So, you want to look elegant, adorable, sexy, and still feel as comfy as when you first roll out of bed? Well then, I have news for you. If you’re on the market looking for a dress that you can buy and wear for any occasion, then you should really consider a t-shirt dress. I know, I know, it sounds like a really casual type of thing to wear, but let me tell you this: some of these t shirt dresses you can dress up and look as though you pulled it off the racks of an incredibly high end expensive clothing shop. If you don’t believe me keep reading on to find out about how these 29 amazing t shirt dresses nail the casual, professional look you want while still making you feel comfortable.

29 T-Shirt Dresses That Nail it For Women and Teens [Without Breaking The Wallet]

#1: Kancystore Women’s Spring Basic Stripes ¾ Sleeve Shift Mini T-shirt Dress Top

What’s to Love: The fabric of this t-shirt dress is loose yet flattering, which prevents the dress from riding up. The dress is very versatile, you can dress it up for a party or wear it as is to work.

Pros: Very comfortable to wear and the fabric of the dress accentuates the right curves! Perfect length of the t-shirt dress and the sleeves. The design of the tee shirt dress makes it so you can wear it in any season without being too hot or too cold.

Cons: You can’t follow the size chart that Amazon gives you, the company put up a photo of a size chart you should follow in order to buy the correct size for you.

#2: Kissky Women’s Color Block Long Sleeve Bodycon T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: Overall a very flattering fit if you’re looking for a comfortable, more concealing bodycon dress. It also comes in multiple colors!

Pros: The t-shirt dress fits exactly how a bodycon dress should fit. You will love the fact that the dress is stretchy and not at all too short. The sleeves are incredibly soft and is overall super comfortable.

Cons: Many people have said that the fabric of the dress is cheap and not at all like the company pictures. Another concern is that the sizing is all wrong, either someone can order the correct size, or the dress that they receive is too small or too big.

#3: MOLERANI Women’s Casual Plain Simple T-shirt Loose Dress

What’s to Love: This tshirt dress is made to be flowy, and comes in both long and short sleeve options, all of which come in a variety of colors! The material is loose, soft, and stretchy to make an incredibly comfortable dress.

Pros: Very versatile and comfortable, can wear with a variety of things. The dress is made to be flowy – It is not clingy at all and all body types look good in it!

Cons: Some might think that the material is too thin or make the dress feel too big on them. There are also some reviews saying that the material was too stretchy as well, and the overall quality was poor.


#4: DEARCASE Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: The fabric of this t shirt dress is super soft and stretchy, you can easily dress it up or down depending on what occasion you’re wearing it for. The dress comes in many color options, and even has the option to buy it in either long or short sleeves!

Pros: The asymmetrical cut of the tee shirt dress is beautiful and interesting at the same time. There are many reviews on this dress that say that it’s perfect for curvy girls because it is flattering and hides any flaws below the waist. The dress is very comfortable and can be worn for any occasion.

Cons: There are also many reviews that state that the asymmetrical cut of the dress is disappointing and not at all what they expected it to look like. There are also that say that the sewing of the dress is not very good and that the material can be sort of see through.


#5: TINYHI Women’s Casual Plain Fit Flowy Simple Swing T-shirt Loose TunicDress

What’s to Love: This dress is loose, soft, and stretchy. The length of the dress goes right above your knee and you can dress this t shirt dress up or wear it as is. Another amazing thing: it comes in many different colors and has the option of short or long sleeve as well!

Pros: The dress is flowy, and not sloppy at all, and most importantly super comfortable. The design of the dress helps to slim you down so if you’re uncomfortable wearing dresses because you think you have body flaws, this dress would be perfect for you.

Cons: There were some reviews that said that the fit of the dress was strange, for instance the front hem was not in the center as it is pictured and the sizing was incorrect. There have also been some complaints that the material can become very thin.

#6: PERSUN Basic Stripes Short Sleeve Shift Mini Dress Top

What’s to Love: This dress is perfect if you’re looking for a classic t-shirt dress. It has stretchy fabric that gives you a slim fit, and it can be worn as is or you can layer it with boots, leggings, cardigans, etc. Perfect for warmer weathers.

Pros: The dress accentuates curves and hides what you don’t want to be seen. The round hem is perfect and works well being paired with leggings. The fabric is stretchy and soft, but high quality.

Cons: This dress is quite literally a t-shirt dress, meaning that if you’re not looking for something more casual then this isn’t for you. It’s basically a long shirt, and most people weren’t looking for that. Because it’s a classic t-shirt dress note that it’s going to fit a little shorter/smaller than the other dresses we’ve mentioned this far!


