Guide to Best Nail Polishes And Designs

best nail polishesWith your necklace or scarf, you need to closely remember that your nail polishes are also an essential key accessory. Whether you want your nails to get done at a salon or you just want to make use of a drugstore nail polish, the secret is on choosing the best nail polish. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of having a fresh and perfectly looking nail.
Since women are living in the age of social gratification, they firmly believe in the perfect nail polish. For beginners, they need to understand that the nail color choice is important.
Your choice of nail polish colors should reflect your personality and your taste. It should also fall in the right season and should speak more about your own self. It must also offer the best value on your nails. You may also like the idea of drying your nail polish at the soonest possible time. Your nail polish should also be chip-resistant.
Try out one of the best nail polishes out there and weed out the not-so great nail polishes. When you have many nail polish bottle, we recommend that you get a good nail polish organizer to keep your cuties organized.

Best Brands for Nail Polishes

Just as the nails are an essential part of the body, you may be one of those females who want to beautify your nails. With sharp and long nails, you would not like the idea of compromising their beauty. Enhance their beauty further with the best brands for nail polishes this 2o15.

  • OPI – This nail polish brand is sourced out from Australia. This is introduced in many different shades and the good thing about this is that it is harmless. You may use it anytime you want.
  • Yves Saint Laurent La Laque -Another perfect brand for you to consider, this is offered in various colors for you to choose from. You may want a light or bright nail polish color. This will definitely let you enjoy it the most.
  • Essie – This is another recognized brand for a nail polish. You would enjoy a lot of shades and nail lacquers. Even those beautiful and appealing girls would love this quality nail paint. Never miss out this chance of enjoying this collection that sounds good to be true.
  • Super Glow – This is another sizzling nail paint that comes in descent colors. You will enjoy its magical touch on your nails. Enjoy visualizing its magical appearance on your nails.
  • Revlon – This is a famous brand from a famous company. This promises its quality nail polish at such a competitive and affordable price.
  • Loreal Paris – This is a recognized nail polish brand. The best thing about this quality nail paint is that it comes in its various styles and shades. You would enhance your nail with the use of these nail colors. Feel free to add this up on your nail polish collection for your personality.

Designs for Nail Polishes

Express your feelings and moods with the various designs for nail polishes. Below is the list of designs for nail polishes:
White Crackle Nail Polish-Another artwork that can still be enhanced with your own creativity.
Polka Dots Nail Design– This is a retro-style white polka dot that simply impresses you the most. This can be applied on a black color base.
Shattering Nail Type of Polish– This does its wonder on your nails because of the pink shattered wall pattern. This will surely be a cool and refreshing nail design for you to consider.
Christmas Nails– The Christmas season is fast approaching and you will surely be delighted with this snowy, Christmas-filled design that lets your hands join the Christmas season.
Zebra Printed Design on Nails- Do you love the idea of showing love of the wild? Add this nail polish design with zebra print.
Strawberry nail art – These are very cute. All you will need are nail polish color combinations that make up the strawberry fruit ( green, yellow, white and red nail polishes). See our tutorial on how to make strawberry nail art.

Nail Polish Art Helps Enhance your Nails

Nail polish art is truly after enhancing your nails. Get the best from any of the nail polish art selections leaving you amazed. Include all of the nail polish art choices below:

  • Tickled blue and pink-This entirely gets everyone gushing and blushing over your nails.
  • Au Naturel helps give you a natural look on your nails.
  • Crazy Cat Lady– This will leave them crazy over your nails featuring cats.
  • 3-dimensional Spring Fling– The spring season will bloom sweeter and better through this art design.
  • Watermelon Wishes– This is another cool nail art design that leaves your nail cooler and better. You would love this making your nails sultry, sexy and seductive.
  • Hello Kitty Love– Get this nail art design and enjoy the Hello Kitty craze.

Bright Polishes This Summer Season

The summer season is filled with vacations and festivals, including pool parties. You would want to grab the bright polishes and feel the colors. You are in a great luck after adding up some of these bright polishes.

  • Milky Lemon-Another fascinating nail polish this summer season. You would love to consider this on your collection
  • Hot Mandarin– Fall in love with this summer polish that adds up vibrancy on your nails.
  • Maya Blue– This is light blue in color and is available just for your satisfaction.
  • Bright Fuschia– This nail lacquer is hotter as it comes in its pink color.

Nail Stamping Tutorial
Do you have any idea that nail stamping is extremely fun and amazing? There are image plates that you can choose from. You would also find them at their excellent prices.
You just need to prepare for a scraper, stamper and image plate. Include the starter kits and the basics for around twenty dollars. Purchase all other accessories and tools for the best results, so far. You will surely create the best looks and the best thing is that it can be done fast.

Steps for you to follow for Stamping:


  1. Start with the base color.
  2. Paint a layer of it across the pattern.
  3. Pull the scraper firmly in order that a single polish is left. This single polish is now called as the pattern
  4. Press your stamper in such a rolling motion throughout the plate. This way, it will pick up the polish.
  5. Line up the edge of the pattern including your nail.
  6. Press the design right through your nail from the left position to the right position.
  7. Clean up the cuticles and then finish them up with a top coat.
  8. Wait until it dries up completely. See it at its best.

Marbling- Nail Art Water Marble
This is a surely fun technique especially for the brides and women out there. Maybe, you have tried out water marbling. Good thing, there are marbling tutorials and videos out there that let you get the best result from it.
There is first a need to get all supplies before getting started. Choose for 2 nail polish colors, orange stick and toothpicks, tweezers, Vaseline, scissors, brush and pointy and metal accessory.
In water marbling, dripping the drops of polish onto the water surface is essential. Draw a particular design in the polish and dip your nail into the best design. It will stick to it and will leave you amazed with the result.
You can get all the nail polishes from Amazon as shown below.Just search for the polish you want.

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