Crochet braids and crochet hairstyles is the latest craze in the ladies’ hair world, redefining the entire look of the industry in just a nick of time. It is trendy, versatile and definitely the way to go and especially for those ladies who are quite trendy and stylish.

What are crochet braids?

Image source: Crochet braids by Twana on Pinterest

For a minute, let’s break down what crochet braids are. Having gained their popularity in the 70’s and 80’s among the black community and disappeared with the appearance of the 21st century, this method of hairstyling has found its place again in the industry. Crochet braids are simply hair extensions of choice into cornrows by method of crocheting using a crochet needle. Some may refer to them as latch hook braids in association with the installation tool. This hairstyle has become every girl’s favorite as it gives a versatile and realistic look yet maintaining the natural and stylish feel.

Difference between crochet braids and kanekalon hair.

ISIS Afri-Naptural 100% Kanekalon Hair Braid – DEFINITION BRAID (1b…

  • 100% Kanekalon (Modacrylic fiber)
  • Hot water set / flame retardant
  • light weight / full of volume

Well, to begin with, crochet braids are often designed to give a more natural and creative look and the texture is often similar to natural kinky hair. Now note, there are different crochet braids styles and not necessarily all are kinky and afro. Kanekalon hair on the other side, having been made from synthetic fibers, has a softer and straighter feel giving smooth, “clean” appearances which works well with the conservative ladies.

Benefits of crochet braids in comparison to other hairstyles

Crochet hair has quite a handful of benefits in the case you choose it over other hairstyles. It is amusing just how much the crochet hairstyles manage to blow away one’s mind with new creative hairstyles being revealed daily to suit and satisfy the hungry stylish ladies out there. Here are a couple benefits of crochet hairstyles.

  • It is affordableAgainst all odds, ladies here’s a hairstyle that doesn’t drain your pocket yet gives you the look you want. You’d be surprised at how much you’ll cut on your hair expenses when you embrace this hairstyle.
  • It takes less time to install. Say goodbye to your 9-hour hectic salon experiences. This hairstyle slices that time into more than half and you can take as little as 3 hours to have a finished look, making time for you to indulge in other activities.
  • It requires minimal maintenanceAll you have to do is remember to moisturize your scalp and wrap it up loosely when you go to bed. Daily maintenance includes moisturizing and disentangling if the crotchet braid is kinky.

More reasons why you should try crochet hairstyles

  • It provides protection to the hair. Now we all want to have some healthy edges and strong hair. Well, this hairstyle serves that purpose since your hair is underneath neatly tucked into cornrows protected from bleaching sun, dust and other elements
  • You can do it yourself. It is easy to install and easy to learn for beginners. All you need are cornrows, crochet braiding hair of your choice and crochet needle and you can do your own hair just how you like it.
  • It is not painful. This is my personal favorite. We’ve all had that experience of that excruciating, continuous headache after getting your hair all dolled up. Well, no more ladies, no more. Here is our savior. No pain, better hair days.
  • It aids in hair length retention. Since your hair is braided underneath and therefore it will not shrink.
  • It gives a satisfying look. Now all hairstyles have one common goal: to show the true beauty in you, and crochet hairstyles do just that by giving you a flawless look.

Types of crochet braiding hair

Freetress Equal Marley Braid (1B)

  • FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Braids Marley Braid
  • Soft Texture and Time Saving Braid Product
  • Able to Style for Loose Curl Pattern

Marley braiding hairs it has that African ambiance to it. This bulky, natural look is often preferred by naturalists due to the flexibility it gives to a person. It is easy to style and has room for unexplored possibilities during styling.

On the other hand to achieve a laid back softer look, one should go for

ISIS Afri-Naptural 100% Kanekalon Hair Braid – DEFINITION BRAID (1b…

  • 100% Kanekalon (Modacrylic fiber)
  • Hot water set / flame retardant
  • light weight / full of volume

Kanekalon braiding hair. Kanekalon braiding hair can also be twisted and braided after putting in the crochet braid to get box braid or twist braids.

One could also go for the , which you twist into locks after putting them in.

Outre Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids X-Pression Braid 4 In 1 Loop Kinky…

  • Outre Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids X-Pression Braid 4 In 1 Loop Kinky…

also commonly used. It has a kinky curled texturized ringlets and they blend very well with your natural hair. Kinky hair,is a medium sized afro sometimes comes with highlight. Its texture resembles 4C/ 4B hair texture.

Curlkalon hair. This is mainly used when making a choice of short hairstyle crochet braids in order to have the versatility of styling it differently. Another type of braiding hair is ToyokalonThis one provides a variety of options when it comes to styling and provides a natural look.

Freetress crochet hair deep twist has the kind of texture which provides shiny curls when styling your crochet. Cuban twist crochet braids is another type of hair. It is preferred because of the different ways in which it can be treated. The Cuban twist hair can either be curled or twisted.

Jamaican twist braiding hair. This braiding hair type is loved due to the elegance it brings. One is able to style her braids in bouncy waves.

What are the different crochet braid styles?

I just love how crochet braids give room for one’s creativity to step in and allows one’s style to be bold and expressive. If your artistic side intends to make a statement, here is your platform. Let crochet braids be your voice. There is wide variety of styles to choose from you would be spoiled for choice. Allow me to explore these possibilities with you.

