Best Manicure Table REVEALED – A REVIEW of 5 [Nail tables, Nail desk, Nail Station]

According to a Nailsmag survey of nail technicians, salon owners and clients, the first impression of your nail salon business is the most important one. Do you want to keep clients coming back, get cleanliness, organization, & Luxury in your salon? Nothing advertises your salon better than a professional manicure table. A nail table is a must have for every professional nail technician.

On this page, you are going to discover the best manicure table which I recommend.

But you are probably wondering:

That is for a nail salon business, how about me, a DIY at home nail manicurist who just wants to paint my nails at home. Or just a client for a nail salon?


People usually judge you immediately based on your appearance. Getting a great manicure enhances the beauty of your hands and fingernails. With cute nails, you will look the part for that important interview, social function or daily life.


I love having a manicure to get my nails painted. Luckily, I have my own nail manicure table with adjustable lamp. But I hate it when I go to a nail salon and the manicurist does not have a manicurist table. So, they make me to rest my hands on dirty rugs (read towels) and cushions while they work on my nails. If you are a serious manicurist who is interested in keeping your clients coming back, I suggest you get a nail station immediately. On this page, I am sharing with you my 5 best manicure table recommendations. Whether you need one for personal use or a professional nail salon table. If you are a mobile manicurist, I also have you covered with the best mobile manicure table.


Before I bore you with the individual table reviews, why you should trust my recommendations, what a nail table is, why you need one, nail table buying tips and answers to most frequently asked questions. Here is a summary, aka comparison table for the best manicure tables in this guide.

Manicure Table. What is it?

I am often asked what is the best manicure table that I recommend. Usually, when I tell my friends (who are not nail technicians) that I paint my nails on a manicure table, they look at me with surprise and ask “what is a manicure table”? Well, a manicure table, also known as a nail table, nail station, nail desk, nail salon table or manicurist table is just a workstation. On this workstation, a nail technician will provide nail painting or other manicure-related services to her clients.

The table should generally possess ample room for the manicurist to work and for her client to rest comfortably. It should also be either made of a material that is easily cleaned and sanitized between clients and impervious to spills from chemicals. A nail table is not only for professional technicians. With many varieties of nail stations, you can also get one for your home use. On this page, I also share with you my best portable, mobile and folding manicure tables that can be used for home use. It will make your life easier and save you some back pains.

Reasons Why you Need a Manicure Table.

  1. If you are a nail technician, you could be at your nail desk / workstation for hours. If you do not work from the right manicure desk, you will easily become fatigued. This will result into poor performance.
  2. Besides the poor performance, there is a possibility that you end up with back or leg pain as a result of working on a nail station that is not specifically made for this purpose. For the “do-it-yourself” nail artist, it is also a great idea to have your own portable manicure table. This is better than painting your nails on standard living room tables. Such kinds of tables (standard living room tables) or any other flat surface are not designed for this purpose. You will get less than perfect designs and some health issues. So a nail table is also recommended for you.
  3. Non-professional nail technicians will use anything that has a flat surface for their clients to rest their hands. They will also put their needed supplies on top of these surfaces. Thus the reason why customers go home with less than perfect nails. Un-happy with the experience, the next time, the client will look for another salon. One lost client. If you are serious about your nail salon business, you should strive to be professional. A manicure table is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can rely on as a professional manicurist.

Why you Should Trust my Manicure Table Recommendations

If you are seriously in the market for finding new manicure tables, you are right to do your research before making a purchasing decision. You have read and listened to what other people recommend. So you wonder why it is my recommendation you should take seriously? Here is the reason why you should buy my recommended manicure tables for sale.

The marketplace for manicure tables contains thousands of varying nail stations. I have studied other websites to find manicure tables for sale. Their selling platforms are usually disorganized. Many will charge you for shipping. Some are actual frauds and you should stay clear. Given my experience in nail tables and manicure in particular, I know the qualities a great nail station should have and how it should look like. And after trying several sites, I know which is the best place for you to buy manicure tables. As a bonus, some of my recommendations (#1, #2, # 4and #6 -the cheaper option) come with free shipping. That is right. You do not have to pay for shipping on all these eligible nail tables.

