14 Best Cool Fonts Inspiration For 2022 That Looks Good On Your Project

Web designers know the importance of typography and the power it holds within a single design. Typography and font-heads have affected the readability of a design, mood, perceived article length, and the overall user experience.

Typography lends character to your website, guides the readers, and accounts for over 90% of your design. So, yes, typography is definitely something you should be creative about. For that, you need inspiration.

Well, we’ve got that right here.

We’re going to tell you about the top 15 cool fonts we are dying to use this year.

The Trending Fonts Of This Year

Cool fonts

1. Serif


The dominant font, Serif combines well with other san-Serif fonts creating variety and flow to whichever design in which it’s incorporated. The top Serif fonts include Caslon, Garamond, Freight Text, Tiempos Text, Minion, Calluna, and many others.

2. Retro


These 70’s and 80’s fonts have grown in popularity as fonts have begun to incorporate more than just the traditional san-Serif, symmetrical fonts. They are usually found in all caps and have a hybrid cursive/print look. They can be designed to be messy and a bit worn. They can be used to create some asymmetrical balance into a design.

3. Bigger Will Be Better

Bigger will be better

With the increasing difficulty for brands to stand-out designers have had to get especially creative. This year sees the rise of the “big” and the “bold”. Quite literally. Combining the Serif comeback with this new big and bold trend will be very effective this year.

4. Cutouts And Overlays

Cutouts and overlays

Incorporating eye-catching geometric shapes into typography will be trending this year. This will involve text placed on multiple image overlays paired with an interesting background. To protect the readability of the content it’ll be important to contrast the background with the overlaid image.

5. Highlights And Underline

 Highlights and underline

Underling to highlight specific information in a certain area of content will be trending this year. The increased focus can veer into being distracting, however, so this technique is best combined with plenty of white space and intentionality.

6. Hand Drawn Letters

Hand drawn letters

Hand Drawn fonts will sweep design this year with a variety of fonts like Tadah Foods, Severe Seattle, and Pauline Osmont becoming widely available and used. The fonts create a more organic and personal feel to a design. With names like the above how could they be ignored?

7. Gradients


A throwback from the 1980s, expect this trend to come around with complementary hues and in muli-color iterations. This is a way to use various colors or to focus on a central image. It can be used as a background to create contrast or in the text itself to bring focus to the text.

8. Customized Fonts

Customized fonts

Because of the dramatic improvement of font quality in open source environments, custom fonts made in-house has grown in popularity. This allows designers to avoid licensing issues and frees them to use more cost-effective sources.

9. Colorful Fonts

Colorful fonts

This year color has become the new black, perhaps as a complement to the growth of the big and bold trend. The chance to add another dimension to their typography is a big opportunity for designers to help their clients add character to their brands.

10. Transparent

Transparent typography

Transparent typography allows for clarity and the addition of transparency to a design. Transparent typefaces will be superimposed on colorful backgrounds or other bright imagery to create a special effect.

11. Brandon Grotesque

Brandon grotesque

Brandon Grotesque is a font inspired by sans-Serif and has and adds warmness to a design. It helps create a visual hierarchy as it comes in a variety of weights. It’s growing in popularity for its clean and modern appearance. It enhances readability because of its legibility.

12. Museo Sans

Museo sans

Museo Sans can be paired with a sans-Serif to create a wonderful reader experience. Like other fonts on this list, this font was inspired by the geometric sans-Serif font. Museo Sans has become widely used and can be seen on many websites.

13. Raleway


Another font inspired by the san-Serifs family, Raleway was originally designed in one weight and was eventually expanded to nine weight families. An elegant Google font, you’ll enjoy using Raleway in various web designs because of how dynamic it is. You can download it for free on the web.

14. Playfair Display

Playfair display

The Playfair display font is a new addition to the Google Font family. While Serif and sans-Serif are good for headlines and are trendy, the Playfair Display is a modern font that pairs well with Serif and other sans-Serif fonts like Raleway and Roboto, to name a few.

Other trends in typography include the extreme use of exaggerated space, emphasizing a clean, minimalistic look.

A surprising trend is the no trend. Many design publications are whispering that there is, in fact, no trend.

One thing is certain. This year will bring a lot of variety of typography. And it looks good.

