Good Nails: 5 Ideas To Make Your Nails Look Fab Without Overspending

English actress Maisie Williams—who rose to fame following her casting in hit TV series “Game of Thrones”—once said, “If you’ve got good nails (cool nails), you wake up and you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m happy now.’” It’s the same for many other ladies who make it a point to make their nails look fab day in and day out.

good nails

However, going on weekly trips to the nail salon or even doing your own nails can be expensive, and you may often find yourself overspending on nail art services and nail care products. Good thing there are ways to avoid going over budget when it comes to making your nails look good and stunning, and here we’ve listed out five clever ideas to help you do just that.

cool nails

1. Use coupon codes for nail care services and products.

Wanting to have your nails professionally done but don’t have the budget for it? There’s a coupon code for that! Imagine getting a full manicure with nail art by a nail technician who won’t murder your cuticles and won’t mess up the design you want—all at a discount. Sounds good, yes? To get professional nail care services for less, simply browse around coupon sites for printable discount codes you can bring along when you visit the specified salons. But wait, there’s more—you can also use Elysian vouchers and coupon codes when you do your shopping online from Total Discounts. This way, you save money on products such as nail polishes, cuticle removers and nail care tools like the electric nail file drill machine.

2. Wait for blog sales and giveaways.

Aside from waiting for nail care products to hit the clearance racks, you can also score polishes for cheap through blog sales. A beauty blogger will frequently buy polish, swatch it and review it, but then later on realize it’s not for her. It then goes up for sale or made into a giveaway item. You can watch out for these blog sales and giveaways and try your luck!

3. Eat healthy and take care of your nails.

Here’s a fact: you don’t need polish to make your nails look fab. Simply keeping your nails clean will make them look good even without nail art. Dermatologists also recommend eating food rich in nutrients that can boost the growth of strong, healthy nails. Among these are protein-rich eggs and chicken, and vitamin-rich spinach. Since these food items are usually already available in your kitchen, you won’t need to have a specialized diet. You can also do some research on DIY nail care using ingredients you have at home.

good and healthy nails

4. Consider budget brands.

An expensive price tag doesn’t always mean something is the best. Conversely, if something sells for a much lower price, it doesn’t mean it’s poor quality. You can make your nails look fab without overspending by sticking to budget brands, especially if you like changing your nail color constantly. Browse around online and physical retail stores selling local commercial brands for more savings. This way, you can have good nails on a budget.

5. Do your nail art yourself.

Nail salons may offer many stunning nail art designs, but having these done may cost you a pretty penny. Why not try recreating these (or creating new ones) yourself to save money? You can find hundreds of DIY nail art tutorials online, and many of these use tools that are easily found at home, such as sticky tapes, sponges, cotton buds and bobby pins. Going the DIY route is definitely one of the best ways to glam up your nails while staying within budget, so go look around for cool design tips and how-tos, sit on your manicure table and have fun creating!
Have any more ideas for good nails that I may missed?. Tell us how you make your nails look good without overspending. Just share with us in the comments section below. We love to here your story.

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