Best 6 Cheap Microwave Ovens for Shoppers on a Budget

cheap microwave oven

Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that having a cheap convection oven in your kitchen is a great addition to the household. Of course, if you are a savvy shopper, not just any microwave oven will do. You are likely on the hunt for the perfect cheap microwave oven. If this sounds like … Read more

SNEAK PEAK: 5 Best Portable Kitchen Island With Seating Revealed

portable kitchen island with seating

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Best Santoku Knife – 5 Best Santoku Knives

best santoku knife

Having the right tools in your kitchen is key to making exceptional dishes. One such tool is the Santoku knife. If you are looking for the best Santoku knife to add to your kitchen, then you are on the right page. Today, we are going to go over everything you need to know about when … Read more

Best Food Processor – Only The Best 3

best food processor

Everyone wants to write about their best food processor. I understand it guys because who doesn’t want to eat? Yes, we all want to eat but the tedious, tiring prep work involved in preparing that delicious dish is too much. That is why we need the food processor. A food processor helps to expedite tasks … Read more

Post Amazon Prime Day News Updates and Deals : {Next Amazon Prime Day Date When?}

Amazon Prime day 2017

Amazon Prime day 2021 ended at 3am EST on Wednesday, July 12th with a BANG – by breaking all the company’s (Amazon, Inc) sales records and setting new one.  This post, last updated on Thursday, July 13th, 2021 give news updates on prime day 2021 and tries to speculate on the question that may already … Read more

REVEALED: 5 Best Range Hoods That Are Dependable – Cooker Hoods Review

best range hoods

Quiet and Powerful. That is what I love most about these 5 best kitchen range hoods as you are about to read in my review below. A Kitchen hood is a very important appliance in your kitchen. Its primary purpose is to improve ventilation. If you cook at least a few times per week, then … Read more

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Do you need to keep your foods and drinks fresh and cold in a tight living space? Then a mini fridge will come to your rescue. A Mini refrigerator, a.k.a compact refrigerator will provide all the benefits and performance of a full size unit. And this is in a fraction of the space. They are … Read more

Range Hood Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Range Hood

range hood buying guide

In selecting the best range hood in the market, you need to be very specific with what you want. It should indicate the style, size, color as well as the purpose of the hood. Getting a range hood should come with careful selection procedure for you to arrive at the best choice. Cooking must be … Read more

Kitchen Hood Installation In 7 Easy Steps – [WITH Video Instructions]

Kitchen hood installation

Kitchen hood installation must be done properly in order for the utility to perform well. Based on researches and studies, the absence of poor ventilation while cooking is one of the major causes of poor quality indoor air leading to negative effects on your health. As it is essential to keep a healthy body, it … Read more