Ten Fun Facts About Japan Houses

The traditional Japanese house is an icon in terms of the nation’s history and culture. If you are a fan of classic movies set in Meiji-era Japan, or are a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll likely recognize the traditional Japan house. From its wood and paper external doors to its distinct clay tiled roof, such … Read more

4 Reasons to Love Colonial Style Houses

japan house colonial style

Over the past few centuries, several architectural styles have evolved from various influences. Some of these styles include Gothic, Roman, Victorian, classic, contemporary, and modern, among others. Sometimes, certain architectural styles go out of fashion only to be revived several decades (or centuries) later. One such style is the colonial style house. Colonial style originated … Read more

Interior Design Details for a Glass House

glass house

Glass houses are among the most fascinating developments that architecture has seen in the last few decades. They’re not as brittle as they’re believed to be, and they’re best built in locations set amidst nature. Designing the interiors of a glass house is an art in itself, because the interiors are as much a part … Read more