If you are like the millions of women around the world who style their hair, then chances are damaged hair is something you have experienced more than once. If you are suffering from damaged hair, then there is some good news. You do not have to look far to get the shine of healthy hair back. With a good keratin treatment, you can reverse the look and feel of dry, damaged hair. Today, we are going to go over some of the best keratin treatment products on the market.

The best keratin treatments for damaged hair have the ability to give you incredibly smooth, straight, and soft hair. In today’s article, we are going to go over the 7 best keratin treatment products that will make you fall deeper in love with your hair. Before we get into those smoothing keratin treatments, let’s go over some of the details surrounding keratin treatments and proper hair care in general.

What Is Keratin?

When you think about keratin, your fingernails and your hair are probably what pop into mind first. Keratin is essentially an insoluble protein that is made up of different types of amino acids. These different amino acids come together to form different things. For example, keratin can be flexible like hair or hard like fingernails. In animals, keratin shows up in the form of horns, hooves, and claws.

Does Getting a Keratin Treatment Really Work?

When it comes to the keratin in your hair, it is a known fact that you lose it daily from aging, using heat, coloring your hair, or allowing your hair to be chemically treated in one way or another. For many, the day to day styling activities that their hair undergoes will eventually lead to damaged hair. To counteract this, keratin and collagen treatments can be introduced to help with hair smoothing and getting your hair back on track to being healthy. When you allow your hair to undergo a keratin hair treatment, you begin the process of adding that keratin back into your hair to restore it. This simple science is enough reason for you to undergo a smoothing treatment for unmanageable hair. Additionally, a keratin treatment is simple to do and yields amazing results that will make you love your hair again.

As if that’s not good news enough, you don’t even have to go out and spend a bunch of money at a pricey salon for one. Instead, you can get one of the best professional keratin treatments done on your damaged hair right at home! Stick around as we go over the best keratin treatment brands to try out today.

Benefits of Doing a Keratin Treatment on Your Hair

There are so many benefits of doing a keratin hair treatment. Here is a list of just a few of the things that a keratin treatment can do for your hair:

  • Overall hair care: Keratin makes your hair stronger because it helps decrease the amount of breakage and split ends your hair undergoes.
  • Healthy conditioner: A keratin treatment can help prevent shedding by keeping your hair moisturized.
  • Eliminates harmful ingredients: Keratin treatments can rid your hair of harmful chemicals left in your hair from hard water or from shampoo.
  • Replenishes hair cuticles: Your hair color will start to look more natural because you are replenishing the protein amounts in your hair.
  • Restores natural texture:  Helps prevent frizz – especially on humid days.
  • Less time styling: A keratin smoothing treatment helps to cut down the amount of time needed to style and dry your hair.

Which Keratin Straightening Treatment is Best?

If you’ve decided to do a keratin hair treatment you should know that they are not a “one-size fits all” sort of deal. In fact, while most keratin treatments were designed to help straighten your hair, there are treatments that are specifically designed for curly hair. Regardless of what treatment you need, we’ve got a range of options for you to choose from. In order to help you out, here is a list of the best types of treatments you can find and what they are best used for. For a full individual review of each one, you can skip to section three.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

  • This keratin treatment eliminates frizz and smooths hair.
  • One of the best straightening treatments for unmanageable hair.
  • Ideal hair smoothing treatment for curly hair that is very susceptible to humidity.
  • A Brazilian treatment gently straightens your hair and the results last for three months if you take care of it correctly.
  • Most treatments do not contain formaldehyde (meaning fewer harmful ingredients in your hair).
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How it’s done:

  1. Apply the treatment to your hair. The best thing about this type of treatment is that you can wash your hair right afterward. This treatment can take up to 90 minutes depending on your hair length and thickness.
  2. Then wash and then blow-dry your hair.
  3. You should then go ahead and use a hot flat iron to seal in the treatment to the strands of your hair.

After washing, blow drying and straightening your hair, you should be left with optimal shine and a smooth texture.

Soft Keratin Treatment

  • This is perhaps the best at home keratin treatment for curly, damaged hair. It helps to keep your curls well defined all while being able to eliminate frizz.
  • One of the best therapy treatments that allow you to keep your curly or wavy hair well defined.
  • A soft keratin treatment allows you to be your own stylist without having to use a bunch of different products to get your curls to stay.
  • Ideal for fine to medium natural texture hair.
  • Holds your natural texture with soft smoothness and shine for as long as two months.
  • Free of formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.

