Simple Steps To Perfect French Manicure (BEST GUIDE)

So popular and classy is the French manicure that lots of women all over the world search for information on how to do it themselves at home. French manicureAnd guess what? A French manicure is easy to do at home, does not require lots of special tools or supplies. In addition, it is neutral, hence can be fitting for any occasion, season and outfit, let it be casual or dressy. Do you dream of doing this type of manicure by yourself, hence saving you lots of money to a nail salon technician? Read this step by step guide because it details every step to a perfect French manicure.


What you will need for a perfect french manicure.

I was not joking when I said that you do not need a lot of nail supplies to pull off a classic French manicure. These are the tools you will need:

  • Clear base coat
  • Clear top coat
  • Sheer nude pink nail polish
  • White crème nail polish
  • Nail correction pen or cotton swab
  • Nail polish remover
  • Quick drying manicure spray

That is it, nothing costly or Fancy? You can get all the above from any beauty supply store near you. For those who love to shop for everything online, just head over to amazon and search for these supplies. You will find that the options are limitless.

What do I love to use For My French Manicure?

For my French manicure, I like to use “OPI Coney Island Cotton Candy” for sheer nude pink nail polish and “OPI Alpine Snow” as white crème nail polish. Both of these nail polishes are available at I just love OPI nail polishes because I believe they are the “Gold standard “when it comes to nail polishes. OPI nail polishes have rich colors, quality and durability. Anyway, that is my opinion. I also use “Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Dryer Spray” for quick drying. It is available at However, as I said all those can be got at one place such as

A French manicure is characterized by a pink nail bed and with white nail tips. Where the white tip meets the pink is called the smile line. If you do not like white, you can use a different color polish, similar to an American manicure. The art of achieving a great looking French manicure relies on mastering the technique of achieving a perfect smile line. Follow these steps to achieve that perfect smile line which is characteristic of French manicures.

  1. Prep your nails for this new manicure. This prep can involve removing any old nail polish from previous manicures. Use a nail polish remover to remove that old polish. If it is any other nail designs, we have removal instructions for those too. Check them out for: Gel nails, Acrylic nail, Stiletto nail designs. You can also trim and file your nails to the preferred length. See my review of the best electric nail file machine for easy filing.
  2. Apply base coat. I usually apply one coat of base coat; spray it with quick drying manicure spray for fast drying. If you do not have that spray, it is OK; just wait a few minute for your base coat to dry naturally.
  3. Apply sheer nude pink nail polish: Apply one coat of the pink polish on all the nails and leave it to dry or use the quick dry spray before starting the white polish. Allowing enough time for the pink nude polish to dry before you paint the nails with the white polish ensures that the polish will not smear and streak.
  4. Time to create the perfect smile line using the white crème nail polish. Dip the nail brush into this white crème polish; wipe off any excess paint on the brush that may drip. Now put brush on one side of the nail tip so that the brush fans out slightly and push it up to where the nail bed ends. Then drag the brush down to the edge. Repeat this on the opposite side of the nail tip, so that you leave the center of the tip empty (without the white polish). Paint the center of the tip as well with white. Push the brush up so that it joins each side already painted and drag the brush down to the edge, making sure that you even out any dip that may form.
  5. Spray with Quick drying manicure spray so that the white polish also dries.
  6. Repeat this process with the white polish on all nails.
  7. You may apply some designs on your French manicure, such as dots along the smile line, flowers on the nail bed etc.
  8. Apply top coat: When the white polish is dry, apply the top coat and wait 5-10 minutes for it to dry or force it to dry by spraying with quick drying manicure spray or placing the fingers under running tap water.
    OPI French Manicure

That is it. You have achieved a pretty French manicure. It is not hard at all. Go and show it off your pretty nails.

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