Fridge Organization : [10 BEST TIPS EVER]

When I told my friend Clarice that I was going to write this post on fridge organization, she was surprised – “who on this mother earth needs to be taught how to organize their fridge?” she asked. To convince her that this post was needed, I showed her two photos which I am also going to show you now.

Imagine if your friends asked for a drink and you knew that your fridge looked like this?

fridge organization

Wow, that is embarrassing. You would instantly offer to pick the drink for them from your fridge, right? Ya.

But now imagine if you know that it looked like this?

fridge organisation
Full and organized fridge

Or this?

lg refrigerator

There is nothing embarrassing about the way things are organized inside these refrigerators. You would confidently point them in the direction of your fridge to pick the drinks for themselves. Right?

The point is that a fridge is one of the most significant appliances in our homes. We use it on a daily basis  in storing groceries, foods and cool drinks. When this is filled with foods and drinks, this can really captivate your attention.

In every meal, there is always a tendency for leftovers. Leftover foods likewise need to be kept on the fridge to be cooked or heated for the next meal. However, leftover foods sometimes cause mess inside the fridge. Thus, it is essential to do some fridge organization. This way, the foods will not even cause a mess.

Through fridge organization, it will help keep the foods, groceries and leftovers stay fresh for a long period of time. It will be a lot easier for you to find and grab the food that you want. When you organize your fridge, it is important to think of the place to put the unpacked groceries and leftovers.

For those foods that no longer demand preparation, they should be placed on the top part. The other foods should be placed at the lower part. These must all be organized in order that there will be no mess at all. And, these should be placed in accordance to the temperature. For instance, chicken should be placed at the bottom part.

When it is not organized properly, the foods may be contaminated. But, when it is organized this way, contamination will no longer be a problem.

Fridge Organization: How to Organize Your Fridge

Here are some of the ways on how to organize your fridge and declutter it:

  1. When it comes to the door part of the fridge, it is the warmest part. Condiments should also be placed here. Milk and eggs should not be placed in the door part but even in the colder part.
  2. The front facing of the central bracket should be adjacent the eye-level. Priority items should also be placed in here such as healthy snacks and leftover foods. These are those foods that you want to heat, pre-heat and eat soon.
  3. Since the back part of the fridge is the coldest part, milk should be placed here. It will help in order that the milk stays fresh for a long period of time.
  4. The drawers can also be tricky enough. These can hold the vegetables and the fruits. But since these are located and built at the bottom part of the fridge, you only risk the freshness of the fruits and the vegetables. When you put the meat above the drawer, it may only contaminate the vegetables and the fruits.
  5. Never ever put tomatoes inside the fridge. The same goes with honey, onions and potatoes. This is for the reason that they will only get mushy. They may only soften. Even the honey may thicken and freeze. Even tomatoes may only get too starchy.
  6. If your fridge has two drawers, make sure that one is intended for vegetables and fruits. The other one should be intended for the meat. Ensure that the meat is not placed above the veggies and the fruits. This is simply because of the fact that they may contaminate them. Also, make sure that you clean the drawer more often.
  7. Remember to not waste the space of the fridge. This is especially for those items that do not need to be cooled or chilled. Even the space can simply be used for other food items that demand to be chilled than the other. This may also include the eggs or the natural eggs.
  8. Meat should also be placed on a clear plastic bowl. This way, it will be easier for you to clean up the whole fridge.
  9. Place all the drippy foods such as the sea foods and the meats at the bottom part of the fridge. This way, the fridge will not become messy anymore. This may also cause your fridge to become smelly. This is also especially if it is not cleaned right away.
  10. Square and rectangular dins and containers are the best things wherein you can put your fruits or vegetables. Do not use round bins as they may only occupy a lot of space. And, the space will only be wasted.

Organizing your fridge is one of the best ways in order that the foods will stay cool and fresh. Doing so helps you in keeping the foods not contaminated d by the other foods. Cleaning it more often only gives it the best results possible. Thus, this makes the fruits, vegetables, meats and other foods stay fresh and cool. Your fridge will still become the best fridge ever.

Now, you have learned more about fridge organization. Just follow all other essential steps on how to organize your fridge! For sure, it will never be a hassle and stressful experience for your part organizing your fridge! Also check out our review of the best small refrigerator and the best refrigerators.

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