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It’s time to build a new home. While you may be excited, you may also be a little worried. However, if you use the best interior design software available, your worries will vanish in an instant. But, do you even need to worry about interior design?

Interior design has one goal in mind. That goal is to use the space in your home better. For many people, their home becomes a mess way too quickly. This cluttered atmosphere does much more than hurt the eyes. An extremely messy home can be a result of an underlying condition. Anxiety and depression come into play with a messy house, and you may feel as if you can’t break this cycle.

Interior designers take your space and improve it. By doing so, they improve your quality of life by reflecting your personality within the furniture.

So, you know why interior design is essential. But why use a digital program?

Interior Design for the Modern Age

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The best interior design software allows you to create situations and arrangements you never would be able to do otherwise. Just a pencil and paper limit even professional interior designers. A computer-based program opens up an entire world of possibilities for you. You get to express your creativity and let your imagination run wild.

This creativity is why a digital program blows older methods out of the water.

How We Chose the 12 Best Interior Design Software Options

All of the interior design programs on this list are the best of the best. They each offer a handful of features that go above and beyond their peers. Some of the features that almost all of the programs have include different templates and an easy-to-use interface. After those two features, each piece of software shines uniquely.

The 12 Best Interior Design Software Programs

Below are the best pieces of interior design software. They are all worthy of your time and money, and each one brings a slightly different experience for you to try.

Read on to learn more about the 12 best interior design software to bring your vision to life.


Home Stratosphere

The best interior design software is versatile. It will allow you to perform a variety of functions within the program, and this includes designing multiple rooms. Not only does Home Stratosphere enable you to decorate a single room, but it lets you create a layout for your entire home.

Being able to focus on either a single room or an entire house is a crucial aspect of the best interior design software. While most of Home Stratosphere is free to use, there are a few portions of it that require some payment. But, this doesn’t detract from all the good this program brings to the table.

You also have the option to plan your room in both 2D and 3D. These two perspectives give you access to varying angles on the room. What looks good in 2D may not look as good when you convert it into 3D.

An excellent piece of interior design software, the Home Stratosphere program is tough to beat.

If you need additional inspiration, adult coloring books focused on interior design may help you figure out how to modify your room. Yes, it’s a real thing and very handy for thinking outside the box.



The future of computers lies in the cloud. The cloud is a space where you save data, yet you don’t need a physical device to do so. Instead, you log on to a service and can access all your data from that service. Some interior design software companies take advantage of this, and Roomtodo is one of them.

Taking advantage of the cloud means you don’t need to buy any discs. The servers you need exist in cyberspace, and the cloud should make the program run faster.

While most interior design software lets you view the rooms in both a 2D space and a 3D space, Roomtodo enables you to walk through the virtual environment.

The feature allows an up close and personal look at your home. You get to see if the plan you’ve made works, and it’s a fantastic feature to have.

In addition to Roomtodo, it might not hurt to gain some knowledge about how the interior design process works. This handbook gives you all the insight you need while using your digital software.


RoomStyler 3D Room Planner

Creating a house or room in 3D doesn’t have to take a lot of skill. Most people using the software aren’t professionals. So, it’s vital for software to be easily accessible. The RoomStyler 3D Room Planner follows this advice.

Easy to use, RoomStyler comes with a bevy of features. For starters, you don’t need to be on your own when creating and designing. Works and projects from other people litter the website. See what others have done, and take note of both the positives and negatives of their designs.

The layout of the software is straight forward. Once you get started, a blank canvas sits in front of you. From there, you’re only limited by your creativity.

With all of these attributes in mind, Roomstyler 3D Room Planner is an excellent choice. However, if you love to draw by hand, you can sketch out your rooms in your head before using the software by using architecture sketchbooks.



The best interior design software attracts the customer’s attention and never lets go. It engages with them and keeps their eyes glued to the screen as they create their dream room/home. How do you accomplish this? Well, PlanningWiz has this figured out.

PlanningWiz takes a slightly different approach to its software design. Instead of the usual buttons and features, the software gamifies them. Gamification is a useful strategy that takes a concept and adds game-like elements to it. Employing this design choice means you have a more laid back experience while getting similar results from other interior design software.

