SNEAK PEAK: 5 Best Portable Kitchen Island With Seating Revealed

If you are planning to buy a kitchen island, then read this review of the 5 best portable kitchen island with seating to buy. On this page, you are going to find 5 of the best kitchen islands suitable for your needs and where to buy that kitchen island at a bargain with free shipping.

Why You Need To Buy a Portable Kitchen Island.

Built it kitchen islands are good, but they work best for large open kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, you will find that you are always constrained of work surfaces and storage space. Sometimes, even for large kitchens, it is possible to face a shortage of work surface. In such situations, a portable kitchen island will come to your rescue by giving you both (extra storage space and work surfaces).

The second reason why you may need to buy a portable kitchen island is because, for already built kitchen, installing a built in kitchen island will mean a full renovation of the kitchen, which may consume a lot of money and eat up even more space. Therefore, a portable kitchen island will be the best option.

Top 5 Best Portable Kitchen Islands to Buy

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These have been rated based of the criteria for choosing the best portable kitchen island for your kitchen. These criteria are given in the kitchen island buying guide at the bottom of this review. So let’s start with our # 1 best kitchen island.

# 1: Home Styles 5002-948 Kitchen Island with Seating Stools

portable kitchen island with seating

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This beautifully designed and nice looking kitchen island takes our number one spot because it provides almost everything to satisfy your storage needs and work space. If you want a portable kitchen island with the right dimensions, which accommodates most kitchens, then the Home Styles 5002-948 Kitchen Island is what we recommend for you. It will be your best purchase. This kitchen island measures 49-3/4-inch width, by 26-1/2-inch depth, by 36-1/2-inch height.

It also has the right surface finish to make it look attractive in your kitchen, while withstanding wear from normal use. This is because the Home Styles 5002-948 kitchen island table is constructed of engineered and solid Asian hardwoods with a rich multi-step finish and an oak top for an aged look. All the finishing on this kitchen island is hand applied. You can chose between “White and Distressed Oak finish”, “Black and Distressed Oak finish” or “Distressed Oak finish”.

When it comes to storage space, you will have unlimited storage options with this kitchen island. It features adjustable shelving on both ends of the island as well as two utility drawers and two cabinets, each with two adjustable shelves. This will yield lots of storage space in your kitchen. Another advantage is that the shelving on the sides are open, without doors that might interfere with foot traffic and also makes for easy access to utensils. This makes the Home Styles 5002-948 kitchen island with seating an ideal purchase for smaller kitchens. If you want to hide the clutter and protect some items from dust, then you can use the drawers and 2 cabinets which have closing doors.

Another great feature that should make this kitchen island your number one choice is the fact that it includes drop leaves which provide versatility in your kitchen. Drop-leaf refers to a table top that has ends which can be folded down and pulled up when needed to provide dining/serving space. Therefore, this kitchen island will not only provides added kitchen work surface and storage, but with its 11-1/2-inch breakfast bar extended, it will also provide a convenient place to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

This kitchen island also comes with seating, making it the best kitchen island with seating that you can find. It comes with two matching bar stools included on your purchase. You don’t have to buy them separately. The stools are also beautifully designed to complement the look of the kitchen island.

Installation of this island in your kitchen is also easy. You may need an extra pair of hands to assist you during the assembly. That being said, all the tools needed to assemble the island are supplied with the screws that come with it. It also comes with detailed assembly instructions which are very easy to follow. Just follow the instructions in order and will have the kitchen island ready to use in a matter of minutes.

Where to buy this kitchen island

To get free shipping for this island, and your purchase to be protected by the # 1 trusted online retailer, then we recommend that you buy this kitchen island from Amazon. This kitchen island ships from and sold by Amazon.

# 2: Home Styles Grand Torino Kitchen Island with Seating of 2 Stools

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It is no surprise that another Home styles island takes the second spot. When it comes RTA (ready to assemble) furniture perfectly suited to today’s lifestyles, Home Styles is the leading manufacturer. In this Grand Torino Kitchen Island with seating of 2 stools, they have blended attractive design with modern functionality that will take your kitchen from regular to royal. The island is of the right size to fit in any kitchen space. Kitchen Island measures 48 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 36 inches high. Its height is 42 inches high.

Constructed from quality hardwood solids, hardwood veneers, and engineered wood in a blended rustic cherry and black finish, this kitchen island will stand up to years of use.