And Now for the Actual reviews:


#1: Kayline 401 Portable Mini Nail Table Manicure Table

Why You Will Love This Manicurist Table

Its currently affordable price which includes free shipping, this table is like a dream come true for nail art lovers. If you do your nails at home, you will love this table.

Its size enables it to fit perfectly in any tight space, be it your daughter’s room or salon that needs an extra removable workstation. The included drawer provides needed storage for essential nail art tools in your room or salon.

Also the nail desk comes with a polish holder tray to easily organize your nail polish bottles. I love this. In addition, “nail techs on the go” will also find this table to be the best. Why? Because the table can fold flat on the surface for easy carrying. Besides that, it’s very lightweight, weighing in at less than 20 pounds, thus conveniently portable.

This portable manicure table is very easy to set up and take down.

Do not be fooled by its small size. It is very sturdy and strong. So it can support your weight just in case you find yourself constantly leaning on it.

The workstation is made of High Pressure matte black Laminate which is durable and easy to clean.

Another feature that makes Kayline 401 Portable Mini a great manicure table is the fact that it includes an adjustable lamp which provides great lighting. This makes the nail desk useful for more than just manicuring.

The only Solvable problem you may get with this table is the fact that it rolls easily. However, it does not roll on you while using it. I say solvable because, all you need is to buy 4 rubber stoppers to place under wheels so the nail station doesn’t roll while you work.
In conclusion, this is my number # best manicure table which is portable. I highly recommend it.

#2 LCL Beauty Portable Folding manicure table

LCL Beauty Portable Folding 1-Drawer Manicure Table with Client Wrist Pad and Free Carrying Case
  • Classic white table has acetone-proof formica finish for easy cleanup
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Slide-out Drawer is extra deep to store all your tools or polishes
  • FREE Ballistic Nylon carrying case
  • Table Dimensions:31.25"L x 16"W x 30"H

What are the benefits of owning this nail technician table?

Material: The table top is made of Formica. Formica is durable and acetone-proof. So you will find cleaning up this worktop a breeze.

Price: Of all the manicure tables included on this page, this one is the best value for money. It is probably the cheapest best portable manicure table station for sale. To make it even better, this cheap manicure table includes free shipping. So you will not be charged any extra for shipping.

Portability: The table is lightweight, about 20 lbs and folds up compact, thus easy to transport. It also comes with a very strong free Ballistic Nylon carrying case. This is a good thing for mobile nail techs who would want an extra work station for mobile gigs such as parties or clients’ house.

Stylish finish. Though the table boosts of no extra frills or luxuries it still has a simple, sweet, stylish and classic design. With a Classic white finish and Formica worktop, it is sure to add some sparkle to your salon, mobile work area or home room.
You get extra storage space: LCL Beauty Portable Folding manicure table includes an extra deep slide-out drawer. This drawer can provide that much needed extra storage room for your tools or polishes.

Bonus accessories for comfort: On the LCL Beauty Folding manicure table, there is a deluxe 1.5″ thick padding. The padded arm rest allows extreme comfort for your clients. This is wonderful because your clients don’t get tired arms while you service them.
Warranty: With a 1 year’s warrant, there is no reason why you should not buy this manicure table for sale online.

# 3: Best luxury Manicure Table – Dina Meri M600 Luxury Manicure Nail Table

Benefits of owning this nail desk.

To start with, this is a very professional manicure table. With this manicure station, you will get lots of work and storage space: This is more than just a workstation!

