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Are you looking to buy one of the best microwave carts suitable for your room or kitchen? If so, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared this ultimate microwave stand buying guide to help you choose the best microwave stand so that you have the ultimate portable kitchen. Not only will we help you make the best choice, but we have got some great tips to keep in mind before you start shopping around.
Our Top 3 Best Microwave carts

What is a Microwave Stand?

Ever since its introduction to the kitchen, microwave cooking has helped simplify the lives of many. While microwave cooking clearly has its benefits, finding the right place to put one can be a bit tricky.  That’s where a microwave stand comes in. Essentially, a microwave stand is a separate counter that is unattached to your kitchen that houses your microwave. Tables to hold microwaves come in different forms. Some are stationary while others can be rolled away. Not only can these stands house your microwave, but they can oftentimes offer additional storage space too. Some unique microwave stands come with shelving and cabinets that are invaluable in a smaller-sized kitchen. Overall, a microwave kitchen stand can be a great addition to housing your microwave.

How a Microwave Stand Fits in Your Kitchen

Microwave stands effectively help you in optimizing the space of your kitchen countertops. It is a functional and mobile option and one of the most popularly used items in the kitchen. Lastly, due to the ample space they provide, microwave oven carts are also widely known by these names: kitchen cart, microwave stand, microwave table, small microwave table stand, shelf, or cabinet. Do not be confused if you hear them referred to as such.

Why You Need One

Microwave stands not only make it easier to access your microwave, but they also help you in terms of offering additional storage space. Many kitchen microwaves stand with drawers, cabinets, and shelves allowing you to store additional kitchen necessities in them. And for those of you who might be a little hesitant about adding a microwave stand with storage into your kitchen, don’t jump ship just yet. You can find the perfect microwave stand with storage to add to your kitchen because they are available in a wide range of finishes to meet and fit your requirements. Above all, having a kitchen microwave on a portable kitchen counter space is simple and makes it easier to use, so it is definitely one of the most convenient items to have in your kitchen space.

What You Will Discover Here

If you are looking to splurge on a new microwave rack, we have got a couple of guidelines that will help you. In the following section, you will get better insight into the utility of a microwave cart stand, its features, and the different types that you can choose from. Additionally, we have also mustered up some buying tips and reviews to help you choose the best microwave carts.
The last section on this page contains our review of the 5 best microwave carts available on the market today. But if you are in a hurry, here is our # 1 and 2 Best microwave carts. For the other 3, read the sections below.

Our #1 & #2 picks for the best microwave cart/microwave stand

#1: Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart review

Whitmor Supreme Microwave Cart with Locking Wheels - Chrome with Food Safe Cutting Board 16 x 22.5 x 34 inches
  • KITCHEN COLLECTION: Perfect small space solution for those with minimal kitchen storage space
  • STORAGE SOLUTIONS: Whitmor’s Microwave Cart is a perfect small space solution for apartments & dorms
  • SPACE SAVING: Whitmor’s perfect small space solution for those with minimal kitchen storage space
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Whitmor's Microwave Cart can also be used for cookware, tableware&kitchen accessories
  • CONSTRUCTION:Heavy duty, steel frame and shelves with chrome finish. Commercial grade locking wheels

Well featured, useful, and highly efficient. The Supreme microwave cart from Whitmor is your perfect solution for all kitchen needs.

5 Reasons Why You Will Love This Microwave Stand

  1. The microwave cart on wheels cart is crafted from a steel frame with a stylish chrome finish. This not only makes it incredibly stylish but also adds to the stability and durability of the cart.
  2. The unit comes with three shelves, where the height of the bottom shelves can be adjusted. You can also customize the storage space according to your convenience.
  3. The cart also comes with hooks that can be used for hanging kitchen items or your towels.
  4. The top of the cart is made of birch wood, and it is removable in nature.
  5. You can always count on the product considering the fact that it comes with a warranty for ten years. This makes it one of the best chrome and wood microwave stands to purchase right now.

