Hair Straighteners Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to using a hair straightener on your hair, there are a lot of things that you should avoid doing and things that are a huge no-no. Since there are so many things to look out for, in this article we’re going to make it easy for you to read and understand the hair straightener do’s and don’ts for your flat iron. Hopefully, by reading this article, you’ll be able to safely use your hair straightener knowing that you’re doing the right things! Also read: 6 best hair straightener iron – [My ultimate review of the best flat iron]

Hair Straightener do’s and don’ts you should know

Best hair straightener do's and don'ts
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Let’s get started; the first do’s and don’ts we’re going to discuss deal with hair straightening procedures:

Temperature Do’s and Don’ts For Hair straighteners

DO adjust the temperature that your iron is on if you feel that it’s becoming too hot for your hair or starting to smell like it’s burning. There’s nothing wrong with adjusting the heat as you go!
DON’T use the highest heat setting just because you think it’ll work best for your hair. You never want to use the highest heat on your hair; it just will cause a lot of heat damage that won’t be easy to repair.
DO try out different temperatures until you figure out the best heat for your hair type. Here are some great tips to get you started: for fine hair, you should be opting to use the lowest temperature you can get to ensure that you’re preventing it from burning; for thick hair, you should go for a temperature that is in the middle of the heat spectrum, play around with different temperatures to find the best one for you.

Sectioning your Hair Do’s and Don’ts for hair straightener

DO use smaller sections when straightening your hair, the best size to go with is about an inch and a half. But of course, you can change this depending on the type of hair you have!
DON’T section your hair into large sections to get the job done quicker. This will only make it so that you have to go over that same section multiple times which is only going to cause more heat damage to your hair.
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Products Do’s and Don’ts for your flat iron

DO use a heat protectant any time you use a flat iron. You can purchase a serum at the store, or even use argon oil to protect your hair from unnecessary heat damage.
DON’T use hair spray in your hair before you use the flat iron, this will make your hair tacky and make it so that the iron can actually stick to the hair and burn/tear it out.
DO ensure that your hair is completely dry before using your hair straightener. If you start finding that the iron is starting to make a hissing sound while you’re using it, you need to step back and dry your hair again.
DON’T use a hair straightener on wet hair. This will only cook your hair and create irreparable damage to your hair.
DO use a comb to brush through your hair while straightening to help fight against frizziness and gives you an amazing smooth look. You can also do this while you’re blow drying your hair to help prevent even more frizz from being created!

Now that we’ve discussed the procedure of using a hair straightener, let’s go into the do’s and don’ts of purchasing a hair straightener:

Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing a Hair straightener

DO find a hair straightener that has a temperature reader on it, this will help you know which temperature works best for your hair and help you determine if you accidentally change it while using the iron. Of course, this isn’t necessary, but it is something that you should really consider when purchasing a hair straightener.
DON’T purchase a hair straightener just because it’s the cheapest or most expensive of them all. Make sure that you’re doing your research regarding what type of hair straightener you should find for your hair type. Hair straighteners are very different even though they do the same thing, and make sure that you find one that is durable!
DO purchase a hair straightener that is wide enough for your hair type. If you have fine or short hair, you might want to consider a hair straightener that is 1” or less in size. For thick or long hair, you’ll want to consider a hair straightener that is larger than 1”, for example, a 3” iron. However, for one looking for something just to help with styling, go for a 1.5” flat iron regardless of your hair type.
DON’T purchase a straight edge hair straightener if you’re wanting to create curls in your hair while using it. You should try to find one that has curved edges to help better you create those curls, plus it helps prevent any bumps that might occur because of the edges.


Finally, DO give your hair some time off from the hair straightener. If you can go a couple days without straightening your hair do it! Your hair, in the long run, will thank you! Skipping a couple days will allow your hair to restore any proteins that were damaged during the straightening process, plus it helps you add back the moisture that you lost as well. You can even take this time off to deep condition your hair and help give it moisture to keep it smooth and soft.
There are a lot of different features that are offered on hair straighteners, deciding which ones you want/need are completely up to you. Because of this, the biggest DO that I can tell you is to figure out the features you want on your hair straightener and then go shopping for it. DON’T feel like you have to settle for something, make sure that you’re getting the thing(s) that you want for your hair before buying.
With all of these hair straightener do’s and don’ts in mind, when you’re using or looking for a hair straightener, you will be better able to prevent unnecessary heat damage to your hair and help you get the best look for your hair type. While there are more do’s and don’ts for hair straighteners out there, these are the ones that you should really keep in mind when you’re straightening your hair.

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