  • With regard to the works space, this workstation provides a sturdy large work surface for you to do your manicuring and for your clients to comfortably enjoy your services.
  • The included padded armrest also allows for that extreme comfort for you or your client’s arms while you manicure their fingernails. Plus, it is sturdy enough to support the weights.
  • In terms of storage, this manicure nail table features a cabinet with Flip N Fold lockable door, 5 assorted trays and 2 exterior side pockets. In these spaces, you can pretty much store all your manicure supplies. The cabinets are lockable for added security.
  • To beautifully organize your nail polish while working, you also get a nail polish rack included with your purchase of this manicurist table. In addition, there is a tip preventing support for additional product storage.
  • Easy to clean, scratch & smear resistant, thanks to the laminated top in textured cherry melamine finish.
  • Stylish table which is sure to look imposing and add that touch of luxury to your nail salon.
  • Ample lighting even if you work at night. Thanks to the included adjustable, swing arm lamp with energy efficient light bulb, you are assured of sufficient lighting while you work. One of the best manicure table with adjustable lamp.
  • Easy to set up: You will find that setting up this table in your salon, living room any available space is easy. This is because the dimensions are just right, where by it fits in a small space.
  • Easy to find replacements for accessories: This professional manicure table is made in the USA by DINA MERI, a leader in salon and SPA equipment manufacturing. It is very easy and cheap to get accessories and replacements for manicure desks made by DINA MERI. Instructions are included on how to do this. In addition, the product is backed by a great customer service.
  • Affordable price for a reasonable quality nail station. Despite the fact that you pay shipping for this table, it is still an affordable quality at low price.

#4: “Tazo” Portable Space Saver Manicure Nail Table

Icarus"Tazo" Portable Black Space Saver Manicure Nail Table
  • Space-saving collapsible table top; locks for security.
  • Stainless steel edges.
  • Removable drawer for table top display.

What Makes Tazo a Great Nail Technician Table for You?

  • To start with, this table is a real space saver. If you have ever been concerned with lack of work space, the small, elegantly designed nail station is what you need. The table is a great find for an individual manicurist or salon owner. With a collapsible table-top, the table is easy to erect (setup) and can collapse without difficulty to allow easy storage in between manicures. This feature allows you to save space.
    Meanwhile, the table-top can lock into place when erect. This is great for security
  • Secondly, with a combination of frosted glass top, high gloss piano finish paint and stainless steel edges, the table is extremely easy to clean. It is also compact and sturdy, which will benefit you, especially if you and your clients developed a habit of leaning on the table while you work.
  • Thirdly, the nail desk provides a removable drawer for table-top display, giving you as much value for your money.

#5 Best Manicure table with Extractor Fan- SABA Manicure table with extractor fan

To fully understand the benefits of owning this nail table, let me first tell you three reasons why an extractor fan is important;

Through the use of a wide variety of nail polishes, acrylics and paints, manicurists and their clients, get potentially exposed to dozens of chemicals. These may include solvents, acrylates and biocides, such as dusts or vapors. These can cause a multitude of health issues.

For this reason, a nail technician table should go beyond a table with space for 2 people to sit around. Alongside comfort and practicality, the nail table should be able to;
• Effectively maintain a clear breathing zone.
• Significantly reduce of prevent the total spread of harmful contaminants to the environment.
• Provide safe storage for manicure material such as acrylics, nail polishes, paints and sprays when they are not in use.

This is where this beautifully designed manicure table with an extractor fan is very useful.It satisfies all the three vital requirements of a manicurist table.

According to, benchvent, an extractor fan on a nail technician table provides downdraft ventilation, a safer alternative to hood extraction techniques utilized in many nail station tables. This is because the harmful odors, fumes and dust resulting from nail services are heavier than air, so they settle down, making a hood extraction less effective. That is why you need a manicure table with extraction fan.

What makes SABA manicure table a great nail station?

  • It makes your salon stand out because of its beautiful design and finish: The clean pearl white paint with glass top will make your nail salon/spa stand out from the rest.
  • Thanks to the extractor, you will massively reduce the risk of you and your clients breathing harmful dust and fumes. This is likely to increases client retention and to save your business from financial penalties imposed for breach of staff and public safety.
  • The manicure station is solidly built to last. It has plenty of room on the table top and ample leg room for both you and your clients.
  • Storage space: In addition to the elegance it will add to your salon, the table also offers you more storage option. There are 2 large drawers for storage, and an arm pad.
  • It comes fully assembled out of the box.

