Electric Nail File Maintenance Tips | [The Do’s and Don’ts]

Owning an electric nail file machine can be a great investment if you want a set of gorgeous looking nails. For a nail technician, it is a must have tool. However, for tip top performance and efficiency, electric nail file maintenance skills are required. However basic they may be, you at least need to know some skills for electric nail file maintenance. In order to guarantee that you take a good care of your precious tool, we have compiled for you some basic do’s and don’ts.

Basic electric nail file maintenance: How to maintain your nail file

These should include the following;

  • Keep it clean
Here is how to clean an electric nail file

The proper way to care for an electric file in the salon is to maintain the bits on a drill disinfected. The other part of the drill should never be covered by any disinfectant because the solution will destroy its internal workings.
To keep your electric file as dust-free and clean, easily wipe it down periodically with a soft cloth and use a brush to keep dust particles out of any cracks and crevices. Electric file manufacturers suggest that nail specialists buy canned air to remove any dust from the power supply, handpiece, cord, and around the collet. Always make sure you unplug the electric file before cleaning it. Any canned air brand will do, though we recommend ULTRA DUSTER .
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  • Keep it well maintained

An electric file should be taken to a professional electrician (electric nail file maintenance shop) for yearly maintenance. If possible, you can take it directly to the manufacturer. Things can wear that you maybe can’t see. Bearings can get noisy and dirty, and you may not hear a strange noise coming out of the drill if you’re inside a loud beauty parlor.
Although other manufacturers say an electric file should only be taken in for repair when a problem occurs, I suggest it is not a bad idea to have your device checked after some period of time.
What happens when you take your file machine for regular maintenance?
This is what happens when you take your device for regular maintenance. The handpiece is removed, and the dust that accumulates inside it is taken out. If any problems are found, such as faulty bearings or motor, then the nail technician is informed of the extra repairs or parts that the electric nail drill will need.
The power supply does not usually require any maintenance. And if it does, it’s usually because a fuse or transformer has blown, or because the cord has loosened.
It can take some days or even a week from the time the drill is sent to the repairer or manufacturer until the tool is taken apart, cleaned, and returned to you.

  • Master how often your nail drill is in use

It’s necessary to master how often the nail drill is in use. A nail technician who consistently uses her drill may need to take it in more frequently for repairs and maintenance compared to someone who only occasionally relies on the tool. Some manufacturers make drills that come equipped with sealed handpieces, guaranteeing that no dust or other particles will accumulate inside the drill and thus require practically no maintenance. It’s also vital that a nail tech correctly knows how to use an electric file. Setting unnecessary pressure on the drill and continuously running it at full capacity can damage it, thus regular visits to the maintenance shop.
Lastly, it all comes down to retaining your electric file clean when you’re in the salon. That’s the initial step to evading any problems in the future that may become a bother and a burden.

Electric nail File Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t use lubricant anywhere on the drill. Most drills stress bearings inside the handpiece that are self-lubricating. Adding further oil can destroy the bearings and may as well heat them up, causing friction and heating the whole electric file.
  • Don’t put the handpiece in a disinfectant. This will damage the interior parts.
  • Don’t change your drill to the contrary option while it’s in forwarding motion. Make sure you put off the drill before changing directions.


  • Do clean the electric file usually with a fine cloth or brush to remove any dust and debris that can settle in cracks and crevices. Make sure to unplug the machine before wiping it.
  • Do hold your electric file’s cord correctly. Avoid steadily bending it, as the cord can become disconnected from the power supply or the handpiece.  Hold the cord at a normal angle.
  • Do extract the bit from the handpiece when you’re finished using it.
  • Do make sure the bits are joined accurately. Failure to do this, the drill stem will shuffle and loosen up, breaking the handpiece.

Drill Bits. What you must Know about their maintenance

Despite your electric file being dusted off and wiped with a soft cloth or brush, the drill bits must be sterilized between each client in agreement with the state board regulations.
Drill bits should first be scrubbed with a brush and soapy water to loosen dust and bits. One can also soak the bits in acetone to separate acrylic particles and residue build-up. Then, disinfect the bits in a disinfecting solution precisely formulated for use with metal instruments. Be sure to understand the manufacturer’s instructions on soaking period. After soaking the bits, allow them to air dry completely. Keep bits in a dry, sheltered place when they’re not in use.
Sandpaper bits, or sanding bands, for example, are one-use items that must be abandoned. Rubberized sharpening attachments, grinding stones, and porous accessories cannot be disinfected. Fabric and chamois buffing attachments are also viewed as one-use items.
Have in mind that bits may rust in the disinfection process. Some carbide bits have a trend to rust, but a high-quality diamond should not. The disinfectant you use may also be the culprit. Whenever you are utilizing a high-quality bit and are disinfecting it for the just amount of time, then you should not have difficulties.
There you have it. Now start painting your nails with the help of your shaping tool.

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