In addition, the accessorized aged antiqued brass finishing on this kitchen island, together with seating of two ladder back bar stools, will add style and flair. This will create a marvelous center-piece for your kitchen. The two ladder back bar stools are constructed of hardwood solids that are warmed with a blended rustic cherry and black finish. This timeless stool features spindle style legs and a contoured seat. The seats are of the right height and dimensions to give you and your family the comfort you need while enjoying your meals.

When you buy this kitchen island, in addition to acting as a work top, it will also give you ample storage space in your kitchen. This is because, the island features two pull-through storage drawers to hide any clutter, two cabinet doors on each side to protect your items from dust, three fixed open shelves that are easy to reach, wine rack on each side, and towel rack. The versatile pull-out side counter has a matching blended finished top that extends the width to 72-inches.

We only wish this island came fully installed, which is not the case. You will need to assemble it buy yourself when it arrives at your place. However, the assembly is not too difficult and instructions are provided. It’s just a very heavy solid piece of furniture packed amazingly well. You may need some extra pairs of helping hands during the assembly but you’ll love it!

In conclusion, if you are shopping for a convenient, durable and stylish portable kitchen island with seating, you’ll appreciate the value of the Home Styles Grand Torino Kitchen Island and 2 Stools. [easyazon_link identifier=”B00B2Z4JCC” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”designsauthority-20″ cart=”n” cloak=”n” popups=”n”]Click here to buy this kitchen island and Get Free shipping.[/easyazon_link]

# 3: Coaster Large Scale Kitchen Island in a Buttermilk and Cherry Finish

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Some readers have pressed us for reasons why we did not make this favorite piece of furniture the # 1 best. Seriously, we have struggled to come up with the right answer. We tried to argue against its large scale size compared to the above (#1 and # 2), but this is exactly what some people were looking for; a beautiful large scale kitchen island. They say with this purchase, they couldn’t be happier. So devoid of the right response, we have just adamantly decided to leave it in #3 position (Apologies guys).

With all the politics aside, we believe that your investment in this kitchen island will be well worth it. The island is beautiful. We are talking of “super beautiful” that it will not fail to make a positive impact in your kitchen. This large scale kitchen island in a buttermilk and cherry finishing will give a custom feel to your kitchen.

If you are in need of large storage space, this is exactly for you. You will have lots of extra storage. The island features plenty of storage cabinets and drawers, spice racks on both sides of the island and wine storage. All sides of the island are evenly finished, with doors on both sides. The cabinets are evenly lined.

The island also has extendable leaves, which will give you more working space. The top and the leaves are natural wood, nicely stained and they look good. They are the most distinctive part of the island.

The kitchen island comes un-assembled so you won’t have any problem bringing it through the door. Once on site, the assembly is easy. It is just a matter of following the instructions provided.

For seating, this kitchen island will give you options of up to 8 seating. A seating of 4 is better when it comes to elbow rooms. In case of a long kitchen that do not allow easy movements, you can use only 2 stools – one at each end so that they are out of the way with the leaves open. You could opt for the padded stools 12′ x 18″ because they fit perfectly under the ends. However, if the room space allows, you can fit up to 8 stools around this kitchen island.

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# 4: Crosley Furniture Butcher Block Top Kitchen Island

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Sometimes when you are buying a kitchen island, you are looking for more than storage space. You want a kitchen island that you can primarily use for food preparation. In this case, you need an island that’s topped with a strong and thick butcher block to provide the best cutting surface. If you are on the lookout for this type of kitchen island, we have the best pick for you – the Crosley furniture butcher block top kitchen island.
In this Crosley kitchen island, you get “two or three in one” – storage space, a heavy-duty work space and for some, a dining surface. It features Solid Hardwood and Wood Veneer Construction, plus a wooden butcher block top which will your kitchen the look and feel of a dining table but will also provide a sturdy work surface.
This kitchen island is designed for longevity thanks to the solid hardwood and wood veneers used in its construction. So you can be sure that it will dress up your kitchen for many years. Based on your style preferences, you will be able to choose between black finish, or cherry finish or white.
For storage, there are fully functional doors and drawers on both sides of the cabinet to provide beauty and convenience. Behind the doors, you will find adjustable shelves and an abundance of storage space for objects you’d prefer to keep hidden. Deep push-through drawers are great for holding essential items, such as utensils or storage containers.
Just like all our best picks here, the assembly of this piece of furniture will be easy for you because all the directions provided are very good. You also get all the tools you need (all the screws, nuts, bolts etc.), packaged neatly in a plastic shrink. Plus all the drawers and components are marked for easy identification during assembly.
In conclusion, if you want style, function, and quality, this kitchen island will be a wise addition to your home.