#7: Just Love Women T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is made from lightweight jersey material which is perfect to wear during those hot summer days. The dress also comes in a variety of colors, which is perfect if you find that this dress was made just for you!

Pros: This dress is casual and comfortable, definitely a go to dress! Soft material and a great fit over all. The material is lightweight, flowy, and helps keep you cool during hot days.

Cons: Taller women have found the dress to be too short for them, and more like a shirt than a dress. There have also been some complaints that the material of the dress, because it is a lightweight jersey material, is see through.

#8: Cutiefox® Women’s Summer Side Slit Casual Beach Mini T shirt Dress

What’s to Love: The perfect comfortable, casual mini dress you might be searching for! The material is made to be super soft, breathable, and stretchy. The dress also comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Pros: A cute, casual dress for a decent price. The dress is short, so most people wear it as a bathing suit cover, undershirt for layering, or even a tunic. Overall the shirt is very soft and comfortable and most people love the casualness of it!

Cons: In order for this t shirt dress to fit you well, you need to go up two or three sizes which can sort of be a hassle. The slit on the side can actually be too high up for most people, so they find it better as a nightshirt/cover shirt than a dress.

#9: TOB Women’s Sexy Halter Lace Up Mini T-shirt Club Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is the perfect clubbing/partying mini t-shirt dress you might ever look at. The dress is so unique because it has a deep V with a lace design on the neckline, and it has a tie in the front.

Pros: The dress is sexy but yet super comfortable to wear. The material is high quality – not see through at all. The knot is optional, if you want it to fit more like a dress than a t-shirt most people recommend doing the knot.

Cons: An awkward neckline! Some people reviewed saying they went ahead and cut a tiny bit more of the collar to make it a full V neck dress. Because the material is thick, there is barely any stretch to the fabric at all.

#10: Splendid Women’s T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress features a high/low hemline, an inverted back pleat, and even a patch pocket – how unique is that?

Pros: The perfect casual, but eye-catching, summer dress! You can dress it up with a cute pair of wedges or just be casual with a pair of sandals. No matter how you wear it, you’ll always feel super comfortable in Splendid women’s mixed media tshirt dresses.

Cons: Taller women have reviewed that the dress was far too short for them, even to be considered a bathing suit cover up. There are also complaints of it being a longer oversized t-shirt just sold as a dress, and that the colors were all wrong in person.

#11: ROMWE Women’s Casual V Neck Short Sleeve T-shirt Tunic Swing Dress

What’s to Love: You can wear this dress two ways: a short dress, or as a tunic. The fabric is very stretchy, light weight, and soft. It’s the perfect casual tee shirt dress to wear when you want to look cute, but don’t want to put in too much effort.

Pros: The dress is conservative, but at the same time incredibly fashionable. The dress wasn’t too tight, short, and the material was thick enough to not be see through. Overall, a perfect simple dress for the summer or to layer during the colder months.

Cons: Some people found the fabric to be too tight or clingy and that it did not fit the description at all. The dress is plain, which can be a downfall for some, if you want it to stand out you have to put in more accessories than with any other of these dresses.

#12: Haola Women’s Cross Front Deep V Neck Mini Dress Short Sleeve Casual Tshirt Dress

What’s to Love: Unique t-shirt dress – it has a deep V neck with a cross front design. This little bit of design gives this dress an unexpected wow factor.

Pros: If you’re looking for more of a bodycon type of dress this is for you! It’s super comfortable and yet gives you that tighter look that is associated with a bodycon.

Cons: The dress is much tighter than the photo shows. Most people found that it was unflattering in general because it doesn’t drape at all, it clings to you. Many of the reviews said that they ended up turning it into a shirt instead of a dress.

#13: ROMWE Women’s Tunic Swing T-shirt Dress Short Sleeve Tie Dye Ombre Dress

What’s to Love: Perfect for summer! Gives off an amazing beach vibe with its’ ombre tie dye look, and it also has a tied up razer back that gives it an even more unique style!

Pros: The colors matched what is shown in the pictures, and the fabric is super comfortable and stretchy. The dress is very casual, but not to the point where you couldn’t wear it to work on a casual Friday. It is perfect for going out with some friends and doing some shopping!

Cons: There are a few reviews on this dress saying that the top is tight and then it flows out from the middle on making you look rather frumpy. Some people also say that the dress runs small and the arms are really tight.

#14: Romwe Women’s Short Sleeve Shirt Casual Swing Dress

What’s to Love: This is a casual short sleeve t-shirt dress that has a cute little pocket on the front. Has the perfect knee length and is super comfortable!

