Traditional Kitchen Style – Pictures & How to Create one At First Attempt

You are about to design or remodel your kitchen, but you still cannot decide whether you should create a traditional kitchen style vs transitional kitchen style or the Modern kitchen design style. I know it can be a daunting task to finally settle for the one kitchen design out of the many. Believe me, this is a decision you have to take seriously. If you make the wrong choice, it will stay with you for some longtime. It could  perhaps cost you dearly to correct (change to a new kitchen style).
Well, if you have already made up your mind that you will go with a traditional kitchen, then this post is for you.
You are going to learn how to create a traditional kitchen at your very first attempt. So let us not waste any more space and get down to it.

How to Create a Traditional Kitchen Style

Traditional kitchens are inspired by English, Mediterranean, French and Old World designs. It consists of fine decor and intricate details that contribute to its classic and charming look. However, avoid confusing traditional kitchen style with Old World design.
Traditional kitchen has its own character. The difference between Old World and traditional style is the color palette. Old World may include gold and bright blue shades. On the other hand, traditional style includes soft colors, such as white, cream, green, light grey and taupe.
Traditional kitchen style has a similarity with country-style kitchen design. It can include outdoor details like flowers, butterflies and fruits. It also features a lot of windows to channel natural light from the outside.

The following are some key pointers that you should take into consideration in creating a traditional-style kitchen:

Traditional kitchen style includes a lot of embellishments, architectural details and adornments. However, it is not a chaotic circus of different embellishments, but a harmonious layering of fine details. Traditional kitchen designs usually showcase beam ceilings, arches, moldings, customized hoods, framed cabinet doors, Portable kitchen island legs, chandeliers and furniture-inspired cabinets.

Antique-looking Cabinetry

traditional kitchen antique cabinetry
Photo credit: Chalon Handmade, Via Flickr under CC license

Traditional kitchens feature polished and glazed kitchen cabinets. Some are also customized such as RTA cabinets to make them look old and used. Glazing the cabinets can make them look aged. Whitewashed wood panels are also common in a traditional kitchen. Just make sure that the wood finish looks natural.

Framed Cabinet Doors

traditional kitchen framed cabinet doors
In a traditional kitchen, the cabinet doors are framed. It is the Old World style of constructing cabinets. The door is inset and does not overlap the main frame of the cabinet. Door hinges are also slightly visible. Hinges can come in antique bronze, brass or silver.

Detailed Cabinet Doors

Unlike modern cabinet doors, traditional cabinet doors have more details. The wooden panel is not flat. It has a raised-panel and features shadow lines. Raised panel is a common element in a traditional kitchen.
More details can also be added to traditional cabinet doors. You can use wood mullions, glass, antique glass and metal mesh inserts.

Variations in Door Finishes and Styles

Cabinet doors in a traditional kitchen can come in different styles and finishes. These may vary in different portions of the kitchen. Using two or more styles and finishes is acceptable. You can use a certain style for the breakfast bar and use a different one for the pantry or cabinets. This exudes a collected-over-time look.

Farmhouse Sinks

Traditional and classic kitchens feature farmhouse and apron-front sinks. The antique hand-made qualities of these sinks add more character to your traditional kitchen.

Fancy Corbels, Legs and Moldings

Adding brackets, moldings and carved corbels can amplify the detailed look of your traditional kitchen. Legs can also be placed on the kitchen sink base just beside the cabinets underneath. This will add more depth and make the area look more interesting.
Legs and pilasters can also be added to islands. Toe kicks are also great additions to your kitchen cabinets. You can also put a customized wooden hood frame, which looks like fireplace surrounds. These architectural details make the kitchen look more vintage and Old World.

Flamboyant Lighting

Traditional kitchens usually include decorative lighting that you normally see in a dining room. Lighting may include lantern-like lamps, and brass or crystal chandeliers. Fancy lighting may not be Old World-inspired, but this can bring warmth and a homey ambiance to your traditional kitchen.

Ledges and Niches on the Backsplash

Ledges and niches are also common in a traditional kitchen. These are usually found on the kitchen backsplash. It can serve as a place where you can put small containers or display decorative items.

Rich Countertops

Traditional kitchen countertops are usually made of fine materials, like walnut butcher block, Statuary or Calacatta marble, light granite and quartzite. Among these materials, marble exudes the most antique quality. However, marble is high-maintenance.
Man-made quartz material is a low-maintenance alternative for marble. Traditional kitchens feature non-polished countertops. However, some traditional kitchens may also include polished stone countertops.

Customized Range Hoods

customised range hoods for traditional kitchen styles
Instead of using wood and brick materials for kitchen range hood surrounds, you can use other materials like metal, stone and plaster. Metal can be customized and engraved with intricate details. You can also use carved stone to produce unique details.
Plaster can be molded into a classic design hood. It is lighter compared to wood material. It can stand on its own without the need for flank and support.

Cupboard-style Cabinets

Cupboard-style or display cabinets are usually seen in the dining room, but you can also include them in a traditional kitchen. Those can act as extra storage cabinets underneath the counter.

Tall Cabinets

Traditional kitchen designs also feature large furniture-style cabinets. Tall cabinets with antique finish can be used as pantry. Those are also useful in hiding the refrigerator.
That is it. With the above pointers, you can create a traditional kitchen style that looks fantastic any time you want.

Some pictures of Traditional kitchens from around the world.

traditional Valencian kitchen
A traditional Valencian kitchen recreated in the ceramics museum. Photo (C): MollySVH Via Flickr under CC license.

Traditional Maya Kitchen
Traditional Maya Kitchen. Photo credit: Chris H Via Flickr under CC license

Traditional Japanese Kitchen
Traditional Japanese Kitchen. Photo credit: George Alexander Ishida Via Flickr under CC license

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