Valentines Day Nails Art [10 Cute designs Ideas]

Valentine’s day is around the corner and if you are looking for not-so-complicated but cute Valentines day nails art designs to show that the cupid arrow is with you, I got some sweet treats for you. Seriously, I believe in valentine’s day and I always look forward to it. Kudos to those who do so and I do not want you to ruin it with bad valentine’s day nails. Here are some cute valentine day nail art design ideas to impress, fall in love with or make them jealousy.

Valentines day Nails : 10 Ideas for valentine day nail art designs.

My best valentine day nail art designs are presented in the video below:
NOTE: For all these designs, you need to first prep your nails as described in our previous easy nail designs tutorials and Stiletto / acrylic nail designs tutorial

Valentines day nails art designs video.

by: cutepolish.

1. Sweet Red lip Kisses

To do this flirty design, begin by applying a pretty base of light pink polish on your nails bed and let it dry. Grab your dotting tool, dip it in red nail polish and use it to draw red lips on top of the dry pink polish.Start by drawing a heart-shaped top lip and then seal it with a rounded bottom line. Let them dry and secure the art with a clear top coat.

2. Cute red roses for valentines day nails

Want to send the right message to your loved one on valentines day? Besides sending a bouquet of flowers, you can also declare it through your nail art.Red roses are a time-honored way to say “I love you.” and you can use them for your valentine’s day nail art.

You will start by painting your nails a light pink base polish, let it dry and then use a big dotting tool to add a few big dots of hot pink over the nail.Next, use a toothpick dipped into red polish and draw squiggly lines inside and around the big dots to create the rose flowers. Do the same for all the other dots. Then use a stripped with green polish to add the leaves. Finally, after drying seal the nail art with a clear top coat.

3. Cute Valentines cupcake nail art

For this, you will start by applying a solid white base coat and allowing it ample time to dry. Next, use a big dotting tool dipped into light pink polish and draw a a raw of big dots across your nail (Toward the nail tip). Then use a small dotting tool (also dipped in light pink polish) to paint a curved line joining the two ends of the big dots. Use the same dotting tool to fill it in. Next, use a red stripper to add the bottom of the cup cake by drawing a few vertical red lines beneath it and joining them with a horizontal line by carefully rotating your finger. Top off the cupcake by drawing a big red heart and finally add a few sprinkles with a hot pink stripper. Let the whole valentines day nails art design dry and finish it off with a topcoat.

4.Cute Ombre hearts

Life is symbolic so is love. The heart is the center of emotion, including affection and romantic love. In nail art, we use a heart to symbolize love and affection. What better day to show this than on Valentine day?. So here you will be creating cute ombre hearts for valentines day nails art. Click here for our detailed Ombre nail designs tutorial
Start by painting your nails white, let it dry and use a toothpick dipped in light pink polish to create a row of hearts.

To create the hearts with the tooth pick,use the toothpick to make two equal-sized dots next to each other and then gently drag each of dots down at a 45 degree angle to meet at the bottom so that they make a heart.Create the second and third row of hearts using a darker shade of pink for each row to create and ombre effect. When you are done and the nail art is dry, finish off with a topcoat.

cute valentines day nails designs

5. X’s and O’s

First, apply two coats of red or blue polish for a bold background and let your nails dry completely. Use a big dotting tool to apply two big dots (O’s) over the nails. Then Use a toothpick or a stripper to carefully draw two small X’s in white next to the O’s to create “XOXO”. Use a smaller dotting tools dipped in red or blue polish to draw small dots in the center of the big dots so as to finish the O’s. When dry, finish your designs by applying a top coat.

More Valentines day Nails Art design Ideas

I have already already given you five valentine day nail art design ideas. I know I promised 10 designs. But I’m saving the last 4 for the video. I want you to watch it up to the end. It takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to create cute valentine’s day nail art designs. The other designs you will learn in this video include:

6. Love letter ( at the 4:09 minutes mark)
7.Leopard hearts (at 4:43 minutes mark:
8.Heart Flowers at 5:34 minutes
9.Pink Plaid ( at 6:15 minutes)
And finally (but my best)

10. A big heart at the tip of the nail

For this big heart, you will start off by painting two coats of white polish over your nails, letting it dry completely. Then, with the nails pointing towards you, use red polish to outline two red bumps at the tip of your nail and then fill it in and let it dry. Next, use a hot pink polish to create a smaller heart inside the red one using two strokes. Finally apply a top coat to seal off this beautiful valentine’s day nails art.

Valentine's day nails
Source:DIYNailArtDesigns via Flickr under Creative Commons License

That is it.I hope you are able to create cute nail art for valentine’s day. With the above 10 ideas for valentines day nail, you can use one or mix them up on your nails as you wish.

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