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Are you planning to buy a new microwave oven to try your cooking skills, or just need a replacement to that timeworn over? Whether it is literally your first time to buy an oven or it has been a long time since you buy one and you are looking for a guide, you landed at the right and best page. On this page, I am going to share with you the IMPORTANT things you need to consider when buying microwave oven.

buying microwave oven
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Originally, microwave ovens are only used for thawing or preheating. Well, that is a long time ago because now, this kitchen appliance has gone a bit far. Okay. You can just cook your ENTIRE meals. Obviously, this appliance makes your life at the kitchen easier with cooking task easily done. Thanks to the multi-featured units.

That being said, if you are shopping around for a microwave oven, you will surely discover a comprehensive range of models and choices that can be confusing. Should you go for an over-the-range or the counter-top model? How about the best power capacity and size for your cooking and kitchen needs? The difference between a microwave convection oven and conventional microwave? What should be considered when buying microwave oven? I will answer those right here. Just keep reading. This article will only take a maximum 2 minutes of your time. Okay, lets start.

Styles of Microwave Ovens – Should you go for an over-the-range or the counter-top model?

Microwave for home kitchen use is available in numerous styles and sizes. The major types are over-the-range or above-range units, countertop models, microwave drawers, and the combination of those. Each of which has particular advantage.

Over-The-Range Microwave Ovens

When buying microwave oven, you should be able to determine the various kinds of ovens. This one, as the name implies, is designed to be mounted over the kitchen range. This type ranked second in fame among the main microwave types. This type has already went through various innovations, specifically addressing the difficulty in filtering smoke and venting steam from the top burners of stove.

Countertop Microwave Ovens

This is also known as portable or compact microwaves oven, intended to be placed on a kitchen microwave cart or microwave stand. Apparently, this is the smallest type and most famous option among consumers for thawing frozen goods or foods, making popcorn, reheating foods, and the like. Since its size a bit small, the price is also small. However, you should beware that this model will eat up valuable space in your kitchen. Some models have kits that enable you to install the appliance under the cabinet, addressing the aforementioned concern.

We cannot really recommend which will be the best. Though, you can read our review of the best microwave oven for each Microwave style. These two are the most commonly purchased types but it does not mean the best one is only one of these two. Consider other types of oven. To know which the best is, learn the features, advantages and drawbacks of each model when buying microwave oven. In addition, search who are the top providers of every style in the market.

Convection Oven versus Conventional Microwave

Conventional microwave has heating element and fan to allow heated air circulation, resulting to a more thorough cooking. Some units has pan for crisping bread and cooking. Conventional Microwave oven, on the other hand, emits microwaves, which pass through plastic and glass containers to cook the food. This one combines the basic microwave oven technology with circulating heated air and radiant heat, allowing you to grill, brown, and roast food.

What will be the best power capacity and size for your cooking and kitchen needs?

When buying microwave oven, you should also consider the power and size. If you are after cooking entire meals for your family, then choose a mid/full size oven. If you are after cooking huge meals, look for the largest size. Microwave oven can come up to 2.2 cubic feet. The full-size microwave oven delivers around 1000-1600 power watts while the mid-size one yield only around 800-1000 watts. The higher the wattage, the faster the food will be cooked. More power is needed if you will be cooking your entire family meals.

If you only need to cook a one-dinner plate, choose compact microwaves. This type yields around 500-800 watts. This is an ideal option if you are living in a dorm, apartments, or will be used in the office. These are also best for campers and in boats.

What features to look for when buying microwave oven?

When buying microwave oven, always keep a reference guide handy. Through which you will be able to make the most out of the features. Here are some features that your microwave oven should possess:

  • Interlocks – Guarantees that your Microwave oven will not run once the door is ajar or open.
  • Turntable – This will ensure even cooking. Without it, you have to stop the oven to turn the food manually.
  • Variable Power Controls – Allows you to change the setting level.
  • Automatic Sensors- This eliminates the need to set the timer to know when the food is evenly cooked.
  • Child Lockout – this is especially important on convection units where the dishes may be hot.

When Buying Microwave Oven, do not forget to consider your budget, the place where you intend to install it, and the type. Also read our guide on how to clean a microwave oven

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