Basic Tutorial On Creating Dynamic Menu Items In WordPress Pages

WordPress is well-known for providing a wide spectrum of functionality, enabling users to set up their website consisting of a rich suite of features. One great feature of WordPress is its menu system, which helps in managing a website menu in an effortless manner. In fact, the menu system became even better with the release of WordPress 3.0 version. [m2leep] The new menu system made the life of developers a bit easier, allowing them to do a lot more with their website menu in an easy manner. However, beginner’s often find the process of creating a dynamic menu on a WordPress page or post pretty challenging. This tutorial is intended to provide you with knowledge as to how you can create and display dynamic menus on your WordPress site. But, some of you may be interested in knowing about what is a dynamic menu and its importance. So, let’s first talk about the same.

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Freebie: 20 CSS3 And JQuery Countdown Timer Scripts

The modern time is the times of cut throat competition and intense marketing. In fact many website initiate the marketing process long before the site is up and live on the internet. However, customers who are led to such websites through various marketing tools tend to feel somewhat disappointed if they just come across blank web page.

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How to Design a Label: Tips

How to Design a Label

Are you looking forward to designing a label? If yes, then this article will help you in doing so. In the following lines of text, we are going to discuss how to design a label and what is required for it. We have also provided some useful tips that can be used while designing labels. … Read more

6 Core Characteristics of Superb Icon Design

Creative design work (or any design work for that matter) is always a struggle. Icons are no exception to the rule and can give grief to the most professional of designers. To help you with your icon woes, I’ve put together a few core characteristics of superb icons that I’ve encountered and experienced in my time. So, without further ado, here are some characteristics of superb icon design.

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5 Copywriting Tools for Graphic Designers 2022

Graphic design provides visual communication and expression of concepts and ideas using graphic tools and elements. It incorporates copywriting tools as graphic design is employed in the process of writing advertising promotional materials. In graphic design, copywriters help create web page content, online ads and other online content related to the web in question. Image … Read more

14 Best Cool Fonts Inspiration For 2022 That Looks Good On Your Project

Cool fonts

Web designers know the importance of typography and the power it holds within a single design. Typography and font-heads have affected the readability of a design, mood, perceived article length, and the overall user experience. Typography lends character to your website, guides the readers, and accounts for over 90% of your design. So, yes, typography … Read more

How To Use Sticker Paper

Sticker papers are getting several uses from time to time in the current world. Traditionally, people used to get sticker papers from the shops and stores where they came with already made appearances. Today, due to technological advancement, you can create customized sticker paper for your use. Sticker papers come in various forms to meet … Read more

Types of Scanners

Types of Scanners

Before the invention of scanners, it was a challenge to maintain hardcopy documents for different purposes. And because of this, you could find people queuing to photocopy their printed documents. You can imagine the papers around! Thanks to technology because different types of scanners serve to manage documents digitally. It has made things easier as … Read more

How to Paint Trim

Along with painting the walls and cabinets, painters most often work on the trim. It is possible to make a room look more elegant and brightened by painting your trim. Many of the houses I have been in have their trim brushed out, sprayed, and painted by me. With my advice, you will get a … Read more

How to Paint a Car

How to Paint a Car

Car refinishing is an expensive process. It is, however, not necessary to take your car to your nearest auto body shop for a fresh paint job or to cover and prevent rust. You can quickly repair your vehicle even if it appears to be a daunting task. To save some money and do the job … Read more