SerifDominant font
RetroSymmetrical fonts
Bigger Will Be BetterBig and bold trend
Cutouts And OverlaysEye-catching geometric shapes
Eye-catching geometric shapesUnderling to highlight specific information
Hand Drawn LettersOrganic and personal feel to a design
GradientsUse various colors
Customized FontsCustom fonts
Colorful FontsColor has become the new black
TransparentTypography allows for clarity
Brandon GrotesqueFont inspired by sans-Serif
Museo SansInspired by the geometric sans-Serif font
RalewayAn elegant Google font
Playfair DisplayModern font pairs well with Serif

15 Unbeatable Font Combinations That Can Boost the Aesthetics of Your Design Project

There’s a saying in the field of designing that “the best designs are those which you don’t notice”. But how are you going to appreciate the aesthetics of a design if it does not stand out? If you want your audience to admire your work, you need to start working on something that is not just distinctly visible but also makes your audience take a pause and admire the efforts you have put in through your creative skills. While there are several ways to amplify the aesthetics of your design project (web design or a digital presentation), trying some incredible font combinations in the design can simply do the trick for you.

Credibility of the Design Page

As you may know, for any decent website, content plays a major role in conveying the message to the audience in the most simple and straightforward way possible. However, that is not the only thing that determines the credibility of the page. You can draft the message using the most appealing language for your website, but it won’t be enough to grab the attention of your target audience if your message is presented with a poor color scheme and a horrible set of fonts. As a designer, it is your duty to ensure that such a debacle is avoided at any cost, and the message is put across conveniently in the most sophisticated way possible.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t always need to employ convoluted techniques to enhance the outlook for your design project. Combining two different fonts that complement each other can help you create a great design if it’s done fittingly. However, it is not as simple as it seems like. In fact, there are thousands of fonts available today which can complicate the process of selection. Besides, you need to chalk off the fonts that do not work well in the web-based environment.

Stick to the set of Font Combinations

Imagine you have two different kinds of food on your table. Both of them taste amazing on their own, but if you try to combine them together, there’s a 50-50 chance that the combination wouldn’t work. It is the same with the fonts. If your typography skills aren’t up to the mark, or you are unfamiliar with the basics of font pairing, it would be better for you to follow the assignment help protocol and stick to the set of font combinations that have been tried and tested by the experts. The following list contains some unbeatable font combinations that you can use in your next design project to enhance its aesthetics.

Great font combinations for your design project:

  1. Montserrat/Meriwether
  2. Alegreya/Lato
  3. Roboto condensed/Roboto
  4. Oswald/Droid Serif
  5. Archivo Black/Tenor Sans
  6. Six Caps/Archivo Narrow
  7. Open Sans Condensed/Open Sans
  8. Playfair Display/Source Sans Pro
  9. Fjalla One/Cantarell
  10. Raleway/Roboto Slab
  11. Amatic SC/Josefin Sans
  12. Unica One/Vollkorn
  13. Pathway Gothic One/Cardo
  14. Poppins/Sintony
  15. Oswald/Open Sans

These fonts are available on the internet, so even if your design composing software doesn’t contain some of these fonts, you can download them according to your requirements. You can try multiple combinations and see which fits better with your design. If you feel some other font combination might have been better for your project, you can generate a font combination on your own. Yes, it can be slightly tricky if you are not quite familiar with the font pairings, but with the help of some useful tools and resources, you can generate several amazing font combinations which might do the trick for you.

Resources to generate amazing font pairings:

Image Source:www.blog.objectivity.co.uk

This website allows you to combine Google fonts together, where you can search by fonts and then sort by the combination of typefaces. In fact, you can edit the example text if you want to, so that you can copy the edited text and apply it in your own copy to see if that fulfills your requirements.

Image Source:www.font-combinator.com

You can use this browser-based tool to check out font combinations in a faster way. Once you add your own text here, you can use their toolbar to change the font style, size, line height and also the font color according to your will. There’s a feature for hiding various elements of the text so that you can check how the text looks with or without a paired font.

Image source:www.fontflame.com

The way Tinder helps you find a suitable partner, Font Flame follows the same pattern to find a perfect pair for a selected font; although it does not use any particular algorithm. The site uses Google’s free font library to provide you with several combinations of fonts. You can either categorize them in your “love” list or in your “hate list”. For now, the site combines the fonts quite randomly, but it is said that in the future it may help the users in a more organized way.

Image Source:www.typewolf.com

This particular site was created with the objective to find suitable fonts for web design projects. It is an independent site that offers typefaces from various foundries and presents the potential font combinations quite beautifully for further use.


Image Source:www.typespiration.com

Typespiration allows you to access web font pairings, color palettes, and ready-to-use HTML/CSS code for absolutely free. Here, you can browse the font library where the combinations are displayed in graphic tiles, and also use other free resources that can help you get familiar with the basics of font pairings.

Final Thoughts

There are several other resources that can help you find amazing font combinations within the blink of an eye. You can always experiment with font combinations whenever you get some free time, but if you are working on a serious project, it is safer to stick to the list of font pairings. Once you develop a better understanding of the technique, you can use your newfound skills to derive interesting font combinations for your due design project.

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