How it works:

  1. Simply coat your hair from your cuticle to the tip using the serum provided.
  2. Next, blowout hair to seal in the treatment. You can also use a hot ceramic flat iron as well in addition to blow drying.

The end result is shiny hair that retains its natural texture.

Japanese Keratin Hair Treatment

  • Japanese hair treatments work by breaking the bonds in your hair and realigning them.
  • These keratin therapy treatments are permanent until your new hair grows out.
  • You probably won’t find these on the market for you to do at home. However, if you do want to try this at home, be sure to speak with your local salon first. Speaking with a stylist will give you insight about whether or not it will damage your hair.

Japzilian Keratin Treatment For Hair

  • This treatment is a mixture of a Japanese and a Brazilian treatment.
  • Smooths and straightens your hair.
  • Can last five months longer than a Brazilian treatment alone.

How it works:

  1. First, you’ll want to do a Brazilian treatment to your hair, just to allow the curls to loosen up.
  2. Then, you’ll add the Japanese treatment product on top of the pre-treated hair. This will help lock in the smooth texture. It will also help to eliminate frizz.
  3. This hair smoothing treatment does not require any styling using heat, so you do not need to use a flat iron or blowout hair. All you should do is simply air dry your hair after doing this treatment.
  4. This treatment can take five hours to get through. You can rinse and dry your hair one hour after completing the treatment if you’d like.

Moroccan Keratin Treatment (Argan Oil)

  • Rebuilds your hair so that it is soft, elastic, and naturally vibrant. A Moroccan argan oil treatment will enhance the shine as well as the natural texture of your hair.
  • The ingredients in Moroccan argan oil also act as a great conditioner.
  • Because the ingredients in this treatment are very concentrated, using too much can leave your hair with an unflattering shine and greasy texture. Remember that a little goes a long way with this type of treatment.
  • Some Moroccan argan oil treatments will have ingredients such as coconut oil. While coconut oil infused treatments can work, its best to use pure argan oil.

How it’s done:

  1. Simply take a tiny amount of oil and place it in your palm. You will want just enough to coat your hair and not enough to drench it.
  2. Work the oil in your hair until it is absorbed.
  3. Once absorbed, dry your hair and follow additional instructions on the bottle.

This treatment is perfect if you are looking for a natural alternative to chemically treated options. With a lack of harmful ingredients, your hair will retain its natural texture.

Keratin Express

  • This is a short-term treatment for those of you who aren’t looking for anything that is long-lasting.
  • Ideal for someone who is looking to make their hair more manageable in the short run rather than trying to have a keratin treatment that is going to last for months.
  • This is the ideal keratin blowout if you have straight or wavy hair that is susceptible to frizz and has an unruly texture.

How it’s done:

  1. Apply the serum that you have purchased to your hair.
  2. Next, seal in the shine and smooth texture by using a blow dryer and a flat iron. This will take about 45 minutes to complete.
  3. When you’ve finished the treatment, you should find that your hair takes half the time as it did before to fully blow dry.
  4. You should then use a keratin-based, sulfate-free shampoo, and wash your hair every other day to extend the results of your treatment. By doing this the treatment should last you four-six weeks.

From treatments that offer optimal conditioner power to treatments that retain your natural texture to those that really help straighten your hair, these are just a few different types of keratin products that you can find on the market today. Of course, there is an abundance of others that we have not touched on, but those are a few of the most popular types of treatments that you can find when shopping around.

Best Keratin Treatment Review – The 7 Best Keratin Treatment Products

So, what is the best keratin treatment? Now that you have a better idea of what a keratin hair treatment even is along with the benefits it offers, here is a list of the top 7 keratin products that are simple to use and offer amazing results!

#1. Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

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This keratin product is fast, very simple to use, and it works for all different hair types. It leaves your hair soft, flexible, elastic, and with a fantastic natural shine.


  • Really straightens your hair, without making it look puffy or fluffy.
  • You only have to wait 24 hours before you can wash your hair and see the results.
  • Works for a variety of hair types.
  • Makes your hair feel soft.
  • Acts as a deep conditioner for damaged hair which allows for maximum shine.