# 6: Best Cheap and Affordable Manicure Table, Nail Technician Desk Workstation.

Yaheetech 37-inch Portable & Foldable Manicure Table Nail Desk Workstation with Large Drawer/Client Wrist Pad/Controllable Wheels/Carrying Case for Spa Beauty Salon White
  • 【Stable Triangle Structure】The leg and the table top are fixed with a stable triangle rule bracket,making sure that you don't need to worry about table shaking during nail spa beauty.
  • 【High Material】this portable manicure table station is constructed of high quality iron, plastic and MDF material, sturdy and durable to use
  • 【Lockable & Professional】4 lockable wheels for easy movement & static; Plastic drawer is perfect for keeping your accessories well organized; A waterproof zippered carry bag for convenient storage & easy transportation.
  • 【Removable & Foldable】this manicure table nail desk is designed with removable & super-comfy wrist cushion and folding metal leg which is designed for space-saving.
  • 【No assembly required】 When you receive it, you can open it directly and use it without assembling, saving you time and avoiding trouble caused by assembling. Spacious tabletop (37 x 17.3’’ tabletop) can keep all your items neat and tidy.

What Makes it a Great Nail Table for You?

  • This cheap portable nail table is an affordable manicure station for nail beauticians. But it does not compromise on important quality and needed product aspects.
  • Very sturdy with strong and durable foldable metal legs to support the table firmly while you work.
  • Includes a wrist cushion to provide comfort to your client’s hands.
  • In addition, it is finished with 2 locking and 2 swivel wheels for easy movement. It can also be, made to be static if needed.
  • An elegant look combined with a portable space-saving design. It can easily fold flat to be easily carried in the included FREE waterproof zippered carry bag.
  • Modern shining surface finish which is easy to clean between manicures.
  • Includes free shipping for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nail technician tables

1. What is the best manicure table?

Labeling one single manicure station as the gold standard of all nail desks is not proper. The reason is; your needs for a nail desk are unique. For example, people arrive at this page after searching for “professional manicure tables”. So such a person is looking for a nail salon table that fulfills the needs for their salon. For that person, the best manicure table I would recommend is Dina Meri M600 or SABA.

Meanwhile, you may be looking for a portable manicure table which is mobile and probably with an adjustable table lamp. The best manicure table for you is either Kayline 401 mini nail table, LCL Beauty Portable Folding nail desk, “Tazo” or Yaheetech Portable would be the best nail desk. Meanwhile, some people want a small manicure table. Small manicure tables are ideal for small rooms or as back up desks for nail salons. In this case,”Tazo” Portable Space Saver manicure nail table is the best option.

That being said, some nail tables have special features that you may be looking for. For example, manicure table with extractor fans, manicure table with vacuum cleaner, nail technician tables with a dirt collection net,a table with adjustable lamp, UV gel manicure tables like this table with UV light, vented nail tables, etc. Some people want tables with glass top. But some of these features may be added individually. For example, you can buy a UV or LED nail lamp individually and use it on your nail desk.

2. What is the common manicure table length?

Manicure tables are usually 36 to 48 inches tall and the common width is usually 16-21 inches wide. Read more about this in the buying guide below, which tells you the 6 factors you should look for in order to buy the right nail station.

3. Should I buy a used manicure table or a brand new one?

There are several places where you can find a used manicure table for sale. Places such as IKEA, eBay and It is always great to buy brand new, but some conditions may dictate that you buy a used manicure table. For example, you may just be starting out and a used option is fine. It is possible to get a good deal on a used luxury nail salon table, which you may otherwise never get on a similar brand new desk. You may also just need a nail desk at home. You are less concerned about the finer details. Then, used is also OK. However, with the cheap manicure table that I have included in #6 above, there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy new.

4. What is the best place to buy nail tables?

Seriously speaking, you can buy nail tables in very many places online and offline. But from my experience, the best place to buy a nail table is AMAZON.

Here is why…

Unlike other online selling platforms, Amazon is the major trusted online store. The reason why it is the leader is because its greatness is built on the principle of “the customer is always right”. Plus, with many cheap nail stations for sale on amazon marketplace, and premium ones as well, your options are limitless.

