Nail Stamps – My Best For Stamping Nail Art

When I first published our famous 8 steps nail stamping tutorial, a lot of people wrote in asking me to tell them about my best of the best nail stamps and nail stamping kits. That is what has led to this short and precise review of the best nail stamps and nail stamping systems.

Nail stamping equipment reviews: Best places to buy them

Now you know how to do stamping like a professional. However, you may still have questions regarding the nail stamping equipment, where to buy, what to look for when buying and what you should actually use. Though I strongly believe that I littered the stamping tutorial above with enough golden nuggets to help you successfully chose and use the best supplies which will not frustrate your stamping efforts, I have decided to dedicate a special post to answer those questions that may still be in your head. So I want to provide a detailed review of the stamping equipment that I have used or come across. If I haven’t covered your preferred tool, please bear with me because I only want to give honest reviews here. Some of the tools reviewed here I have not used, but I have done extensive research for this post. So it will pay off if you read it too. You have read this far, so please read on.

Best Nail stamps.

1. Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper.

This is the stamper you should start with, more especially if you are just starting your stamping adventures. Even though I consider myself good at stamping and I have used several stampers, I occasionally find myself picking up and using the Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper. The reason for this is because of its pros that out way the cons, especially for beginners.Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper

Pros of Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper:

  1. The most important pro of this stamper is that it picks up the images from stamping plates a lot better and easily. Isn’t this the most important thing to master in stamping? So this stamper makes it easier for you.
  2. The Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper also makes the designs look the best. Unlike the XL stamper, Konad Double Sided Stamper evenly picks up the polish with no gaps. This saves you lot of time trying to correct errors of filling up the gaps.

Cons of Konad Nail Art Double Ended Stamper And Scraper

This stamper can be tricky when it comes to the application process because it is very firm, thus does not press enough. This is problematic to people who have curvatures in their nails, yet want to use full nail stamp. For such people you will need to roll the stamper over your nail, one side to the other, and because the stamp does not press enough, you may trouble getting the image on the outer edges of the tip of your nail. For such people, I recommend trying the XL-Stamper which I have also reviewed below.

However, if your nails have no disturbing curvatures, I highly recommend the Konad Double Sided Stamper. In addition to this, this nail stamper can be used on nails that have been cut down significantly. Because nails that are trimmed down a bit more while also less of a curvature, you will find that you can get a more even and clearer transfer when you are stamping your nail. The downside to this is that usually if someone is getting ready to prep up their nails,  they won’t necessarily want to trim them down beforehand.

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2. XL- Stamper Review

They say “The first cut is the deepest” and my review above for the Konad double sided stamper is mainly because it was my “first cut” into stamping. I had lots of adventure with it and so I fell in love with it, just as I believe you will. However, my nails are a bit long and have some curvatures, so I was finding it had to perfectly line my images on the nails. Even when I tried small full nail images (which only just fit on your nails), the image would end up shifted to one side of the nail. This changed when I discovered the XL stamper, more especially the Squishy XL stamper. When you first get your XL-Stamper delivered, make sure you file it to roughen the surface. It is so smooth and shiny such that it won’t pick the images up if you don’t first file it. However, you have to be careful not to over-file it because if you do, you may end up with small cracks or lines in the images you stamp. Just file it using a light file. Overall, with this size nail stamper, it does take just a bit of practice for you to get the perfect look. However, once you have nailed it down (pun intended) you will find out like many other users that this is one of the best nail stampers to try out.

nail stamps - XL stamper

Pros of XL-stamper

I have found the Squishy XL stamper to be best for me because it just contours around my nails, thus incredibly easy to cover the entire nail. With this stamper, just lining up the design and squishing your nail right onto the stamp is enough, regardless of whether nail is long or contoured. More so, even if the design doesn’t require a particular orientation you can even just squish it directly onto your nail without rolling.

The Xl- stamper is ideally good for smaller designs such as Konad plate full images and gals plates. By just lining up the image at the top of your nail and then squish it on, the image will transfer perfectly.

Cons of the XL-stamper.

  1. The biggest problem I have discovered with these nail stamps /stamper is that it leaves hollow bits in the image, which makes the image not look as good as when you use the Konad stamper which seems to pick up the image perfectly. Depending on which image you are using, you can paint over it with a polish to bring out the colors a bit, but then again that will go against the whole point of stamping your nail to begin with.
  2. There are times when these nail stamps/stamper just won’t pick up the designs at all; especially when the designs aren’t etched deep enough into the plate (I have had this issue with most of the images on XL-A, XL-B and XL-D plates). This can be frustrating especially since this is the whole purpose of the nail stamper as well.

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3. Where you can buy other nail stamping equipment.

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  3. Salon Express nail art stamping kit : Order/Read All the Good and Bad Reviews Heresalon Express

4. Stamping Image Plates:

  1. Bundle Monster plates :Click Here To Buy and Read Reviw
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  4. Big SDP stamping plates:Click Here To Buy and Read Reviews
  5. Cheeky Jumbo Plates (2013 collection):Click Here To Buy and Read Reviews
  6. Viva Mexico stamping Plates:Click Here To Buy and Read Reviewsstamping

Final Thoughts on The Best Nail Stamper

Well as I promised, this was meant to be just a short review for my best nail stamps and other stamping equipment/ nail stamping systems. I hope you find it helpful in your stamping efforts.
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I hope that this review has helped you narrow down your options as far as the different nail stamper options that are on the market go. Overall it seems that one thing is for sure, when you are shopping for a good nail stamper, the one size fits all model certainly does not apply to a product like this. You have to consider specifically the type of design you are aiming for, the type of nails you have – for example whether there is a large curvature or not, and the type of size you need. 
I hope this review has helped you narrow down your options a bit so that you can make the best one for your needs.