7 Pieces of Advice In Selecting The Right Website Images

People are inherently visual beings and they are more likely to remember the stuff they see rather than the stuff they read. That’s why people prefer photos, infographics, and videos over just plain text. If your blog post or news article is long but lacks visual material, people will either skip it or just scan … Read more

How to Design a PCB Layout

A good PCB is at the heart of many great DIY projects. When you can design and develop your circuit board, it is easy to create a wide range of DIY electronics. There are kits that help you bypass this process, but PCB design is still a skill that you need to master if you are … Read more

Why Clients Don’t Like Your UX Design & How to Handle UX Arguments

Being a UX designer isn’t always about getting compliments and getting credit for your great work. Sometimes, you have to cope with the feedback and criticism of difficult clients. Let’s discuss the reasons why some clients freak out when they see your UX design and how to handle such arguments. Why don’t your clients like … Read more

Top Differences Between Graphic Designer and UI Designer

When one mentions design people quickly assume that one is talking about graphic design. However, in website design and development, designing is diverse with more than just graphic design. This diversity has been brought by the advancement in technology where new and more specialized design tools are being developed. Comparing the two including the work they … Read more

Top Tips on How Graphic Design Can Engage Customers

There is no doubt that a strong visual appeal can maximize user engagement. The graphics of your website play a significant role in generating new leads, improving the rate of conversions, building a loyal customer base and increasing user engagement. This is the reason why many website designers concentrate more on user experience than other … Read more

7 Best Gadgets for Freelance Graphic Designers

Freelance graphic designers like you create graphics, layouts, print pieces, and more for your clients. Your work may be for advertisements, websites, books, or other publications. With this type of job, you can’t carry out your duties without the help of computers and some cool gadgets. If you’re looking for the best gadgets, you’ll want … Read more

5 Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Design

Most visitors who visit your ecommerce store are random window shoppers who will probably never buy from you. But, for those who are seriously interested in your product, only one things stands between them and a purchase: the checkout process. When a customer adds something to their cart and proceeds to checkout, they’re telling you … Read more

Information Architecture vs Interaction Design – What Are the Differences?

I am sometimes surprised to hear that some practitioners believe there is not a very big difference between Interaction Design (IxD) and Information Architecture (IA). While it may be true that the line between the two is blurred, there is still a clear distinction between them.

If we turn to Wikipedia for help, we will find the following definitions:

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