Common Refrigerator Problems [How To Fix Them]

The refrigerator is one of the hardest working appliances in your home and one of those that you can probably not live without. That makes it important that you learn some basic troubleshooting and simple repairs to deal with the common refrigerator problems. In that case, here are some helpful tips and pieces of advice on how to fix the common refrigerator problems that you might one day experience with your refrigerator. If you want to buy new fridge, see our review of best mini refrigerators or our review of the best refrigerator on sale.

common refrigerator problems
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Common Refrigerator Problems and How To Fix Them

Refrigerator That Will Not Start

Your problem with your computer is that it does will not start? When that’s the case, it is likely that a part of the refrigerator is causing it. Here, you can learn the most common parts of the computer that might be causing the problem and begin on repairing them. But first, it’s highly advised that you look for your computer’s model first so you can learn additional instructions on how to repair your fridge.

  • Cold Control

When fridge won’t start and the fun doesn’t run, then it probably has faulty temperature/cold control. Check the control’s continuity using a multi-meter but you will need to remove power first. Then, remove the control from its housing as well as disconnect the terminal leads. When you adjust the control to cold, then switch should close and has continuity between terminals. If that’s not the case, it’s malfunctioning and needs replacement.

  • Overload Relay

When you hear a clicking sound from your fridge or when the fan is running but the compressor does not, check the overload relay to see if it’s arcing or overheating. Check if the start capacitor is malfunctioning or defective and replace if necessary. But, when the overload relay and capacitor is okay, then it’s probably the compressor that’s defective. This time, you need a qualified technician.

  • Electronic Control Board

Some refrigerators are controlled with electronic control board monitoring the temperature, compressor, defrost system and fan. It can be the cause why your fridge would not start. This part can are complex so better look for signs of burnt connections, arcing or damaged foil when you expect the electronic boards and make sure that there’s power coming from the control board.

Refrigerator that is Not Cooling

If the fridge is not cooling, make sure first that the thermostat is correctly set. If the fridge’s fan is faulty, then the cold air cannot flow through the vents and that’s one cause why it is not cooling properly. If that’s the problem it probably needs replacement. On the other hand, if there’s a clicking noise coming from the compressor, the fault is either a bad compressor or a defective start capacitor.

If your fridge is not cooling, you might want to dust off its condenser coils to prevent any dust buildup as well as overheating because of overworking. To do this, you simply unplug your refrigerator and then use a coil cleaning brush so you can easily get rid of dust. One reason why your refrigerator is not cooling properly is because the door seal is probably broken. When it’s like that, air is pushing inside the unit and you will need to replace the seal to keep the cool air inside of the fridge.

VIDEO: Troubleshooting a No Cool Refrigerator – Part 1

Leaking Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is leaking water, first thing to do is check the lines of the dispenser. It’s probably leaking because the dispenser is damaged or broken which means it has to be replaced. You should also check if the drain pain has holes or cracks in it.

If it has, you should also replace it. If there’s any clogged drains, it should also be replaced. Leaking refrigerator can also be attributed to clogged drains in the freezer section. To resolve the issue, better remove the divider, let it thaw out and get dry.

Noisy Refrigerator

When your refrigerator makes too much noise, the first thing to check is the compressor and the fan. This part of the unit is what moves the coolant while the fan is what moves the air. When these parts began to malfunction, you will often hear a noise of metal against metal.

It’s because they didn’t shut down properly and the only solution is to balance your appliance’s adjustable feet so that there is even distribution of the parts inside. One reason why your refrigerator is noisy could be the fan.

Sometimes, the pan rattles after it is replaced which is an indication that it’s probably been placed too close to the compressor. It can be replaced only by re-positioning the tray. At the same time, a faulty or loose fan can be a cause of the rattling noise you hear out of your appliance. So make sure that it’s repaired or replaced.

Freezer Is Too Cold

Before anything else, check to see if the freezer’s thermostat setting is at the right setting. The freezer is what determines your refrigerator’s coolness so when the temperature is too high, it could result to the freezer becoming frozen.

In that case, go check and adjust the thermostat to the ideal temperature setting. Another instance that could be the reason why the freezer is too cold or freezing is because the circulating fan is blowing the cold through freezer, fridge and back to the cooling unit. In order to fix it, you will have to replace the part that’s malfunctioning.

These are some of the common refrigerator problems people encounter. By learning a thing or two about troubleshooting and fixing a simple problem, you can save as much time and money on repairs. It’s better to learn more about your appliances so that you don’t have to go directly to repair shops and spend money to get them fixed.

Sometimes, these problems are very simple and can be fixed by yourself if you know what to do. With that, the information above was collected and presented to you so you can learn a thing or two about do-it-yourself refrigerator troubleshooting and repair. It makes it more practical and cost-effective than spending more of your money to a fault you can probably fixed in no time by yourself.

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