10 Tips for Designing Beautiful Bathrooms Like A Fancy Spa

10 Tips for Designing Beautiful Bathrooms

When you personalize your bathroom with design features tailored to all your needs, you no longer need to plan time to escape to a fancy spa for a little rest and relaxation. One of the most essential features in beautiful bathrooms is the lighting, because it sets the ambiance for when you want to sink … Read more

A Brief Overview about Color Theory and Its Effect To People

Overview about Color Theory

Colors can rouse personal feelings, solicit nostalgia, and trigger sense memories. When an artist has a strong understanding of the mechanics behind how color usage works, his or her work will have the power to influence an audience’s mood. The principles behind the treatment and application of color is called color theory. Color theory is … Read more

5 Trendy Window Styles for the Year

window styles

If you were planning on changing your home windows this year, you might be wondering what’s trending right now in terms of window styles. Consider the following options for window replacements this year. Window Styles You Should Consider this Year Transoms and Sidelights Transom windows sit above other windows or doors; sidelights go to each … Read more

Keep Your House Warm – 7 Tips to Make Your Home Warmer

keep house warm

Whether you like it or not, winter is literally right around the corner and many of us are thinking of the same thing: How do we keep our homes warm without spending a bundle? Everyone has enough to worry about financially, especially with Christmas getting closer by the second, so no one wants to be … Read more

Bedroom Design- 10 Ultimate Design and Decor Hacks For Your Bedroom

bedroom design ideas

Building a perfect bedroom can be a huge challenge. The place where you spend almost eight hours every night sleeping requires careful planning. More than your living room, your bedroom should be the centerpiece of your home. It is the bedroom that makes your house a home. That is why I want to share with … Read more