Best Nail Polish? -This is It {END OF DEBATE}

I consider myself a cool person who is in control of her temper. But sometimes I lose it over the “never ending” debate on which is the best nail polish? If this debate about the best nail paint is bothering you too, I have decided to write this post so that we can put it to rest.

best nail polish

What you need to know!

Nail colors and nail polish is a personal choice. We cannot conclusively crown one brand or type as the best nail polish for all nail art generally. Come to think about it, nail art is not like a game where we get to choose the best player. It is not like “the Game of Thrones” where you get to pick your favorite actor. Honestly, nail design is an art. we have different designs and each design or art will have the best nail paint suited for that particular art. There are many nail polishes. For example, matte nail polish, gel nail polish, OPI nail polish, Zoya nail polish, Shellac nail polish, holographic nail polish and many more. We also have the color changing nail polish (Mood changing nail polish). So which is the best?

Before you close the page thinking I am just ranting, let me assure you that in a few seconds, I am going to tell you what I consider the best nail polish based on my years of experience in manicure. But the best will be categorized based on the intended outcome – What you want to achieve and what is the nature of your nails, skin tone etc. And above all, what makes you happy. So without further ado, here are my best selections.

1. Best nail polish for short nails.

best nail polish for short nails
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You can have short nails for a variety of reasons, such as out of habit and out of necessity (e.g. if you are a violinist; if your nails are naturally rubbery and they tend to bend a lot in bad directions when they grow long etc.). However, having short nails does not mean you cannot have great looking manicure. There are lots of designs to make our short nails look nice and absolutely fantastic. Perhaps even look longer if you want that. You just have to select the perfect polish to achieve the look.

I find that bright, bold polish colors such as classic red by Essie gives short nails a chic, modern and classic look. It is very long lasting and does not take forever to dry. I have never gone wrong with it. Click here to check it out on Amazon

You will also get great looks with subtle Nude Beige Polish shades. My personal favorite in this regard has always been OPI. 

Of recent, Kleancolor nude Beige collection has been making headlines. So I tried it out. The colors look absolutely stunning on short and long nails as well. But they do not last for long. They tend to chip easily. However, if you don’t mind looking stunning for a few days, then you can try Kleancolor. Click here to buy Kleancolor Nail Polish Natural Nude Beige Colors Lot of 6! Lacquer Collection + Free Earring Gift.

For the risk takers, you can create enviable nail art on short nails using dark nail polishes.

In conclusion. It all comes down to personal preference and what makes you happy. You may try many polishes, many brands until you find the perfect fit that resonates well with you.

2. Best nail polish for nail stamping.

Here is my famous 8 steps tutorial on nail stamping. If you are new to nail stamping, I recommend you try it out. Start by reading my tutorial and watching the videos. It will show you a wonderful technique to create perfect, gorgeous and professional nail designs (beyond your wildest dreams) at a fraction of the time and money. Though I cover everything in that tutorial, let me extract the part on the best nail polish for stamping.

Unlike other nail art techniques, where by you can use any nail paint you want, nail stamping has its own special stamping polish. These polishes are specifically formulated for stamping. They dry slower, they are broader in colors and unlike with ordinary polishes, you can easily remove a mistake made with stamping polish. Though you can use any polish for stamping, at the end of the day, the special ones will give the best results. So always have real stamping polish around.

With many stamping Polishes such as the Konad special nail polish, M polish, Mundo de Unas, Rica, etc, the peoples’ favorite has turned out to be Konad. It is my absolute best nail polish for stamping. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

3. Best nail polish for fair skin tone

It is true – certain shades look best only when worn on certain skin tones. But for fair skin tones, I find that many shades tend to work. If you are fair skinned, you can blindly pick a shade from light to bold and chances are high that it will still look great on you. The only polish colors to avoid if you are fair skinned are the metallic greens, golds and yellows. These tend to wash out your skin tone.

So for a fair skin tone, nude polishes especially sheer pinkish nude will work fine. Other great nail colors for fair skin are: Red (Classic red), Pink (sheer pinks or super bright fuchsias with cool undertones), Purple. Navy blue also goes very well with fair skins. Actually navy blue is universal as it tends to match with most skin tones.

With the best nail polish colors aside, my best nail polishes for fair skin tone have been Zoya, OPI pirates of the Caribbean, and Essie Braziliant. It is long lasting, chip-resistant and dries OK.

4. Best nail polish for dark skin tone.

best nail polish for dark skin
The best nail polish for dark skin tones have always been those with high impact colors for example the brightest cobalt shades of blue, deep reds, cream and beige nude nail polishes, pinks (neons and bright fuchsias) and purples. Stay away from the light pinks.
My best nail polish for dark skin has always been OPI’s “Blue by mind”  and China Glaze Merry Berry Red Polish.

5. Best nail polish for weak nails.

If you have soft, weak, peeling and splitting nails which are too fragile for the buffing needed for most manicures, here is good news for you. You too can be able to apply a manicure that will not chip in a day. You will be able to paint your nails and look stunning.

The best nail polish for weak nails is definitely Opi Axxium  It is way superior than any other system. The polish is hard, durable, shiny and perfect after several days of application. Another good polish for fragile nails is CND Shellac nail polish  together with CND shellac Top and Base . It is capable of keeping your weak nails chip free for a good number of days.

However, if you fall in the category of excessively problem nails, to you, I recommend Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2. This is basically a mix of hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium. The protein formulas bond the nail layers together building a strong nail foundation to give you strong but flexible nails that resist peeling, chipping and splitting.

Nail protein for weak nails

Try it and you will be thrilled with how nicely your nails turn from soft, bendy, flaky and snagging to not bendy, not wimpy, not flaking, not soft and not snagging. Click here to buy Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 on Amazon. I also recommend that you read this post How to Strengthen Nails [9 CHEAP and QUICK Remedies To Make Nails Stronger]

Well, this concludes my long post on the debate of “best nail polish”. I hope it has been helpful and it will help you chose your best preference based on what you want to achieve and what makes you happy. Just remember, when you accumulate many nail polishes, you will need to keep them organized. Here is my recommended nail polish rack to keep your cuties organized.

Also read our writeup on the 16 nail polish colors and what they reveal about your personality

Which is your best nail polish? Please leave your comment below if you have something even better than what I recommend above.

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