# 5: Large Scale Kitchen Island in Black and Cherry Finish

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With a rating of 4.5 out of a maximum five, this portable kitchen island is our # 4. It comes from Coaster, a company, which like Home styles is renowned for their high quality and durable kitchen furniture. With this in your kitchen, you will start getting nice comments whenever people come over.

This kitchen island has most of the features you will find in island number 3 above. These features will definitely add a touch of class and style to your kitchen. The notable features of this portable kitchen island are the extendable work surface in form of drop leaf, plenty of storage cabinets and drawers, spice rack and wine storage. These will give you lots of storage and work top space that your kitchen may lack now. The picture above shows only one side of the island, with open shelves/ cabinets. But the other side (which is not shown) has closable cabinets up to 16″ deep. The other is wine storage with hanging wine glass storage. There is a shelf in the cabinet which is great for extra dishes and pans.

The island also has matching cherry finish stools. However, these are available separately. You will need to opt of the “counter” chairs or stools. You will be able to fix up to 4 chairs or stools, though some have managed up to six stools.

With dimensions of 42 x 66 x 36 inches, the island is moderately sized to feet in most kitchen layouts. The kitchen island will come un-assembled, thus easy to pass through any door. Once inside, the assembly is easy as eating pie.

Kitchen Island Buying Guide: 5 Things to consider when buying a Portable kitchen island

When you are in the market for a portable kitchen island, it is possible to get carried away by the fancy and stylish design and overlook the features most required in your kitchen. For this reason, we would like to share with you the 5 most important things you should look for in a kitchen island. It is not a must that your island of choice should have all the five in this kitchen island buying guide. You need just a few that correspond with your needs.

    1. Size/dimensions of the kitchen island: It is important that the dimensions will work with the size of your kitchen. Most islands will have standard heights ranging from 36 inches to 42 inches tall and about 20 inches deep (from front to back). However, they will come in varying lengths and widths to accommodate different kitchen sizes. A large scale kitchen island, when placed in a small sized kitchen may leave little room for you to walk around. Likewise, if the island comes with cabinets with doors that need to open, then your kitchen must have enough room around to pull them open. Ideally, there should be at least one to two feet of space around the drawer or cabinet. If that is not possible, then you should opt for and island which is narrower with open shelving.
    1. Pick the right surface: do you need a kitchen island only for storage or for a work top? Do you envision using the island as a dining table? You should answer these before you fork out the money. If you intend to use the island primarily for food preparation, then chose and island that provides the best cutting surface that is easy to clean and will withstand wear. Find one with a strong and thick butcher top. Sleek stainless steel tops provide for a heavy-duty workspace,is heat-resistant and more durable than a wood top, but it will not act as a cutting surface. If you have a smaller kitchen and want an island that will do double-duty as a dining surface and sturdy work surface, a varnished wood top will give exactly that (A look and feel of a dining table but also a sturdy work surface).
    1. Consider drop-leaf tops: These are ends on the kitchen island table which can be folded down and pulled up when needed. They provide versatility in the kitchen, especially smaller kitchens where by you can keep the leaves down during the everyday and pull them up for an expanded tabletop when you need more surface area for entertaining.
    1. Consider seating: A Portable kitchen island with seating also provides versatility in the kitchen. It means you can use it for a dining table, meetings or entertaining. When choosing the island based on seating, consider the number of chairs / stools you can fix on the island. The number of seating will range from a maximum of 2 to 4 to 6 and some can squeeze up to 8 chairs. You should also base your seating decision on the size of your kitchen and the space it can allow. Also, some islands come with seating stools as part of the purchase while for other islands, you will need to buy the stools/chairs separately. Make sure this is clear at the time of purchase.
  1. Storage options: Some portable kitchen islands with seating have open shelves which provide easy access to pots and pans stored on them from all sides. Because they have no doors, there will be no interfere with foot traffic, making them ideal for smaller kitchens. However, open shelves can look cluttered in the kitchen and collect dust. On the other hand, islands with closing drawers and cabinets with doors are great for hiding clutter. However, such islands need to be positioned with enough room for doors to open without trouble.

Well, there you have everything you need to find the right portable kitchen island with seating for your kitchen. We hope you have enjoyed this review and you will come back to check out more reviews of other products you may be interested in buying.
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