  • You might find this product to be very fumy!
  • There is a lot that you need to do in order to actually do this treatment, but you’ll find that the results are worth the work.
  • In order to apply the product properly, you may need two people.
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#2: Gold Label Professional Keratin Treatment

Brazilian Gold Label Professional Keratin Blowout Treatment Super...
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  • strengthens the hair using an intense conditioning remedy

This product works extremely well if you have thick, coarse, wavy hair. Not only does it strengthen your hair, it also eliminates frizz and prevents the hair from being damaged from heat.


  • Your hair is definitely more manageable after using this product.
  • After using the product, you’ll notice that there is less breaking/shedding than before.
  • Curls stay in place!


  • High formaldehyde level which leads to the VERY strong smell.
  • As you are using this product, you might notice that your hair feels a little dryer than it normally is.

#3. Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Treatment

This product is SO simple to use, the suggested use is to distribute a small amount throughout damp or dry hair, and then just dry it. How simple is that?


  • Super easy to use.
  • The oil is not as runny as most hair oils; in fact, the thickness of it is enough to allow it to thoroughly soak through your hair.
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Restores, moisturizes strengthens, and increases shine


  • You might find that this product has a bit of an eggy smell to it.
  • The oil might be too thick/heavy for your liking.
  • It doesn’t work very well with a variety of hair types (i.e. coarse hair)

#4.  Moroccan Keratin Most Effective Brazilian Keratin

No products found.

This keratin product straightens, smooths, and repairs your hair for 3-7 months, so you won’t have to worry about doing a keratin hair treatment every month or so as it was formulated to last!


  • This product actually works; you will notice that it keeps your hair straight and smooth for months.
  • You will notice results three days after washing and drying your hair.
  • Certainly, one of the best keratin hair straightening products if you are looking for smoother, straighter hair.


  • The process of doing this treatment can take you a very long time if you have long and/or thick hair.
  • This product is made to only last you one treatment, which can become rather expensive.
  • The smell of the product, while you’re using, it can be really overwhelming.
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#5. Agi Max Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment Kit – 3 Steps (3 x 500ml)

This next keratin hair treatment kit from Agi Max is one of the best Brazilian Keratin treatments on the market right now. This three-step process is super easy to use and can be done in the comfort in your own home.

What makes this product unique is its ability to transform the look of your hair without using any chemicals that will alter the integrity of your actual hair strands. Instead, your hair will seal in the keratin that will give it an appealing look. Along with that, Agi Max takes a different approach to hair straightening than other hair straightening products. Many keratin treatment products on the market straighten your hair by breaking down the molecular bonds in your hair strands. Agi Max, however, takes a  softer approach -literally. This hair relaxer offers a bit of a gentler approach. This allows you to relax your hair without having to worry about drying it out or damaging it any further.

The three-step process is very easy to use. You will want to begin by shampooing your hair with the unique formula that comes with this kit. Next, you will want to dry about 80 %of your hair with a hairdryer. The second step will be to apply a generous amount of the keratin treatment to your hair. You will likely want to place the treatment in a bowl first so that you have easy access while you work. Using your hair dryer on its medium setting, you will want to finish drying your hair with the treatment in it. Lastly, use a flat iron with a setting of 375 degrees and straighten out your hair one section at a time. Be sure not to go over your hair more than twice in order to prevent damage. Be sure to include a modest amount of hair in each section that you straighten.


  • The product is easy to use with easy to follow instructions.
  • The innovative technology will not chemically alter the integrity of your hair. strands, your hair bonds will never break.
  • Your hair will be smooth and silky after you use this product.
  • The keratin coating will also provide a beautiful shine to your hair.


  • Because this treatment is not chemically intense, you may find that it does not last as long as the instructions claim.
  • For some, the scent may not be appealing.

#6. Keratin Treatment Set – Organic – Formaldehyde Free – 16 Fl Oz by KERARGANIC

Keratin Treatment Set - Organic - Formaldehyde Free - 16 Fl Oz by...
  • - Our KERARGANIC CLARIFYING SHAMPOO - STEP 1 has been designed to...
  • - KERARGANIC POST-TREATMENT MASK - STEP 3 is rich in keratin amino...

If you love the results that a keratin hair treatment offers, but you don’t like the smell that some products can have, this one is for you. There are 3 products included in this treatment, all of which do their own little thing to make your hair look and feel amazing!


  • They don’t contain formaldehyde, so the products all smell great.
  • Incredibly easy to use with instructions that actually make sense.
  • Your hair will look straight and silky after using this product.


