How to File Your Nails – [The PERFECT and EASY Ways with Tips]

how to file your nails

If you’re like me, then you must struggle with filing your nails to the exact shape that you want. There are times when I dread filing my nails. Times when I feel that it takes far too long and is far too complicated. But it’s really not! If you follow the tips and steps on … Read more

Types of Nail Files – Tips for Choosing the Best File for Your Nails

types of nail files

When you’re out shopping, looking for the perfect nail file to use when giving yourself and your friends manicures and pedicures, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options and types of nail files out there. What does the packaging mean by “grit” or “abrasive”? Don’t stress out or think that you’re surrounded … Read more

How to Use an Electric Nail File Machine in Manicure and Pedicure [THE PROPER WAY]

how to use an electric nail file machine

Who cares about learning how to use an electric nail file machine? Well, I do and I am sure as hell you do because you are reading this right now. If you’ve ever gone to a nail salon and professionally had your nails done, you’ve probably had a professional electric nail file used to do … Read more

How To Paint Your Nails At Home Perfectly – [STEP- BY-STEP]

paint your nails

In the teen years, I used to paint my nails as a way of expressing myself or matching my outfit. These days, applying varnish on my nails is like a habit to pretty nails .However, it is a fact that perfectly painted nails are part of good grooming and shows ones personality. Whatever your reason … Read more

Electric Nail File Maintenance Tips | [The Do’s and Don’ts]

electric nail file maintenance

Owning an electric nail file machine can be a great investment if you want a set of gorgeous looking nails. For a nail technician, it is a must have tool. However, for tip top performance and efficiency, electric nail file maintenance skills are required. However basic they may be, you at least need to know … Read more

Foot Corn Or Callus on Foot? – Insanely Effective Removal and Prevention Methods Revealed

foot corn and foot callus

A Foot corn and Foot calluses are usually the foot’s natural defense mechanism against any type of damage. Both are caused by the friction that is applied on your feet. This friction makes the skin develop a hard outer covering which is designed to protect the more sensitive layers of your foot. Although they have … Read more

How To Remove Nail Polish From Carpet Easily -5 Insanely FAST Methods

remove nail polish from carpet

Nail polish is one of the stains that is difficult to remove from your carpet. Even a tiny drop can make your carpet unsightly especially if the nail polish has a noticeably brighter color. You do not have to panic if you see stains caused by nail polish spills because there are still many ways … Read more

e-file Uses : 7 Less Known Ways an e-file Makes Your Nail Art Easier

e-file uses

An electronic nail file or popularly known as e-file allows you to do many remarkable things, from making your nails the ideal length to eliminate callus and getting rid of lift. E-file also makes the job of nail technicians easier and faster. On this page, we look at  7 uses of a nail e-file and … Read more

Nail Designs : [TOP 10] Easy & Pretty Designs For Short and Long Nails

nail designs for short and long nails

Nail designs, if good, add flair and sophistication to your looks. Are you that kind of lady who is looking to add flair and sophistication to your looks with good nail designs? Do you want to follow a safe, yet simple step by step process to gorgeous and beautiful nails? Whether you prefer short or … Read more

Best Manicure Table REVEALED – A REVIEW of 5 [Nail tables, Nail desk, Nail Station]

best manicure table

According to a Nailsmag survey of nail technicians, salon owners and clients, the first impression of your nail salon business is the most important one. Do you want to keep clients coming back, get cleanliness, organization, & Luxury in your salon? Nothing advertises your salon better than a professional manicure table. A nail table is … Read more