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What is design and why does it matter?

First of all, design is a process and it is an art. Coming up with the single definition that can please everyone is hard. This is  because “design” encompasses a lot of things. You will find that it exists almost everywhere and in everything that surrounds you. Every creation has been designed either consciously or unknowingly that the creator was involved in the design process. Here at designs authority, we simply define design as “A work process which translates an idea or concept into something that’s desirable, viable, commercially successful and adds value to people’s lives“.  Thus it is a creation process. This process involves deciding upon the look and functioning of an object or system. Usually by making a detailed drawing of it.

From the above definition, one would define designs as a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is brought to reality or into life.

Why does design matter?

Without the design process and designers, this world would exist in chaos, or perhaps not exist at all. God himself is a designer and creator. But for our world here “referring to man-made things”, everything exists because of the design process. Be it from the furniture you are probably siting on now, the laptop or phone from which you are reading this, to the building you are occupying right now. Its true scientist can make technological innovations, from which manufacturers can make products for salespeople to market.However,the only person who can combine insight into all the above and turn a concept into something that’s desirable and useful is the designer.

What Are The Principles of good designs?

As with any activity, certain principles must be followed if good designs are to be obtained. Below are the principles of good design that every designer must know, and every design process should follow.

  1. Innovativeness – There are many innovations in technology.A good design must encompass those technological innovations and evolve accordingly to reflect the innovations. Thus good design is innovative.
  2. Create products that add value– The aim of design is to create a product that is useful and adds value to people’s lives. It stands to reason that good designs should go beyond the functionalities of the product and address the product’s psychological and aesthetic qualities, while disregarding anything that may affect the usefulness of the product.
  3. Aesthetic – This refers to beauty or the appreciation of beauty. Since products are used by people every day, the design should give great aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction.
  4. Should be unobtrusive- In designing a product that is useful, the design should be unobtrusive. This means that it should not be overly decorative, but rather restrained and neutral to leave room for the user to express their thoughts, feelings or ideas (self-expression).

Additional Principles of Good design

  1. Honesty –Honesty is the cornerstone of good designs. They do not attempt to make promises that cannot be kept with an aim of manipulating the consumer. Honesty here means that the design should not create qualities that the product does not really possess (such as more innovative powerful or valuable).
  2. Long lasting – It should strive to avoid fashion fads that are there today and gone tomorrow. It should be able to last for many years.
  3. Good design should make the product more understandable- It should stress and clarify the product’s structure and function. There for making the product more self-explanatory for the user to understand it immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
  4. Should be thorough, with nothing left to chance– This principle of good design reflects respect to the consumer.
  5. Should be environmentally friendly – Thus contribute to the preservation and continuity of the environment.
  6. Good design is “as little design as possible“- Concentrating on the essential aspects of the product and neglecting the non-essential ones. This principle implies purity and simplicity of design (Less, but better).

What Are The different disciplines of design?

As we have already expressed, design is everywhere and in everything. So it should not come as a surprise that there are tens of design disciplines. Without going into the specifics of each discipline, here are the discipline of design: Graphic design, nails, Beauty and fashion, interior design, product design, biological design, engineering design, landscape and architecture, applied arts, sound design, communications design, military design, software, systems, services, transition, visual designs, web design, user experience, games, information architecture, industrial, military, modular, motion graphics, process designs to mention but a few.

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Top 10 personality traits/ qualities of a good/successful designer.

We realize that most of the visitors to this page are looking to be great designers or looking for design inspirations. So we thought it pertinent to touch on the topic of qualities of a good designer or what we may call personality traits of a good designer. There is more to just designs skills and a good eye. You need traits that will help you in all aspects of your work – be it satisfying users of your creations or working with and convincing stakeholders.

traits of designersFeel free to use this infographic on your website. We kindly request that you please provide a link back to this page.Thanks

  1. Empathy: Let’s start with this because here at designs Authority, we believe this to be the most important trait to be possessed by good designers. You need to be able to understand and emphasize your users as well as your teammates. This trait will help you traverse through your career and business successfully.
  2. Business-savvy: Design is a business, so your preferences and personal opinions should take a back seat to the business goals. For example, if a usability test shows that a design performs well, you should put aside your personal preferences and go with that. Being business-savvy means making only the decisions that are good for users (and therefore business), but first, you must know how to do that.
    Other Traits Include
  3. Empirical. This means that your designs should as a result of concrete research which is backed by quantitative and qualitative data. Thus you must think like a scientist.
  4. Meticulous: This means attention to detail, which calls for a good eye which can spot visual minutiae and the intangibles of psychology.
  5. Patient: Usually, when people talk about the qualities or personality traits of a good designer, they always start with patience. In this respect, patience means that you should always take the time to verify that your designs both externally and internally consistent so as to avoid any unnecessary questions later.

Other traits include perceptiveness, and the final trait that ties everything together which is to be grounded, where by you must have a firm sense of reality and see the problems at hand and resist the temptation to sugar-coat them.

This was just a summary of the traits. However, we love what the guys over at thenextweb have done in exhaustively explaining these traits.

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