  • You might find that this treatment doesn’t last very long, in some cases, it may last you only a week or so.
  • There are several steps that need to be followed.

#7. Global Keratin Color Protection Moisturizing Shampoo

GK HAIR Global Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo (33.8 Fl Oz/1000ml) for...
  • Locks in Hydration: GK Hair Moisturizing Shampoo Hydrates Hair from...
  • Color Protection: GK Shampoo is designed especially for Color Treated,...
  • Natural Ingredients: GK Hair Shampoo is hypoallergenic products that...

If you have color treated hair, you might want to look into this Keratin Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Not only does it strengthen and make your hair less frizzy, but it also is gentle on colored hair.


  • Makes your hair softer, shinier, and reduces any frizz you may experience.
  • You’ll find that this product does not have a bad smell to it.


  • Before you use this product, you must read the instructions carefully. Your hair may become damaged or even fall out if not applied properly.

How to do a Keratin Hair Treatment at Home

Okay, so now that we talked about the best keratin treatments and how those are applied, let’s look at the general steps for doing an at-home keratin hair treatment!

Step 1: Wash your hair

  • For this step, you’ll need to scrub your hair using a clarifying shampoo. You’ll want to make sure that your hair is as clean as you can get it because typically this will be the last time you are able to wash your hair for up to three days.
  • Clarifying shampoo should remove any residue that is in your hair, so you’ll know that you’ve done a good job when your hair sounds squeaky.
  • Do not use any conditioner after cleaning your hair. You will want your hair to be as porous as possible. This way, your hair will actually absorb the keratin treatment.

Step 2: Dry your hair completely

  • You should use a hair dryer to do this, and it should be set to high heat.
  • You need to make sure that your hair is COMPLETELY dry. Our recommendation is to dry your hair for at least 10 minutes.

Step 3: Comb through your hair

  • Using a wide-tooth comb, you should comb through your hair to remove any and all knots and tangles that you find.
  • As you brush your hair, you will want to separate it into three parts (two side sections and one back section). If you have thick hair, you may want to add additional sections.  

Step 4: Apply the product

  • Before you begin the treatment, you will want to make sure that you have read and understood the instructions thoroughly.
  • Begin by putting on your application gloves. Most keratin treatment products will come with a pair. Then, pour the treatment into a bowl. As you work, you will want to scoop out a little bit of the product at a time. Work by applying the product on one section of your hair at a time. As you work, be sure to move the hair with the product out of the way.
  • Apply the treatment by starting at the upper middle of each section and work your way upwards and downwards until it is completely coated.
  • Rake your fingers through your hair to ensure that each hair in the sections is thoroughly coated. Be sure to go through and recoat any sections that may need a touch-up.
  • You want your hair to be completely coated but not drenched with the product. If you have accidentally applied too much product, just comb through your hair to remove any excess product.

Step 5: Dry your hair

  • You should wear a mask during this part because most products have a very strong formaldehyde smell to them.
  • You need to completely dry the treatment by using a blow hair dryer on medium heat.
  • You should avoid flipping your hair upside down, instead use clips to help you get underneath your hair.
  • You should then wait 10-15 minutes before moving on to step 6.

Step 6: Straighten your hair

  • After ensuring that your hair is completely dry, use a hot flat iron to straighten your hair. For more information of the best flat irons to use, take a look at this article: 6 Best Hair Straightener Iron – [ REVIEW OF THE 6 BEST FLAT IRONS]
  • You’ll want to comb through your hair first to ensure there are no tangles or knots. Keep in mind that your hair is going to feel gross and frizzy: that is just the keratin!
  • WEAR A MASK WHEN YOU ARE DOING THIS STEP as this is when the fumes really start
  • Portion your hair into sections and go over each section 5-7 times to ensure that you have completely sealed the product in. You should continue this process until you have completely gone over all sections of your hair. You’ll know that you’re done when your hair is completely straight.
  • You want your flat iron to be HOT (no lower than 400 degrees).

Remember: usually, after doing a keratin treatment you can’t wash your hair for up to three days, so just keep that in mind after you’ve finished doing your treatment. We know that sounds horrendous, but trust us: the results are worth it.

Final Thoughts on the Best Keratin Treatments

Now you know what the best keratin treatment products are and you are loaded with all the facts and tips for doing an at-home keratin hair treatment, you should be well on your way to doing it yourself. With enough reading and research, there is no reason why you cannot be your own stylist.


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