How To Fix Noisy Range Hood in 6 Easy steps (Broan Range Hood)

Broan is a kind of company that specializes in residential ventilation tools. Among their product is a soundless air-ventilation fan hood also known as a range hood. This range hood, which circulates the air in home, sue ovens or stoves. The ventilation process assists to remove the smokes, odors, and other contaminates from air within the kitchen and house at large.  However, the range hood may be noisy and in this article, I want to show you how to fix noisy range hood. This fix is specifically for the Broan brand, but I hope it can also work for other range hood brands on our list of the best kitchen range hoods.

how to fix noisy range hood

What is a Range hood?

Before you fix a noisy range hood, you must understand what a range of hood is and how it works. Over the years, this kitchen appliance has been called by many names, but the most ordinary is “exhaust hood” or vent hood. This is basically a fan enclosed in canopy, which is then installed directly above the cooktop or range.  Click here to see examples of range hoods in our review of the best 5 dependable range hoods.

A range hood is designed to remove odors, steam, heat, and gasses that are produced during the preparation of meals. For most people, air which is removed is released outside the house. But there are filtration system that can clean and recirculate air back into kitchen and while others have the ability to remove and trap the airborne grease.

How To Fix Noisy Range Hood -6  Steps to Fixing a Noisy Range Hood.

Disclaimer: and it’s owners are NOT responsible for any injuries or deaths due to inept, careless, unqualified, or negligent individuals. If you do not carefully follow the instructions on how to fix a noisy range hood, fail to take necessary safety precautions, or doubt your abilities, do not attempt making any fixes on the range hood. Instead, hire some on who has the right knowledge.

Range hood can be damaged and it will create noise when it is running. The extra noise that is produced is because of the damaged fan. However, you can fix noisy Range hood and have a fan working as if it is brand new by following these guidelines:

  1. Trace the button that is located in front of range hood and turn on power. Wait for fan to pick up the speed and identify where the noise is being produced. Pay particular attention to the noise that is produced, noting whether it is intermittent noise or constant.
  2. Locate where screws holding the cover of the range hood are. Using a screw driver, remove these screws and then pull off the cover so that you can have access to the fan. Set the cover in a place that is safe as you will need it after fixing fan.
  3. Observe the fan and identify if’s cracked or it has damages on blades. Then, remove the screws holding the fan. Take the fan out of the in range hood canopy.
  4. The fan may just need cleaning or straightening the blades, etc. If this is the case, then do that. However, if the damage is severe, you may need to replace the blades.
  5. Match the blade from range hood with new one as well as install it on the top of range hood. Tighten it with the same screw until using screwdriver.
  6. Assign the cover of the range hood back in place. Make tighter screws down and test the fan to determine if it is working properly without the noise.

That is, it. As you can see, fixing of a noisy range hood is just so easy by following those. You can do it by yourself. However, in following these guidelines, you must read and understand them. On the other hand, it is best to hire some on who has the right knowledge on fixing vent hoods. This is for security and safety purposes. We also have a great tutorial on how to hide kitchen hood venting. Check it out.

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