FAKE NAILS : List of false nails You can Use

You may wonder why we even talk about fake nails or what is commonly known as false nails, artificial nails,fashion nails, nail enhancements, or nail extensions in the beauty/ nail care circles. But lets be honest, not all of us are blessed with the perfect natural nails, so fake nails are our relief when we want to exude a sophisticated look. Even though you have great natural nails, some occasions/functions such as weddings or reunions may force you to wear a more elaborate (long), shinny, glossy, etc, finger nail design to make you sharp,which you may not be able to achieve with your natural nails. In such circumstance fake nails or false nails come to our rescue.There are also times when you want to conceal or fix broken, damaged, short, or bad nails and minimize on your nail biting, nail breakage of nails.You can achieve this with artificial false nails. Here is a list of the fake nails that you can chose from if any such need arises. Fake nails are fashion accessories which are placed of natural fingernails to cover them, and they attempt to mimic the appearance of natural nails.

List of fake nails/False nails commonly used in salons and at home.

There are three types of artificial nails / fake nails: acrylic, gel and wraps (fibreglass, silk and linen).
It is important to know that fake nails are not a replacement to natural nails,rather and extension.
Before I look at the list, I should tell you that fashion nails/ artificial nails can be made following two approaches, tips or foams. where by tips come pre-made as plastic plates and shaped as nails.They come be plain or have several designs. The nail technician will just glue these tips onto the end of the natural nails followed by other enhancements.
On the other-hand, forms are just fitted over the nail,an artificial nail is molded out of acrylic,the form removed and then the new formed artificial nail properly shaped and buffed to a shine.

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1. Acrylic nails: I have extensively covered acrylic nails, acrylic nail designs and how to remove acrylic nails safely in my previous posts. Most people opt for acrylic nails when they want to commit for a longer time as they can last (cover your nails) for a longer time, though they tend to grow out and they must be filled every two to three weeks, by your self or with help of a nail technician.

These false nails are the most commonly used artificial nails, which can be applied as tips or nail overlays.The nail technician will create acrylic nails by mixing a liquid with a powder and brush the mixture onto your nails.The product  then hardens with exposure to the air.

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2. Gel nails: In my previous article on nail designs, I hinted on gel nails, how to do a gel nails manicure and also how to remove gel nails at home. These fake nails are made using a pre-mixed gel that has a consistence of nail polish. These are called gel nail polishes. The polish is applied to the nails and then cured under UV-light or lamp to harden on top of your natural nails. So if a technician applies a gel-like polish on your nails and places your fingernails under a UV-lamp/light for some minutes resulting into hardening of the gel, then know that you are receiving gel nails. There are many reasons people wear these fake nails, but the most common reasons are because of their shinny, glossy color, they’re quick,practically bulletproof as they resit chipping and won’t budge for at least two weeks. Gel nail polishes promise a staying power of 2 to 4 weeks. However, gels are more expensive than acrylics.

3.Nail wraps:

These are no longer popular but they are a good alternative especially for clients who are allergic to chemicals used in acrylic and gel nails. Nail wraps are often used for repairing broken fingernails or fingertips as well as strengthening nail tips. Application involves cutting and shaping either a piece of silk,linen, tissue or fiberglass to fit the nail bed or tip. They are then sealed into position by using resin or nail glue.They are inexpensive,they can be reasonably easy to apply,Require low maintenance and Cause less damage to the natural nails.

That is the list of fake nails we have. Do not be deceived otherwise. They may come in different shapes, different designs and from different manufacturers, but they will still fall within those three groups. Yes false nails will make you look sharp,enhance your social status, etc, but you must make sure that those false nails, fake nail, fashion nails, artificial nails or what ever you chose to call them are applied, maintained and removed correctly so that they do not do any damage or harm to your natural fingernails.

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