Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Website

One of the many challenges that a website design company needs to solve is selecting the correct color scheme for their design projects. Get the color combo wrong and your website will not attract as much traffic. The visual aspect of a website is one of the strongest components to successful webpage design. And in terms of color, a study that was completed by the University of Winnipeg in Canada found that more than 80% of the evaluation that a visitor made about a website was solely based on the color scheme. In addition to helping your webpage design, research has also shown that color can help consumers to recognize a brand easier by as much as 80%.

It is great that color can help with brand recognition, but if the color schemes that you have selected do not create a stunning visual appearance, it will not be of much use. If your website design offers a subpar visual appearance, users will view the business as subpar too. Furthermore, users will also be more inclined to visit the website again and tell their friends, family, and colleagues about it when the website is indeed aesthetically pleasing.

Which Color Scheme Should You Select?

Let us get one key thing straight, selecting the correct color scheme for your website design is not a step that you can do quickly, as the colors that you choose will play a crucial role later on. So, where do you start with such an important task?

The logo design of the business and perhaps even the color of the merchandise can be a useful source of direction and inspiration when you are deciding on which colors to use in your website design. Then, after you have determined what the main color will be, your next challenge will be to identify other colors that will work well with that color. There is nothing stopping you from doing a quick web search for similar businesses to look at the color schemes that they have incorporated into their webpage design. However, the websites of competitors will not be of much help if you do not know why they have selected that particular color scheme in the first place.

Some colors are naturally going to work better than others. The reality is that everyone has a favorite color, and their favorite color can influence what they like the most. This preference can be influenced by age, location, and gender. This means that when you are deciding on which color scheme you want to use, you should give special thought to your target audience. If the products or services are aimed at mostly women, softer color combos will work much better. On the other hand, men are inclined to prefer brighter colors, so be sure to up the brightness level if the target audience will mostly be men.

Whatever you do, try to avoid brown as both men and women dislike brown. However, if you are set on using brown, be sure to test it properly beforehand to find out whether or not this color will in fact work for the particular brand.

If you want to boost your traffic and revenue as well as make sure your website remains engaging, you can consider using the following colours.


You can hardly ever go wrong with black. It is ideal if you want to instill the idea of luxury, as it exudes sophistication and allure. It might be linked with darkness, but when it is applied correctly, you can indeed portray the brand in a positive light.


Every website needs just the right amount of white space. White will help you to make sure that your copy is easy on the readers’ eyes so that your website visitors do not end up feeling buried down by a huge mass of text.

However, if white is not incorporated with the necessary skill and it is used excessively, your website design can end up looking too exclusive or, equally bad, just plain boring. Obviously this is not good if you want to keep your website visitors engaged.


There is nothing dull about grey anymore. Nowadays grey is an extremely popular shade to include in your web design. It has strong connotations of authority and strength. Similarly to black, it can communicate sophistication helping you to portray products and services as reliable and superior. As it works so well with the majority of colors, it is no wonder that it is firm favorite amongst website design companies. The trick with grey is to use the lighter shade of it.


Red can be one of the best accent colours to include. As red motivates consumers to take action while summoning up a sense of haste, it is ideal for promotions. In addition, it is a good choice if you want to portray the brand as strong, yet warm.

However, just like with white, too much red will only leave the brand red-faced as it will create an unpleasant experience. So, better use this exciting color in moderation by only applying it to certain elements.


Blue is associated with communication (just think Twitter, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn.) On top of that, it can also stir up feelings of reliability, safety and security which makes it a popular choice amongst corporate institutions. Blue is overall one of your best bets when it comes to digital appearance.


Just like red, it is best only to use yellow as an accent color. It can stir feelings of positivity, excitement and creativity, but excessive use of yellow can divert the attention from what matters most.


Green is ideal for businesses that work in the field of agriculture or brands that want to convey that they care about the environment (a trait that is highly-valuable today.) It is also a good choice if you want your website visitors to feel balanced.


If you do not want to use red for your call-to-action buttons, orange is a good alternative. In addition to inviting action, the color orange is warm, comforting and simply fun.


Purple is another color that website design companies can use in moderation. It is ideal if you want to create a calming effect or if you want to communicate ideas of wealth or royalty.

How Can You Create an Effective Color Scheme?

Now that you know why a company decided to opt for a specific colour scheme, it is just as important to grasp how different colours work together to create an attractive design that is pleasing to most users’ eyes.

For starters, your primary colors (that is blue, red and yellow if you have forgotten from preschool days) will always stand out. Therefore, if you want to get your website visitors excited and encourage them to complete a specific action, concentrate on using either blue, red or yellow. These three colors are the perfect choice for a call-to-action prompt.

However, you can’t just rely on primary colors alone. One way that you can make your current website more attractive is by using the complementary colour of that primary colour too. For example, green is the complementary colour of red. Luckily you do not need to know all these combos off by heart – all you need is a colour wheel.

Another effective color scheme that website design companies can apply is using analogous colors. So, if the primary color that you have selected to use is red, you can create a subtle effect by using the color on the color wheel that is right next to red which will be red orange or red violet.

A Few Last Thoughts on Color Combos

Picking the perfect color scheme is one of the activities that a web design company will spend the most time on. If the color scheme of the web design fails to evoke interest and does not match the personality of the company, a design revamp is one of the key changes that a website company must make right away. At the end of the day, the color combo that is used should help to show the true colours of the brand.

Identifying the best color combos for your website design might call for some serious thought, but it does not mean that this task cannot be enjoyable. So, be sure to experiment with different pops of color until you have identified the color combo that makes everything pop. Then, be sure to test them on the target audience. The traffic that a website generates remains one of the best ways to determine if your target audience has embraced the color changes that you have made. Luckily with the help of a color creation tool, there are infinite possibilities.

People process visuals much faster than text and, therefore, no time spent on a website’s appearance will ever be wasted. With the right use of color, you can ensure that your web design creates a fabulous first impression every single time.

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