Dry Nail Polish (AT HOME) Quickly | 6 Easy Tricks

In this article you are going to learn how to dry nail polish quickly when you are at home.
It pains to spend countless hours trying to perfect a manicure or pedicure and hadry nail polish quicklyve it ruined within hours when you try to do any work. This happens when you do not sufficiently dry nail polish. A great manicure entails effectively/thoroughly drying the nails before you embark on your daily routines. There are many tricks you can use to dry your nails faster and these are discussed in this article below.

Tricks To Dry Nail Polish Faster

  1. Use nail dryers: At LED & UV nail lamps review, you will finds nail dryer reviews. There are many dryers you can use to dry or cure your gel polishes. This depends on the type of polish and the range within which they dry. The nail dryers can be LED OR UV lamps depending on the light they emit. The length taken to dry using dryers will be specified on the polish bottle by the polish manufacturer. Most of the dryers come with timers to help you set the drying time and they will stop automatically when the time runs out. Here is a nail lamp buying guide you can read

  1. .Use ice baths: I learned this trick from prevention.com In this trick, you put ice cubes in a bowl and run water over the top. Then dip the painted nails into the ice bath and wait for up to a minute. This will harden the polish since cold hardens polishes.
  2. Use drying air: A common trick used is to blow air from a fan or hair dryer over the polish on your nails. This air will help to dry the polish faster. You will see many fans in nail salons and this is usually their purpose.
  3. Apply quick drying spray: There is a type of spray that can be sprayed on your painted nails to quicken up the drying process. You can obtain this from any local drug store or beauty shop. In case you fail to get the quick drying spray, you can apply balm or normal cooking oil on the painted nails and leave it on for a few minutes. Then remember to wash of the oil or balm after the polish has dried.
  4. Use thinner coats: The thicker the polish coat applied, the longer it will take to dry. Therefore, to achieve faster drying, we recommend that you apply thinner coats of paint.
  5. Use Cooking spray: Actually I have never tried this but I read this tip on a similar article on wikihow.com where it was said that the can of cooking spray that may be in hanging in the cupboard works great when it comes to drying nails faster at home. After applying the top coat on your nails, you spray them with the cooking oil and let it stay for a minute and them wash the oil off.

That is it for this tips article on how to dry nail polish quickly. Now you can go out and confidently paint your nails knowing that you can be able to dry them faster even if you are at home. You can learn more about best nail polish racksĀ  from our review.

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