well for your hair you’ll know exactly what you should set the temperature to next time.

  1. Placement of Controls

Some people don’t like when flat irons have controls on the exterior, just because as they’re using the iron they hit the buttons and change the settings. If the buttons don’t lock, that can be a whole new issue. Being able to lock buttons means that you won’t randomly change a temperature or control without realizing.

  1. Auto Shutoff

We’ve all forgotten to turn something off at least once in our lives, but with an auto shutoff control on your flat iron at least you know that won’t be left on. Some hair straighteners have a 30 minutes auto shut off feature, while some have an hour shut off. But if you find something that says it has a shut-off feature that’s longer than that, stay away from it: it’s just not worth it at that point.

  1. Iron Locks

Some hair straighteners have a lock setting that allows you to look them shut to keep the hot plates off the counter. Plus, they make is so much easier to wrap up and close the iron after you’re done using it.

  1. Stands

There are all types of stands on the market that will help keep the flat iron off the counter. In fact, these are probably a better buy than a straightener with a lock. Some flat irons come with stands that are hidden on the body when it’s in use, and others come with a stand that is independent of the iron. No matter which one you go for, they’re a great investment! It’s not only a great way to prevent damage to your counter, but it’s a simple and easy way to put them up when you’ve finished using it.

  1. Silicon Mat

A silicon mat will help you protect your counter because if you ever forget to turn off your hair straightener iron, the silicon mat will absorb all of the heat. They’re relatively cheap, but they work wonders to protect you, your house, and your flat iron. You can even use it while you’re using the iron to prevent it from toppling over and hitting you and the counters.
You obviously don’t need to find a hair straightener with all of these options, in fact, there probably isn’t one out there with all of these hair straightener features. Pick and choose the options that are most important to you and your needs, and go from there. It can be so overwhelming trying to pick from all the options that are out there, but hopefully, this list helped make it clearer what you need and want from your hair straightener iron!

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