How to Paint a Galaxy

Everyone has seen the stars and planets in the night sky at some point in their life. Many times, the bodies appear so close that they can touch. A combination of clouds, pollution, tree canopy coverage, and urban lights has made the bodies invisible the following night. This article describes how to paint a galaxy. … Read more

How to Draw Clouds

Do you like watching the clouds? Watching the clouds fly by is such a peaceful activity. You probably do not have to have spent the last several years living inside a cave in order to see clouds every day! It might not be completely surprising to you to learn that there are many different kinds … Read more

How to Draw a Mushroom

how to draw a mushroom

The mushroom is neither a plant nor an animal, yet it is fascinating. Mycelium, or roots, are found on the surface of the mushroom, creating the appearance of a plant. The plant matter is consumed by the mycelium, but an animal can move freely around the world. The rest of the world’s fungi, however, are … Read more

How to Draw Mountains

mountains and trees drawing

A mountain’s beauty can see from above the land’s surface. Mountain ranges usually consist of a group of mountains. In addition to cities situate in lowlands, there are also cities situated on mountains with harsher conditions. Many mountains have held religious significance for millennia for spiritual and religious reasons. The highest mountain in the world, … Read more