Pros: Versatile! Dress it up or keep it as is, no matter what you do you’ll feel super comfortable and ready to take on your day. High quality material and the craftsmanship on this dress is perfection. The length is perfect for tall and short women, and the material does not cling to your body.

Cons: Some found that the biggest size offered was still too small for them, and that it was just a little shorter than described to be.

#15: ICONOFLASH Women’s Round Hem Striped T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: The rounded hemline creates a slimming appearance that we all so desperately crave! This dress is ideal for warmer weather, but could just as easily be paired with leggings, boots, scarves, etc. for the winter.

Pros: This dress slims you down, it might look like it would be tight but really it accentuates your figure. The neckline of this dress is conservative, so it’s something you can wear just about anywhere!

Cons: The dress might be a little short for you taller ladies, but don’t fear! You can always pair it with some leggings and still rock it.

#16: GUDNIQUE ECO-FRIENDLY Bamboo Fiber Tshirt Dress

What’s to Love: Has an adorable swing silhouette that makes it a perfect dress to wear from day to night. The biggest plus: this dress has pockets, you heard me right: POCKETS.

Pros: Not tight at all, has that swing silhouette that it describes and beautifully hangs off your body. Super soft, comfortable, and incredibly flattering for all body types.

Cons: The flowy silhouette of the dress can make it appear to look more like a nightgown than a dress you would want to wear out and about. They only offer four colors, which is disappointing if you find that you really love this dress.

#17: VIISHOW Women’s Short Sleeve Casual Loose Tshirt Dresses

What’s to Love: This dress opens the door to many fashion possibilities. The flow of the dress allows you to leave it as is, or to make it tighter and more unique by adding a belt. It perfectly matches the picture provided, and is a great choice for someone who wants to dress up, but cover up more than most tshirt dresses allow.

Pros: The material is bouncy and light, making it super comfortable to wear. This dress is actually long enough to be worn as just a dress, but most reviewers found that they preferred to wear it over leggings. So many colors! There is also an option to buy a short sleeve or long sleeve dress, perfect for the changing seasons.

Cons: The material of this dress is rather thin, in black it might not matter that much but in one of the lighter colors it could be really transparent. The dress is the perfect length for shorter girls (around 5’3”) but could be too short for someone taller.

#18: ZeroCity Women’s Casual Loose Swing Basic Cotton Tunic

What’s to Love: This dress has so many options to it: different colors, long sleeve, short sleeve, and whether the dress you buy has pockets.

Pros: Incredibly comfortable. This dress is so simple yet so gorgeous at the same time. The fabric is super soft and flowy, which makes it work well with any body time. Did I mention that this dress also has the option for pockets? Yes? Well let me say it again: you can get pockets with this dress, incredible right?!

Cons: The material is thin and because of this it’s a very light dress. It can also be a little clingy, so it’s advised to wear some spanx underneath. Taller women might find that the dress is too short for them and acts better as a shirt than a dress.

#19: LILBETTER Women’s Short Sleeve Pocket Casual Loose Tee-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This tee shirt dress is modest enough to be worn to work, but can also be dressed up to be worn to a party, it’s all up to you. Also, pockets – need I say more?

Pros: This dress is lightweight, soft, and stretchy – everything we look for in a comfortable day to night dress. am I right?

Cons: The dress can be a little clingy around the chest and arms because the material is so lightweight.

#20: POSESHE Women’s Short Sleeve Casual Loose T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: There are two options to this dress: an asymmetrical hem and a symmetrical hem, both of which have an array of color choices to pick from.

Pros: One of the softest t-shirt dresses we may have looked at today, people are raving about how incredibly soft the dress is and how comfortable it is. The dress fits true to the size you order, and most people found that they could even go down a size!

Cons: The dress can appear to be shapeless, so most people have been accessorizing with belts to give themselves more of a figure/waist. The hem of the dress can be seen as a little short for some people, so be sure to look at the measurements of the different styles before you buy.

#21: Mitto Shop: Bamboo Fiber Knit Short Sleeve V-Neck T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is eco-friendly, and has a swing body with a high/low hemline. There are also pockets, which as you’ve probably noticed is a huge deal to me (and hopefully the rest of you!).

Pros: You can wear this dress on a warm day and not become uncomfortable or overly warm. The dress is flowing, super comfortable, easy to wear, and versatile.

Cons: Some people found that this dress was a little shorter than they expected it to be from the picture – the back was longer, as they expected, but the sides came up more than they thought they would.

#22: TINYHI Women’s Casual Plain Long Sleeve Simple T-shirt Loose Dress

What’s to Love: This dress also has two options to choose from: you can buy a flowy dress or an A-line dress. Both of which you’ll feel sexy, elegant, and best of all: comfy.