Our Verdict

This product is highly recommended by us and other happy users for its convenience yet incredibly stylish features. The ten-year warranty is another reason why it is a steal deal and bargain for many. If you are in need of additional counter space, then this cart on wheels makes for the perfect addition, especially if you are in need of something that will compliment a portable kitchen.

#2: Catskill Craftsmen Deluxe Microwave Cart

Catskill Craftsmen Deluxe Microwave Cart
  • Overall Dimensions; 31.125"W x 17"D x 53"H Interior Hutch Dimensions: 27"W x 12.25"d x 18"H
  • Table Top Dimensions: 30"W x 17"D x 34.5" off the grounD Interior Hutch Dimensions: 27"W x 12"D x 18"H
  • Made from Solid Hardwood; Made in the USA; Assembly Required
  • Interior drawer Dimensions: 24"W x 12.25"D x 4"H. Hutch Top Dimensions: 30"W x 17"d x 53" off the ground
  • Adjustable Shelf Positions: 1) 14.75"from bottom 2) 17.25" from bottom

The Catskill Deluxe Microwave Cart is a solid, hardwood microwave cart that makes it easier for you to store items and optimize space on your kitchen top.

4 Reasons Why You Will Love the Catskill Craftsmen Deluxe Microwave Stand

  • The cart comes with a butcher block top along with a well-defined microwave shelf. The interior shelf of the product is also extremely convenient to use as you can adjust it according to your convenience.
  • There are a large number of drawers and cabinets for additional storage. At the same time, there is also a nickel-plated towel bar for added elegance.
  • The stand is movable with locking caster wheels and sturdy drawer glides made of metal. You can keep the microwave on the top of the cart or on the hutch top.
  • The cart is made from environment-friendly domestic wood and is manufactured in the USA.

Our Verdict

This is perhaps the best cart on wheels if you are looking to enhance the overall look of your kitchen. Not only can you elegantly store your kitchen microwave on this cart, but the overall look of this unit makes it one of the best microwave cart stands. In addition to that, the cabinets and drawers make it one of the best storage solutions as well.  If you are looking for a product that you can count on without thinking twice, this is the best microwave cart to choose. Most users are truly satisfied with the structure and functions of this microwave stand.

Why and When to Buy a Microwave Cart Stand?

Right now, you might be wondering why you should exactly splurge in a microwave cart. Well, there are a variety of reasons to do so. These carts are not only handy, but they also save you time. In addition to that, they have the potential to make cooking more fun.
While exploring a variety of best microwave carts, you will find that most of them have been specifically designed to perform like that of a storage unit. You no longer have to rely on your existing counter space to store your small appliances. The unit is spacious and can hold a large number of your kitchen items without appearing cluttered or out of place. Some of the carts also come with a spice rack that can be used to keep all your spices in close proximity.
In addition to that, if you are someone who enjoys a splash of wine or two, then a microwave stand with a stemware rack can be your perfect pick. It will not only hold your wine glasses, but the built-in wine rack will also hold your favorite wine bottles. Some of the other common features that you will find in these racks are towel racking systems and utility hooks for accommodating your utensils, pots, trays, and pans.
A good microwave stand will also come with ample cabinets and shelves to hold every other item you need. This means that you can save your precious counter space. Instead, having side or corner microwave stands will allow you to have additional counter space to keep the things you need close, but put away. You are sure to notice that the intentional shelf storage solutions that microwave carts provide can be super beneficial in helping your kitchen look decluttered and organized. You may even end up discovering how spacious your kitchen looks after the nifty optimization and arrangement of the cart.

Must-Have Features in the Best Microwave Carts

Choosing the right microwave cart takes time, and considering the number of options, you will have, the choice can be even more difficult. So, in order to help you out, we have listed a couple of features that you should always consider while buying a new cart. Be sure not to overlook these features when you are shopping around.


