7 Best Keratin Treatment Products: [That Will Make You Fall Deeper in Love with Your Hair!]

best keratin treatment products

If you are like the millions of women around the world who style their hair, then chances are damaged hair is something you have experienced more than once. If you are suffering from damaged hair, then there is some good news. You do not have to look far to get the shine of healthy hair … Read more

10 Cute Outfits for School

kids with cute outfits

Our clothing choices are our individual artistic endeavors. What we wear turn us into a masterpiece of our own tastes. Unlike many works of art, clothes don’t hang on the walls of an art museum, staying pristine and untouched. We use our clothes! Whether you are age 5 or age 55, choosing the right outfits … Read more

10 Stylish Sporty Outfits to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

10 Stylish Sporty Outfits to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

Athlesiure wear is not just for the gym, anymore. Today, the hottest celebs and models in the world are wearing amazing athletic looks that make them ready to go from a coffee date, to a meeting, to the gym, all without having to change a thing. In today’s busy, fast-paced world, you don’t always have … Read more

Split Ends Repair – How To Prevent Split Ends When Flat-Ironing Your Hair

split ends repair

Split ends can be frustrating and all of us would wish to know how to do split ends repair. Lets face it, if you’re looking to achieve straight hair, then chances are you’re going to be using a straightening iron. Flat irons are the essential tool for a smooth, straight hairstyle, but did you know … Read more

How Does A Hair Straightener Work? – ANSWERS To The History & Science Behind The Working of a Flat Iron

how does a hair straightener work

How Does A Hair Straightener Work? -A Brief History of hair straighteners When brainstorming the topic for this article, my main concern was to provide answers to the question “How does a hair straightener work?” . But as more research was put into the article, we released that we had to talk about some history as … Read more

How to Clean Hair Straightener Ceramic Plates Safely

how to clean hair straightener ceramic plates

Hair straighteners are amazing hair styling tools that do wonders for everyone, regardless of the type of hair they have. This being said, have you ever had a really bad experience with a hair straightener for any reason? It could be as simple as not heating up as quickly as it used to or even making … Read more

BaByliss Pro Nano Wet-To-Dry Hair Straightener Review

Babyliss pro Nano wet-to-dry straightener

Are you looking for a hair straightener that works for both straightening your hair and creating perfectly loose curls? If you said yes to these two things, then you should consider purchasing the BaByliss Pro Nano Wet-to-dry Straightener. Most flat irons are bulky and have a lot of plastic around the plates that make it … Read more

Best Mini Hair Straightener for Kids, Travel, Short Hair, Bangs, and the Long Hairs’ Tail : [MHU Professional Travel Size 0.5-inch Mini Flat Iron Review]

best mini hair straightener

Have you ever tried to use a hair straightener on your kids’ hair, bangs, or even for your ponytail and found that it just was too difficult? Traditional hair straighteners are bulky and are too big for small tasks or areas to work on. What should you do if you need/want to use a hair … Read more