So here is the situation…

You can buy a manicure table from a random store. If that table has a defect or you are not satisfied with it, it will be a hustle for you to get a refund, a replacement, etc.


With Amazon, things are different. Amazon looks out for you to ensure that you get a satisfactory experience for shopping with them. And for most eligible orders, you get free shipping. That is why I always recommend that you use Amazon for your manicurist table needs.

5. How about a DIY manicure table – Can’t I use that instead?

Sure you can. DIY manicure table is fine when you want a home nail desk or simple options. We are always proud of our DIY projects and we love to show them off to our friends. So I cannot tell you not to use it. It may even be cheaper.

However, if you want to keep clients coming back, get cleanliness, organization, & Luxury, I would say that you get a professional manicure table. Nothing advertises your salon better than a professional looking nail desk with space for the required manicure accessories and equipment.

6. What Color and worktop finish should I buy?

Most manicure tables are white or black in color. However, there are other innovative colors and finishing used in manicure tables. Finishing such as beech and steel, glass top, matte black laminate, black marble laminate, Cherry laminate etc. The choice is really a personal preference, which I believe would have little impact on your business outlook.

A white manicure table will make your room look fabulously classic and hygienic. But any colored nail polish spills will show up easily. So, white manicure table needs instant, regular and daily clean up.

Black is elegant, shows sophistication, super cool and will always be. It is easy to clean. However, a black manicurist table is notoriously tricky, especially if it is veneered, because the smallest scratch will show up.

Marble finished tables will impress your clients or guests because marble is extremely beautiful and a showstopper.

A glass-top nail table has the advantage of working well with many salon decor themes. It is also an excellent choice for a space that might need to look a little lighter and brighter. This is because glass has a reflective surface. With today’s versions of glass top manicure tables, made with tempered safety glass, the tables are tough, can resist scratches and heat and won’t shatter if knocked. Glass top is also easily cleaned and sanitized between clients and is impervious to spills from chemicals. Want to buy a glass top nail table? SABA manicure table with glass top is my top recommendation.

Manicure Table Buying Guide. 6 Factors to Look for in Order to Buy the Right Nail Station

Alongside practicality, ease and comfort, when shopping around for a manicure table that’s perfect for your beauty care (Nail care) services, you should look beyond just a table with space for 2 people to sit around. After analyzing and researching on the most important feature and requirements for a nail station. I came up with a quick guide of the factors that you should consider in order to get the best manicure table. A table that will satisfy your needs, salon needs, and those of your clients.

Below are the factors you should look for in a good manicurist table.

It does not matter whether you are buying a used manicure table or you buy the cheap option. You should look for some of these factors and apply them to make an informed decision. This will help you get a table from an excellent quality manufacturer and seller.

1. The basics.

Many nail work stations will come with added perks to entice you to choose them over the others. But before you even look at those additional perks, you should decide on the basic features of a manicure table. The basics are:

  • Must be comprised of a flat surface. The surface should have the right height.
  • The common manicure table length should be proper and ideal to support all of the products that you need.
    What is the common manicure table length?
    The common length for manicure tables is Usually 36 to 48 inches tall.
  • The width should also be ideal to provide for comfort and precision. The common width for manicure tables is usually 16-21 inches wide.
  • Another basic requirement is to have enough legroom and some form of storage.

2. Size:

Based on the brand, you may find some slight variations in size. This is mostly in respect to the width. However, you can go with your personal preference, as long as the manicure table is of good quality, and there is enough legroom.

3. Materials:

After you have determined the basics and you are satisfied that they meet the purpose, then you have to make sure the table is made out of material that you require. The best way to do this is to look at the manufacturers description, touch the material to feel it, etc. You should take this factor seriously because materials play an integral part in determining the durability of the product. Material may also determine how well the nail salon table fits with your business.

The common materials used in making manicure tables are Formica, glass, stainless steel, cherry laminate, etc. For example, Formica is acetone-proof, easy to clean up and can be durable than glass. But glass looks more stylish.

