Get Rid of Mice and Other Kitchen Pests [5 Easy Tips]

I bet you want to learn how to get rid of mice and those other common kitchen pests. No one would blame you. While you may be designing your dream kitchen to be the perfect, cozy living space that’ll see many a memorable dinner party, you may have some uninvited guests. These uninvited guests can dampen the mood and even make you or your family sick. Whether you’re just moving into your new kitchen, or you’re renovating your current one, mice and other household pests can be especially active during these transitional periods. So, here are a few tips on identifying and ridding your kitchen/home of harmful insects, mice, other rodents, and more.

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Tips To Identify and Get Rid of Mice and Other Pests from Your Kitchen/Home

Know Your Enemy

Most homeowners and renters across have likely gone through a shocking, “WHAT IS THAT?” moment at least once while walking around in their kitchens. It may have 4, 6, or 8 legs, cartoonishly long antennae, or beady eyes and a tail. However, whatever it is, you can bet that there are more of them scuttling about under your heavy appliances. Even behind your walls and cabinets. While you may still be reeling from the initial shock of seeing an unwanted insect or mouse making itself at home in your kitchen, knowing a thing or two about them will help you get rid of mice and most kitchen pests before there’s a full-on infestation.

Rodents are some of the most common kitchen pests. If you live in an older home that’s being renovated, or if you live next door to a house or building that’s being redone, then mice most likely have advanced systems of getting in and out with minimal effort. Rodents will eat pretty much anything, so long as it’s accessible to them, such as food left on counters, crumbs, or uncovered trash.

Insects can be a little harder to identify, especially if you’re encountering some obscure, lesser known species that seldom make themselves known. Luckily, home design resource, Apartment Therapy has a handy guide to identifying household pests. Once you know which critters are living in your kitchen, you’ll be better equipped at deterring them before they get out of hand.


Keep Them Out

This may be the simplest solution. If you have any gaps or holes in your walls, your first step should be to stem the tide of a potential infestation. Caulk any gaps between moldings and your kitchen floor or ask your landlord to do so if you’re renting. Install screens on any entry ways such as windows and doors. While you may have to deal with the pests that have already infiltrated your house, keeping them out makes for a good first step to a pest-free kitchen.

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Try Organic Deterrents

According to Tech Insider, the dirtiest room in your home isn’t your bathroom. It’s actually your kitchen. However, it’s also the space in which you prepare your food and spend a considerable amount of time. So, unless you want to use store-bought sprays on your countertops that may or may not actually do anything, you should consider using organic pest deterrents that won’t get you sick, especially if you’re spraying in an enclosed, interior space. sells one of our best recommended Organic Home Pest Control Spray. Click here to buy it on Amazon.


Want to “do-it-your-self”? There are a number of organic pesticides that you can make from ingredients that you may already have on-hand. For aphids, spiders, and whiteflies, try an oil spray. Combine 1 cup of cooking oil with 1 tablespoon of dish soap.

If you’re dealing with beetles or roaches, then try a red pepper spray. Mix one tablespoon of ground red pepper and 5 to 6 drops of dish soap. Remember to get into the corners and crevices where pests typically hide. Spraying their entryway into your kitchen will help deter future mice visitors.

Keep Your Kitchen/Home Clean

While organic pesticides may work to stem the tide, nothing deters pests more than a clean kitchen with no available food. As an added bonus, this solution and preventative measure is also the most cost-effective and requires minimal effort. Just remember to clean up all dishes, pots, and pans after cooking so pests aren’t attracted to lingering food. Wipe down your counters to make sure no crumbs are left and regularly clean your floors to ensure that nothing gets stuck under appliances or in those hard-to-reach areas that often get neglected. Additionally, keep your pantry clean and pest-free by sealing food in Ziploc bags and airtight containers.


Call a Professional
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When all else fails, the mice are becoming friends with the cats, what then is the best way to get rid of mice? You should consider calling a pest control professional, especially if store-bought or organic deterrents fail to keep vermin out of your home. Find a reputable exterminator or business through review sites such as Yelp or Angie’s List. Pest control professionals generally have access to more effective tools, such as sprayers, foamers, and more, that are available from suppliers such as QSpray, which specializes in equipment for exterminators. However, you decide to go about getting rid of mice in the kitchen and other household pests, just make sure you stick to a thorough plan of action and keep a tidy home and your kitchen will be a warm, inviting space.

Those are the tips we had for you today on how you can get rid of mice and house hold pests.

Have more tips, share them with us in the comments section bellow.

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