Although they are not really common as shelves in a microwave cart, choosing a cart with a drawer can be highly beneficial. It optimizes space and turns out to be a perfect storage solution. You should typically look for a cart that comes with a single drawer or two drawers placed adjacent to each other. These drawers are extremely useful in storing necessities like microwave-safe bowls and mitts. It is to be noted that if your stand is present along the side of wheels, it is highly recommended to get drawers that can be locked. This will help you to move your cart around safely and easily.

Spacious Shelves

As mentioned earlier, microwave stands with ample storage are a great deal as they help in storing a lot of kitchen utilities. You can always use these shelves for storing your tools, nonperishable foods, and even your cookbooks. When you choose a microwave stand that comes with a foldable top shelf, you will get an additional feature of a breakfast stand. Again, if you want to keep certain items out of sight, or want to store large and unwieldy items, stands with closed shelves can be a great idea. Combination types can also be a good choice in this regard.

Movable Stands

If you are really looking to boost the flexibility of your kitchen, choosing a movable kitchen stand can be a great idea. This stand will not only make cooking convenient, but it will also help in improving the functionality of your kitchen. When you are not in need of your microwave or any small appliances you have stored on your cart, you can simply reposition it as needed. Lastly, these stands are also extremely beneficial in terms of cleaning. You can easily roll away your cart and get to the hard to reach places under it.

Structure and Size

When you are choosing the best microwave cart for your kitchen, you will want to make sure that you choose the structure and size properly. When choosing the structure, you will also want to consider the materials used. There are strong and sturdy carts that offer more dependability and reliability, whereas other carts (typically ones that come with assembly instructions), may not be as durable or sturdy.
You will also need to consider the size when shopping around for the best cart. Obviously, you will want to stay away from microwave carts that are too large in size as they can be counter-intuitive to saving space in your kitchen. Although we would recommend a relatively bigger stand, it is better if you choose the stand which perfectly suits the size of the microwave and the kitchen space.

Style and Shade of the Microwave Stand

This is another highly relevant thing that you should always note while purchasing a microwave stand. The style and the shade of your stand should match the décor of your kitchen space. Otherwise, it will look out of place.  For example. If you want to keep a certain look of your kitchen, then you will want to get a cart that matches that look. black kitchen appliances call for a black microwave cart, whereas stainless steel appliances call for a stainless steel microwave cart. In either case, it would be a better idea to choose a composite stand that will have simple and clean lines. Choosing the right stand will not only make your job easier but it will also transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Types of Microwave Carts/Stands

Microwave stands can be classified into two types, namely- the top surface microwave stands and the cubby microwave stand. In the following section, we will go into detail about both these types.

Top Surface Microwave Stand

This is a type of streamlined kitchen furniture that is extremely useful in holding your microwave while also providing additional storage for your kitchen items. In this specific kind of style, the microwave will rest on the countertop and will have no top or aside. The drawers, shelving units, and other storage spaces are located below. These top surface stands are an excellent way to avoid congestion in your kitchen. The structure is simple and these stands are also quite affordable. The top surface stands are usually made of wood and particleboard. However, at times, they can also be crafted from composite materials and metal. They are also available in a wide range of styles and colors thereby turning out to be suitable for any and every kind of kitchen décor. The stands are easy to use, well defined, and extremely useful. These types of microwave carts are perfect if you are looking to store away mini microwaves or other small appliances. In addition to their simplistic look, these types of microwave carts will require assembly. However, for the most part, assembly instructions are rather easy to follow.

Cubby Microwave Stand

Just like the top surface stands, these stands are also widely known for their availability, flexibility, and convenience. A cubby microwave stand is usually designed in a way that it comes with a three-sided compartment that is spacious enough for accommodating your microwave. When you compare it with the top surface stand, you will realize that this stand is made with more attention to detail and craftsmanship. It also renders more storage. However, while you make your pick, it is always a good idea to check if your cubby stand is large enough for accommodating your microwave.
Just like the top surface stands, these stands also come with a storage space that is right below the microwave. However, now, there are also many models that come with an additional shelving feature at the top. One of the most striking features of these stands is the fact that they are movable. Yes. Although there are fixed stands, you will also find mobile versions of the product that have wheels that can be moved. This makes them one of the best microwave carts and more convenient in terms of optimizing space and being flexible.