HavanaMambo twist

Image source: BlackGirlLongHair Via Pinterest

This look is achieved by installation of already twisted braid. It is preferred mainly by those who like thick hairstyle. The end result gives an urban look.

Faux lox

Image source: Pinterest

This crochet hairstyle resembles dreadlocks, hence the name faux lox. To pull off this gorgeous, trendy look the crochet braiding hair is installed and one strand twisted around the other.


This is the look to have if you are into straight and neat looks. The crochet hair generously flows off the shoulders and can be easily tied up into a low pony tail.

Barbadian braid

Image source :

This one is a protective style look and does not tangle much. It does not have weft or track.

Jamaican twist

Image source: JustGrowAlready Via Pinterest

This look accentuates a tender wavy look with a bouncy feel. The end result to this is very beautiful

Cuban twist braids

The curls are eye-catching and reviving. These curls are similar to the look achieved by curling hair with flexi rods.

Jumbo twists

These thick twisted braids that come in different shades have a groovy touch.

Senegalese twists

These thick twisted braids that come in different shades have a groovy touch.

Straight crochet braids

The look that this style brings is that of a long straight bone hair

Bohemian curl crochet braids

This style is characterized by the curly locks. This style is made possible by using the Isis Caribbean bohemian hair.

How to maintain crochet braids

Maintenance is key if you want your crochet hairstyle to look neat, fresh and last longer. The tip is to treat the crochet hairstyle as you would your natural hair. Before putting in of the crochet braids, ensure your hair is properly cleaned and conditioned. The braids need to be moisturized by spurting it with a moisturizing mixture. This is dependent on your preference but a mixture of leave-in conditioner and some Aloe Vera water is effective. However, any water base moisturizer can be used. You can also oil your scalp with a natural oil of your preference to lock in the moisture. An itchy scalp can be soothed by addition of a few drops of tea tree oil to your oil mixture. Be sure to do it right for best results.

Here is a handy tip that you will apply while maintaining braids. Avoid over moisturizing as it may result into niches and nooks on the cornrows giving a shaggy and unkempt look to your hair.

Washing crochet braids: How To Wash Crochet Braids

Items you will need include spray bottle, shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, moisturizer, water.

Step-by-step method

  1. Make a mixture of water and shampoo.
  2. Spray your scalp with the mixture of water and shampoo using a spray bottle.
  3. Gently massage your scalp after spraying a section of your scalp.
  4. Repeat this to all sections of your scalp
  5. Cowash the crotched hair gently ensuring not to undo the knots.
  6. Rinse out the mixture with water and clean your scalp.
  7. Condition the crochet hair just as you do to your hair and rinse out the conditioner.(this step is optional)
  8. Using the spray bottle, condition your own hair with leave-in conditioner.
  9. Lastly, add a moisturizer to your hair and the crochet hair and a natural oil to lock in the moisture.

Note: During washing the main focus should be on the scalp and not crocheted hair. To avoid loosening the knots at the roots of the crochet hair, washing of hair should be done once in every two weeks as opposed to once a week.

Commonly asked questions

How long can you keep in crochet braids?

Well this duration often varies from one person to another.  However, they can last from two to eight weeks depending on the maintenance practices performed and how often they are done. If you can maintain it till eighth weeks, go for it! Four weeks, however, is the recommended period. This allows time for your scalp to breathe and gives room for washing of the hair.

How do you do the twist braids?

I recommend you also read this article: How to do them [Step by Step] – Including how to wash, how to uninstall them, Care and Maintenance

The method is similar to how you twist your normal twist braids, but here is the difference. You will take your braiding hair and crochet it into your cornrows using the crochet needle and make a neat and tight knot to avoid the crochet hair from loosening up. Then take the two strands of braiding hair and carefully twist them into long braids just as you do with the normal twist braid and finish it off until the end of the braid.Here is a video to help in that:

VIDEO: How to Do Natural-Looking Crochet Braids? Twist Braid

What do you need to do a double twist crochet?

The basic requirements to doing a double twist crochet would be wool-ease and a Furls crochet hook.

How to sleep with crochet braids?

It is important to take care for your crochet braids even when going to sleep to avoid the crochet hairstyle from tangling and loosening up of knots. Covering it up can be considered as a maintenance measure as it increases the span of life of the crochet hairstyle.

There are two ways in which you can put your crochet braids away as you go to sleep. Some simply pineapple the crochet hair and cover it with a bonnet or a satin scarf. You could also loosely braid your crochet braids and cover it with a satin scarf. Be sure to loosely tie the hair so as to avoid any uncomfortable moments during your sleep time.

Additional tips
  • When choosing crochet hair to put, ensure to choose hair that closely resembles the texture of your own hair so as to ensure it blends in giving a natural look.
  • When putting in the crochet braid be sure to shun from creating large partitions that will create a visible distinction between the crocheted hair and your own hair. Put it in such a manner that it would blend in perfectly.
  • When styling crochet braids, let your creativity rule. You can never go wrong with creativity.
  • Wear your crochet hairstyle with confidence and own it.

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