Cute Summer Nail Designs. 5 Secrets to Cute Summer Nail Designs At Home

summer nail designsAppearances matter a lot during summer, show off your best summer nail designs during that season when we all bust into the sun like bees, showing off our best bodies and summer attire. It is very important to pick up the right nail designs for summer because it is one of those special seasons, and we have to look good. How about if you can create cute summer nail designs at home? You will become the center of attraction and everyone will ask about. Besides, you will start saving money over expensive salon trips. You will be surprised at how easy you can create impressive and cute summer nail designs. The type of nail designs for summer that you can create are endless, thanks to the various art tools available for creating impressive nail art. There are brushes that help to create the most intricate designs possible, stickers that you can purchase with summer nail designs ready to transfer to your nails and pens to use to paint lines and dots, nail stamps with various summer patterns created by computers which have special digital printers to create any type of design to be transferred onto the nail. This tutorial will show you step by step, how you can make easy nail designs for summer. The pictures and Video at the end are curtsy of Spankie Valentine TV.

The video tutorial is called Great Summer nail art tutorial. Learn how to create a gorgeous bright sunburst with water marble nail art, chosen to be featured here because of 2 reasons, First, Spankie Valentine know her stuff and when she gives a tutorial, it is well researched. Secondly, this tutorial has attracted the attention of many design lovers. With over 5,196,920 views since June, 2011, that is a sign that we all love to look beautiful during summer and what better way to look good than have cute and easy summer nail designs. I tried this design at home following her tutorial and the end result was gorgeous. I implore you to also try it out, you will not regret. Also read my other great water marble nail art tutorial.

Steps To Creating these cute summer nail designs (Bright Sunbust water Marble Nail Art)

The method in Summary:
You are going to create summer nail designs by mixing different polishes in water and then transferring this design onto your nails.
What you will need:

  1. For great summer nail designs, you will need bright bold color nail polishes that try to mimic the susummer nails polishn and colors you see in the sky during bright summer sunset. Such as Yellow, Orange, blue, hot pink, purple and white. Any great brand of nail will work for you. For my bright sunburst summer nail design, I used China Glaze polishes, but Spankie uses several brands obtained mostly from
  2. A good basecoat such as Orly Bonder
  3. Other items which you can get easily from around the house eg.
  • Disposable cups.
  • Water, filtered water is the best. I used bottled water because most of the brands out there are filtered.
  • Toothpicks or an orange stick or push pin or metal skewer for stirring
  • Scissors (to cut the tape off when you’re done)
  • Q-tips
  • Tweezers
  • Scotch tape or Vaseline
  • A brush for clean-up
  • Top coat.
  • Moisturizer
  • cotton swabs
  • Disposable Fork

SECRET # 1 and 2: Never use tap water because this tends not to work well. Secondly, ensure that your water is at room temperature. If it is so hot inside due to the summer, you can look for a cooler place.

  1. Apply clear base coat to all your nails and let it dry.
  2. Paint all the finger nails with the white polish. one coat/ Layer is enough. The purpose of this white coat is to help the neon colors pop out clearly.
  3. Protect the skin and cuticles around your finger nails by putting tape around it.

SECRET # 3: Make sure tape does not cover the nails because the designs may end up on the tape instead of being transferred to the nails.
bull's eye Step4. Pour the water into the cup and create the patterns as shown in the video tutorial below. Start with one color polish, load up the polish brush and tap it on the cup so that the polish drips into the center of the water and spreads. Do this for the next color, dropping it in the center of the first one and so on until all the color polishes are dropped, creating a “bull’s eye”. For this tutorial, the colors were dropped into the water in this the order of purple – hot pink- blue-orange-yellow.
SECRET # 4: Do not drop the polish very far away from the surface of the water. If this is done, the polish will settle at the bottom, instead of spreading at the surface.
Step 5: Place the stick in the center of the bull’s eye and drag the patterns to one side and then to the opposite side of the cup. See the video starting at the dragging the polis04:07 minute mark. You can create the designs that you want, different from what is shown in that video. Here, we are creating bright sunburst summer nail designs.
SECRET # 5: Whenever you use the stick to drag the polish, wipe off the excess polish before you use it again. This is because polish loves polish and so if you do not wipe, it will stick together and you will end up with a mess instead of  great design patterns.
Step 6: Transfer the summer design onto your nails. Take your finger and position it over the part of the made pattern that you want on your nails. You can rotate the cup to get the best design position. Dunk your finger nail onto the design and let it transfer to the nails.
nail designs for summerWater marble nails
step7: While holding your finger onto the designs, use the fork to clean up any excess polish around the sides of the finger.
step8: Then slowly pull the fingers out and give it sufficient time to dry.
Repeat steps 4- 8 for all other finger nails.
Step 9: After the designs have dried, using your tweezers, and hands, remove the tape from around the skin.
Step 10: Clean up any polish on the skin by using polish remover and q-tip or cotton swaps. Just soak them in the polish remover and wipe around the dirtied skin.
Final step: Paint over created summer nail designs with clear top coat. You can do this after step 8 for each nail, or you can wait until all the nails are designed and then paint all at once.
sunburst summer nails
Here is the full Video tutorial.

Summer Nail Art Tutorial! Neon Sunburst Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial. (5,196,920 views)

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and that of Spankie Valentine. If you have any questions, leave a comment for me below.
Here are the cute summer nail designs for you just to pin on Pinterest and share on Facebook.
summer nail designs

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