Best Microwave Cart With Storage Buying Tips

As we all know, buying the right microwave stand is not an easy job. You need to explore through a wide range of options to finally make your pick of a stand that is not only well featured but also extremely simple and convenient to use. Due to this reason, we have come up with a couple of buying tips. These are tips that will help you to make a better and more informed decision.

Choose a Moveable Stand

Yes. While browsing through a wide range of stands, one of the features that you should always look out for is the mobility of the stand. If your stand comes with wheels and is movable, it will be easier for you to work with it. Cleaning the stand will also be equally easy as you will get to reach those places which are difficult to reach. The best part is that your stand will also optimize space and make working in the kitchen overall easier for you.

Choose a Cart with Cabinets

If you are really looking out to reduce the clutter in your kitchen, it is highly recommended to choose a cart that has adequate cabinets. These cabinets can be your ultimate storage solution as you can store everything from utensils to dry food items in them. The more shelves and drawers, the better it is for your kitchen. So always try to go for these shelved carts, even if they are slightly bigger in size.

Perfectly Fits Your Microwave

This is another feature that should be taken into consideration. If your cart cannot hold the microwave well, then there is absolutely no point in splurging in it. Therefore, you should always choose a product that will spaciously hold your microwave and will be sturdy enough to hold it for long.

Choose the Style and Color

When choosing a good microwave cart, you should always make sure that the style and color of the product complement the décor of your kitchen. Even if it doesn’t sync with the walls, a cart that syncs with the color of the cabinets and the kitchen appliances can also be a great pick.

Things to Consider/Look Into If You Want To Buy The Best Microwave Cart

Besides the buying tips, there are also a couple of additional guidelines that you should always adhere to while buying a microwave stand. These guidelines are discussed in this section.
Size of the stand– The stand’s size should perfectly accommodate your microwave. The space should be adequate. If you plan to upgrade your model anytime soon, then choosing a stand with more space can be a great idea.
Placing the stand– Even before purchasing it, you should have an idea regarding the place where you are going to keep the stand. The measurements of height and width should be made beforehand.
Go for corners and small spaces– If you are looking to optimize your kitchen space, keep the stand in a corner or a smaller space. Most stands will easily fit there. If this sounds like something that would work in your kitchen, then consider shopping for corner microwave stands specifically.
Figuring out a style- Before purchasing the product, you should already have an idea of the different types of microwave stand with storage. At the same time, you should also know which stand will best fit your kitchen.
Quality of the hinges– While purchasing the stand, check the quality of the hinges and make sure they are good. You should also check to see if the drawers slide easily and the shelf door slides open without any glitches. Carts that feature stainless steel wood screws will typically offer the best quality and durability.
Delivery of the stand: Finally, check whether the stand will be delivered to your home, or you will have to physically collect it.
Now that you have all the details in what goes into picking out a great microwave cart and what to look for, it is time to start shopping. Below, we have listed our picks of the best microwave carts to invest in today.

The 5 Best Microwave Carts on The Market Today

Scroll up to take a look at our #1 and # 2 picks!

#3: Sauder Universal Oven Cart

Sauder Universal Oven Cart, Soft White finish
  • Twin doors protect large storage area with an adjustable shelf
  • Large, easy-glide drawer
  • Roomy storage area
  • Soft White finish with Bank Alder accents
  • Rolls easily on sturdy dual-wheel casters

The Sauder Cart for Universal ovens is one of the best microwave carts that you will ever stumble upon. Manufactured in the US, the product is made of solid hardwood. It is therefore solid and durable. The cart is moveable, thereby making it easier for you to handle kitchen space. Likewise, this is one of the best carts to clean because of its mobility. The cart is even more viable as it comes with some additional space behind the shelf doors.
There are a single drawer and two shelves at the bottom of this cart. The drawer can store your seeds, non-perishable food items, and small kitchen tools. The shelves can be used for storing bigger items. It will take you only an hour to complete the installation of the equipment. If you have somebody to help you, then the process will be even faster. The top part of the cart is big enough to hold your microwave and it is probably one of the best ways to optimize space in your kitchen. Users particularly love this cart because of its simplicity, convenience, and hassle-free installation.