Pros: The fabric is soft and is of great quality: the dress is not see through. This dress works for all body types because it is loose and flowing, so it hides anything you don’t want people to notice.

Cons: Some people found that the dress was a bit longer and bigger than they thought it would be. Quality control over this product might be slacking a little bit because some reviewers found that the hems were all wrong and seams were unraveling after only a little bit of wear.

#23: Tandisk Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: The colors are vibrant and true to the photos. You can dress this dress up or leave it as is, and still feel radiant and beautiful all day long.

Pros: The perfect length for a simple, casual dress. When you order the right size the dress fits perfectly in all aspects: sleeves, length, etc. The dress has just the right amount of flow to it that you won’t ever feel as though you look like you’re wearing a bag instead of a dress.

Cons: This dress tends to run a little big, which is okay for most people but if you’re looking for a one shop dress you might want to really read the size chart before ordering.

#24: Mandy Neck Short Sleeve Striped Loose T-shirt Mini Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is incredibly cheap. The quality of the dress is amazing considering that it’s that cheap. This is another one of those dresses that fits into the classic t-shirt dress category!

Pros: The fit is perfect: it’s not too loose and not too tight as most would expect from the photo. The fabric is perfect for this dress because it’s soft and stretchy, which is perfect because most people think it looks like a bodycon dress.

Cons: The fabric is a little see through, which is an issue considering the dress is white with black stripes. That’s another thing too: that is the only color option this dress has.

#25: ZANZEA Women Cotton Striped Round Neck Short Sleeve Tee Shirts Mini Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is a little on the short side, but because of that it can become the best, most comfortable bathing suit cover up you’ve ever bought!

Pros: The dress hits mid-thigh, is roomy across the midsection, and fits the bust perfect. The fabric is of great quality and is soft and stretchy.

Cons: This dress is short, if you’re over 5’4” then you’ll probably find that this is more of a shirt than a dress for you.

#26: SUNNYME Women’s Striped Mini T-shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is adorable: the stripes are the perfect size. The dress is the perfect length and style to wear to work!

Pros: The sleeves and the length of the dress are both perfect: not too long, but not too short. The material of this dress makes it so the flow of the dress accentuates your figure, but hides what you don’t want to be seen.

Cons: Some might find that the fabric is clingy or a little tighter than they anticipated, and they might find that the sleeves are a little more snug than they appear.

#27: Favelem Women’s Short Sleeve Comfy Flowy Loose Fit Long Tunic Top Tshirt Dresses

What’s to Love: Highly versatile, you can wear it to relax, lounge around, as part of a stylish outfit, or just to sleep. These tshirt dresses are  extremely flattering and work well with any body type.

Pros: Extremely flattering, as I mentioned before but it seems like a really important point to get across. You can dress it up or keep it as is depending on how you’re feeling. The dress is not see through!

Cons: Some people found that this dress was a little bit on the shorter side, which can be a problem if you’re a taller woman. The material, to a few reviewers, found that the material was clingy and thin – and because of this it wasn’t very flattering on them.

#28: Ermonn Women Floral Empire Waist Tshirt Dresses Casual Shift Stripe Dress

What’s to Love: This is a long sleeved t-shirt dress that has a little bit of a turtleneck. It has a flattering loose fit which helps prevent the dress from riding up or clinging to you.

Pros: The tshirt dresses are incredibly cute. It is the perfect casual Aline dress you can find at affordable pricing. It’s incredibly versatile so you can wear it to work, a party, or just to go out shopping.

Cons: The sizing is a little weird, so some people found that they needed to order a size up in order to get a regular fit on them. This dress, because it’s Aline, will probably be a little short for the taller women out there.

#29: OMONSIM Women’s Punk Rock Dress Short Sleeve Print Dress Punk Tshirt Dress

What’s to Love: These tshirt dresses are made for those of you who want to look edgy, unique, and overall cute. They have a cutout right on the front of the dress which makes it look incredibly unique and has safety pins for decoration.

Pros: You have to put the safety pins on yourself, which people found amazing because then you can align them how you want them to be.

Cons: The dress is a little on the short side, and you probably should go up one size than what you would normally wear. These tshirt dresses are more to just wear when you’re hanging out with friends or just going to the mall, not so much for work or to a classy party.

I hope you’re just as sold on tshirt dresses as I am, because these are so amazing options to consider. I highly recommend that you take a look at any of these dresses and just consider how comfortable your work, social and  everyday life would be while you rocked one of these stylish tee shirt dresses.

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