4. Table Brand:

There a various manicure table manufacturers and brands. Common and popular manicure table brands include: Dina Meri, Yaheetech, Kayline, Giantex, LCL Beauty, PureSana, Taylor, “Tazo” and DIR. The brand is one of the first things you should check for when deciding your purchase. This is because different brands make products of different quality, durability and for different price points. So the brand should offer you the best deals for durability, quality and price.

5. Price:

Related to 4 above, price is always a factor in our purchase decisions. So it is no different for manicure table. Should you buy a cheap manicure table? Should buy a discounted manicure table? Or buy luxury expensive nail station? It is obvious that you want the best value for your money. My advice is that you consider your options based on other factors and needs, and then chose the best price. This is better than looking at the price first and narrowing it down based on other factors.

You should never choose a table with price as your major determinant. You know the saying that “you get what you pay for”. It may not be true 100%, but what it means is: the lower the price of the product or service is, the cheaper the quality is likely to be as well. If you want a manicure table that you will use for a long time, it is best to get a good return on investment. Even if this means paying a little more – Instead of buying cheaply and end up having to make frequent replacements, thus losing more.

6. Warranty:

This could be months, a year or more than a year. Before you buy any workstation, check whether the seller gives a warranty for their product. A reputable seller will give you a warranty of one year for the table you buy from them. The more years you get on the warranty, the better. If you find a seller giving you more than a year, that one is probably reputable. You should definitely consider buying from them – provided the other factors are satisfied.

Those five are probably the most important factors you should consider when buying a manicure table.

Questions you Should Ask Prior to Buying a Manicure Table: Important Tips for Buying the Right Manicure Table

1. Purpose:

How will you be using the table?
The primary purpose of this furniture is to provide a surface for performing treatments for the fingernails and hands. However, you may have in mind other potential nail services which you may want to offer. These services could also require the use of a nail desk. Such services may include artificial nail application, paraffin treatments as well as nail extensions. Therefore, before your final purchase decision, you have to establish first the intended purpose of the manicure table.

Let’s look at these purposes specifically:

Only for manicure:

Even if your nail salon table is to be used for manicure services only, you still need enough space to accommodate both you and the hands of your clients. This means the nail salon table should have enough space. It should also be strong to carry those weights. In addition to performing a great service on the salon table, it is also important that you do it in the shortest time possible. This means you must have all of the needed items within your reach. So the table should have some kind of storage such as drawers so you can have access to the other stuff that you may need in the future.

For Nail extensions as well:

Applying nail extension will usually take longer than regular manicure treatments. Therefore, you need enough space for comfort to you and your clients during this lengthy process.

2. Common Manicure Table Flaws that Could Make it Difficult for You as a Nail Technician.

  • The table is too narrow: When you work on a narrow table, then you have to distance yourself from the table in order to be able to work properly. Otherwise, it would be the client to do this and it will be uncomfortable for him/her. Since you should always put the client’s welfare first, then it should be you. Try to avoid narrow tables.
  • Manicure table is too wide: A wide table will give the opposite effect to that of a narrow table. With too wide a table, it means that you, the nail technician has to lean into the table. This can affect your posture, exert tension on the back, likely causing fatigue and back problems.
  • Nail table is too high: While working on a high manicure workstation, you will find it hard to keep the feet flat on the floor. Therefore, you end up crossing the legs, which will restrict blood circulation. This can lead to cramping pain – A localized abdominal pain that becomes more severe over several hours, a symptom of blockage of the intestines (bowel obstruction). This feeling can stress you out.

3. How about the client’s convenience?

The welfare of the client should always be first priority. Many clients come for your service to get a relaxing a comfortable manicure experience. So the manicurist table should provide the client a relaxing and comfortable condition, just like it should for you. If the client feels otherwise, you could lose them to another nail salon which is willing to invest in a good nail desk for their client’s comfort.

4. Ability to accommodate needed and essential accessories:

Whether you buy used or new, cheap or expensive, the manicure table should be able to accommodate essential accessories that you will need. Common accessories include an adjustable lamp screwed on the table and a nail dryer.


After reading this “best manicure table” review and buying guide, you are now in a better position to find the best manicure table that satisfies most of your needs.

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