#4: Home Source Industries Kevin Oak Microwave Cart

Home Source Industries Kevin Oak Microwave Cart, Light Walnut
  • The single drawer and three shelves provide compact kitchen storage for a wide range of items
  • Dimensions - 24 x 15.7 x 47.2 inches
  • Portable and easy to assemble
  • Attractive light walnut finish microwave cart with enclosed storage
  • Stylish and functional with lower drawer and cabinet

If you are looking for a microwave stand that will meet both the purposes of holding your microwave and being available as an additional cabinet space, then the Home Source Industries Kevin Oak Microwave Cart is a great option to go with. This multipurpose cart is an excellent way to optimize space and rearrange your kitchen. While the bottom cabinet doors come with metal handles that perfectly complement the oak finish, the three shelves along with the drawer act as a compact kitchen storage solution for your home. You can store dry items, kitchen accessories, tools, utensils, baking trays, and plates on these shelves. Crafted with durable laminate wood, this product is also easy to assemble. The reviews regarding the Kevin Microwave cart have mostly been positive. This is mainly due to its durability, sturdiness, and ample convenience in terms of storage solutions.

Our Verdict

This is one of the best microwave carts on the market and we highly recommend it.

#5. Hodedah Microwave Cart Stand

Microwave Cart Stand - White Finish - One Shelf for the Microwave and Another Shelf Above Plus a Drawer and Cabinet Below
  • Dimensions: 42 inches high x 24 inches wide x 16 inches deep
  • Finish options: White
  • Materials: High quality compressed wood
  • Microwave cart includes one drawer to store utensils
  • Set includes all required hardware

If you’re looking to keep your kitchen perfectly organized, then nothing can work better than this Hodedah Microwave Cart Stand. The Hodedah Microwave Cart Stand offers plenty of cool features that are hard to ignore. For starters, the overall look is super simple and really clean. Its minimalistic style allows it to blend in seamlessly in any kitchen. If you have a white kitchen, then this can be a great option to go with. In addition to that, the Hodedah Microwave Cart Stand comes with a hutch and has one shelf in the middle where your microwave will nicely fit. For storing smaller kitchen tools, you will find a top-shelf as well. Finally, storage is ample yet again thanks to the two shelves located on the bottom.
In addition to the storage capabilities, this microwave cart is easy to move around thanks to the four-wheel castors. You can easily move it from one location to another without much stress. However, you will probably not have to move it around too much, to begin with. Wherever you place it in your kitchen, it is sure to stay there as it does not take up too much space. Lastly, you do not have to worry about the integrity of this microwave cart. Thanks to the two-year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that you are protected.

Microwave Cart Installation and Maintenance Tips

Whichever microwave cart you decide to go with, it should be noted that you need to keep installation and maintenance in mind. Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind in order to extend the life of your microwave cart.

  1. While checking and maintaining the product, it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Check and test the nuts and bolts of the stand on a daily basis to ensure that they are fastened.
  3. Get the missing and the worn-out parts replaced by the manufacturer.
  4. Make it a point to clean the stand with a good spray cleaner and a clean cloth.
  5. Prevent staining on the stands by cleaning the spills immediately.

Final Thoughts on Purchasing the Best Microwave Cart.

When it comes to making any type of purchase, having an ample amount of information will allow you to make the best choice. Now that you know what exactly you should be looking for in the best microwave cart, you have everything you need in order to make a sound purchase!

DIY Best Microwave Carts Video: How To Build Your Own Microwave Cart

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