DIY Nail Polish Rack Tutorial [EASY Steps & VIDEO]

Are you one of those persons who love collecting different types of nail polish? If you are one of them, perhaps you have a huge collection of bottles in your room. You are starting to notice that your nail polish bottles are getting scattered. If this is your case, then you need the assistance of a DIY nail polish rack. However, a good ready made nail polish rack costs above $37, which is quite expensive for some of us. That is why we would rather “Do-It-yourself”.

Indeed, your creative and colorful collection of nail polishes need your attention and care as well as a good space in your room, then chaotically rolling around the four corners of your drawers. If you really care for your little polishes, then you need to take time and keep them safe and make sure they are organized. That is why you I want to teach this simple DIY nail polish rack trick that even if you are a novice, you can easily follow to make your own nail polish organizer.

 What is Nail Polish Rack?

DIY nail polish rack instructions

A nail polish rack will help you eliminate the clutter and mess that your nail polish bottles have made inside your bathroom or room. With the help of a rack, you’ll be able to save huge space in your room while getting the chance to organize your polish easily.

How to make a DIY Nail Polish Rack in Ten Easy Steps

If you are looking for ways on how to create a nail polish rack, there is no need to worry, as you don’t need to spend a lot of money for this. You can make a new DIY nail polish rack in just ten easy steps. So next time around, you will be proud to show to someone your amazing collection of nail polish, and it will be now within easy reach and carefully organized.

Here is the step by step video for all the steps explained in text below.

1st Step – Prepare your materials
For this DIY nail polish rack, you will need the following things:

  • Cutter
  • Three 20” x 28”Blakc Foam Boards
  • Straight edge or cutter
  • 46 small nails
  • Fun paper or fabric or even a tape with a pattern or design (this can be optional)
  • A bottle of Tacky glue

2nd Step – Mark the back of your rack

With the help of a ruler, draw a line across the 1st foam board each five (5) inches. This line will serve as the back of the nail polish rack. You should draw five lines afterwards.

3rd Step – Create the sides

The next thing you need to do is to get the second foam board and put two (2) lines, which measure 2.5 inches vertically. These lines will serve as the line of your nail polish rack.

4th Step – Make the fronts and the sides

For the fourth step, get the third foam and draw six (6) lines that measures 2 inches. This line will be the shelves of your nail rack. After that, you must draw another six (6) lines an inch apart. Then, this will be the front part of the nail rack so that the polishes will not fall out from where it is standing.

5th Step – It’s Cutting time!

Cut out the lines with the help of a cutter. Then, you can now glue the tape or the fabric into the small strips you’ve already cut.

6th Step – Attach or Glue the Shelves

Upon doing so, you can now attach the medium sized strips right next into the marks you have drawn on the 1st foam board.

7th Step – Put the nails for support

For the seventh step, attach five (5) nails at the back of your rack every row. This is to put extra sturdiness to your nail rack.

8th Step – Attach the front and the sides

You can now attach the sides of the nail polish rack and the front, which is the 6 small strips in the same manner, glue. After doing that, you can now put the nails. This time, you can have one (1) nail on every side for the sides and fronts of the nail rack.

9th Step – Let it dry
Allow your new DIY nail polish rack to dry for an hour.

10th Step – Tada! Mission Accomplished!

For the tenth and final step, after making sure that your DIY nail polish rack has done drying, you can now organize all your nail polishes on your new and organize rack. Also, you can put other personals apart from your wide collection of nail polishes. If you would rather instead buy a readymade one, click here to read my review of the best readymade nail polish racks.

Thus, with these simple and easy steps, you’ll no longer need to worry about the stuff on where to store your nail polishes. When your collection keeps growing and growing, as you learn about more nail design techniques you can at all times create another one of those DIY nail polish racks because it is so easy and super fun to do. On top of that, you can also share this information on how to create a DIY nail polish rack together with your friends or create a nail rack for them, which will feature your style and personality.

DIY Nail Polish Rack Without Form Board

In the above method, we have seen that you can use form board to make your organizer. But it does not always have to be a form board. You can also use other materials for your DIY project. These can include wood or metal based materials. Here is a video of how to make a diy nail polish rack with materials other than form board

    1. DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack

    1. EASIEST DIY Nail Polish Rack EVERRRRRRRR!!!!!



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