Color Meanings: What Your Favorite Color Says About Your Personality

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What color do you gravitate towards in the crayon box? A bright red? Cheerful yellow? Soothing blue? Do you take comfort in the colors of a rainbow after a rainstorm? You’re not alone. People tend to identify with and find meaning in colors, even if they don’t think they do. Specific color meanings may vary across cultures, but the fact is that human beings attach themselves to their favorite colors.

Almost everyone has a favorite color. Even if you are an equal opportunity color lover, you may find yourself naturally leaning more towards a specific set of colors. But did you know that your color preference can unlock a window into your personality? There is a school of thought called color psychology that believes your favorite color (or at least the colors that you tend to prefer) can reflect personality traits and behaviors. Essentially, color psychology looks at color meanings to better understand who you are.

Do Colors Have Meanings?

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Strictly speaking, color is relative and is simply the way our eyes perceive breakups of white light. Each color is how we see a different wavelength of light, and when objects reflect these wavelengths, we perceive color. However, on a more human level, color is more than just reflections of light.

In human culture, we have created a world that responds to color and celebrates it in many different ways. Color meanings can vary. In the United States (and other countries in Western culture), brides wear white on their wedding day; in South Asia, white is a color worn by widows. Purple and gold are the colors of royalty in the West, while red and yellow serve that function in Asia.

Color can even affect our mood. Some colors give us calm feelings of serenity, mostly along the “cool” side of the spectrum that includes shades of blue, purple, and green. We associate others with warmth and passion; the “warm” side of the spectrum, including red and yellow. Even without consciously thinking about it, color meanings affect our minds.  

How Is a Favorite Color Related to Personality?

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According to color psychology, colors stimulate our brains in specific ways, and the way we respond to different colors, as well as the colors that we are personally drawn to, can offer insight into our personality types and say a lot about who we are. Color psychology is a tool used by decorators, artists, and marketing associates. They use color meanings to induce feelings in us and lead us in our decision making

Color Meanings: What They Say about You

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By this point, you’re probably dying to know what your favorite color says about you. Remember that different cultures associate colors with various traditions and feelings, so this could affect the color meanings you see. If you want to see the meanings of your favorite color, check it out below.

Red: The Color of Passion

If your favorite color is red, you are likely to be extroverted and confident and embrace your sexuality. You probably also love making a lasting impression on the people around you.
Red personalities are bold, passionate, and love to live life to the fullest. They crave attention and make friends easily, love to be the center of attention and may be impulsive when it comes to decision making. They may have a quick temper, but those who identify with the color red like to take charge and get things done.

Yellow: A Ray of Sunshine

Not many people are brave enough to claim yellow as their favorite color. These people typical have a high level of optimism and bring sunshine with them everywhere they go. Along with their optimism, they come across as idealistic and perhaps not as closely tethered to reality.

Yellows are fun, cheerful, creative, and loveable. They are intelligent and quick-thinking, and love sharing their knowledge with others. Yellows may keep their inner feelings to themselves to keep up their sunny exterior.

Orange: Bold Choice

Orange lovers are those rare souls who combine the passion of red with the cheerfulness of yellow. They are energetic, creative, optimistic, and very friendly people who love to be the center of attention.

They are great in social situations and see themselves as the bridge that brings people together. Orange people love planning parties and festivities and have a gift for it. They live life with enthusiastic flair, although they sometimes can be overly concerned with how other people perceive them.

Green: The Color of Security

If you find yourself drawn to the color green, you love having balance in your life. Green is often associated with equilibrium, and green lovers may feel anxious when they feel their life is out of whack. Security is important to Greens, both in their finances and in their personal relationships.

People tend to see Greens as practical with high moral standards, and Greens are highly sensitive to how others perceive them. They want to be seen as successful, important, and steady. They also love the society of others.

Blue: Calm and Cool

There’s a reason so many people find the beach to be a peaceful place. Blues are one of the calmest colors on the spectrum. People who identify strongly with the color blue are calm and trustworthy, often finding their balance where others may not. They are said to be easy-going and able to roll with the punches more easily than others. If you love blue, you are reliable and sensitive and often think of others. Stability is important to you.  

Purple: Independently Awesome

Purples are, on the color wheel, a blend of red and blue. They are passionate, but their souls also have a calming, peaceful aspect as well. These people are very giving and tend to put others before themselves. Purple (or violet, if you prefer) is the color of spirituality, and people who love this color tend to be deeply in touch with their spiritual side. They may be drawn to mysticism rather than reality and live life with quiet dignity.

Purples are artistic, charming, and march to the beat of their own drum. They are creative sometimes to the point of being impractical but take pride in their individuality. However, their dedication to their own unique qualities can sometimes come across as arrogance.

Gray: The In-Betweeners

People who claim gray as their favorite color may be afraid of commitment. They find they live their lives somewhere in between black and white and tend to be pretty neutral, without any major likes or dislikes. They may be reliably dispassionate and emotionless and are perceived as mature, reliable, and practical, albeit lacking in passion (as compared to, say, a bold Red).

Pink: Sweet and Sensitive

Pink is the little sister of red–combining the passion of red with the purity of white. If you love pink, you’re most likely sweet and nurturing, and you love being in touch with your feminine side. You always try to see the best in others and may be perceived as reserved and sheltered or naive at times. However, people love you for how you embrace them wholeheartedly.

Black: Prestige and Power

There’s a reason car commercials use black vehicles so often–black exudes prestige, power, and value. People who favor the color black are serious realists who love to be in control. They may be moody, but they see themselves as complicated, sophisticated, and charming. They have a rich inner emotional life that they decline to share openly.

Gold: Charisma and Charm

Gold is flashy and fun, and those drawn to it are just as attractive. They appreciate the finer things in life and are incredibly charismatic. People may flock to Golds because they make everyone feel good about themselves, but beware of attracting fake friends who are only interested in the superficial.  

Brown: Keeping It Real

People drawn to the color brown are easy and comfortable. They tend to be steady, frugal, and direct, with no need for frills or extravagance. They may not be the most spontaneous and would rather keep things inside their comfort zone. However, they can be highly reliable friends due to their stable nature.

White: Meticulous

White is often the color associated (at least in Western culture) with innocence and virginity. Brides in the west wear white on their wedding days for a reason. People who favor the color white may want to emphasize the idea of purity or convince others of innocence (whether they are innocent or not).  

People drawn to the color white also tend to be very particular and meticulous about their appearance. They are organized, thoughtful, and logical, and like to keep their lives clean and uncluttered.


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While these are generic qualities, you may find some value in your favorite color and the connection color meanings make to your personality. Color psychology needs to be studied further in order to clarify how these colors affect and define us, but these color meanings may help to get a baseline read both on your personality and those of the people you love.

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