With a game-like environment, dragging and dropping your furniture and walls is a breeze.

You can also save your projects for later retrieval. Additionally, you can share your plan on social media and get your friends’ opinions on the floor plans.

Along with PlanningWiz, researching how to be a great interior designer may help you if you’re stuck in a creative rut.


Lowe’s Virtual Room Design

Along with offering you paint, tiles, and everything in between, Lowe’s also understands how crafting the interior of the house is an art. They took this idea to heart and created the Lowe’s Virtual Room Design software.

Landing on this list of the best interior design software, Lowe’s proves it knows what it’s doing when it comes to putting together the inside of a home or room.

For a free option, this software comes with many benefits. It provides you the choice of either crafting everything yourself or using a template. However, the real power of the software comes from the quality of the renderings.

Once you complete your room or house with the software, the results are stunning. The objects look so real that you feel you can touch them.

You even have the opportunity to use a specific template for a particular room. Kitchens and bathrooms are two such templates.

Additionally, if you have access to the physical space you’re designing and need accurate measurements for your digital software, utilizing tools such as the Bosch GLM 20 Laser Measure helps out tremendously.


Small Blue Printer

Designing the interior of a room or home requires an understanding of not just the inside, but the outside as well. Although you do focus on the “interior” design, what surrounds the house comes into play.

Do you want a window facing a building? Or, would you prefer a scenic view through the glass?

Small Blue Printer takes these considerations into effect. You have the capability of designing a garden and other landscaping objects.

Merely having the option of designing the outside of the home bumps this product into top consideration for the best interior design software.

You also don’t need to download anything to use it. It’s available online.


Ikea Home Planning and Room Planner

If Lowe’s is the most popular name on this list, then Ikea comes in at a close second. People love Ikea, and the company itself created a completely different way of moving product. Instead of selling furniture by setting it out and waiting for someone to buy it, Ikea decided to engage customers.

At Ikea, customers walk through and pick out specific pieces of furniture. Then, they can either build it in the store or take it home and build it themselves. A popular selling strategy, they bring this same energy to their interior design software.

With the Ikea Home Planning and Room Planner, customers have the option of modeling even the most specific room. Kitchens and wardrobes are all customizable.

With an accessible interface, Ikea proves why it’s one of the best pieces of interior design software.


Space Designer 3D

Thinking about everything from upholstery to hallway size requires a lot of effort, and these pieces of interior design software help alleviate some of that stress. Within the software, it’s crucial to have a choice. You don’t want limited options when it comes to attributes such as furniture and materials. In terms of freedom of choice, this is where Space Designer 3D shines.

This software gives you over 5,000 choices of materials and furniture pieces. That’s a high number for these types of applications, so this aspect sticks out as a significant bonus.

Along with those fantastic choices, you can customize the home in 2D or 3D. To cap it off, you don’t need to download anything. Merely going to the site and clicking a few buttons gets you on your way. There’s even a mobile app for your phone.

Overall, Space Designer 3D gives the customer everything they could ever want.



Customization is crucial when using interior design software. If you don’t have the option to put your personal touch on the floor plan, then there’s no point in using the software. Infurnia takes this idea to heart, and your ideas are the focus of the software.

The cloud-based software allows you to create entire homes and rooms from scratch. A large number of assets assist you in this creation process, but those aren’t the only assets available. Infurnia provides you with the opportunity to import your 3D models into the program. This importing option gives this piece of interior design software a leg up over the competition.

The cloud technology means you can access your floor plans anytime and anywhere. When using the product, Infurnia even provides collision avoidance. So, when you access Infurnia and begin piecing together your dream home, you don’t have to worry about furniture and items overlapping. Infurnia takes care of that for you.

Photorealistic renders recreate your interior design plans in stunning detail. And, if you find you require some help planning your home on a small budget, this book focuses on designing in style without breaking the bank.



SmartDraw stands out as one of the best pieces of interior design software. It carries a lot of features that others have but builds upon them.

For example, other software may offer you a few templates to work on. But, SmartDraw offers up hundreds of different templates to create your masterpiece room or house. Not only are there hundreds of templates, but they’re easy to use as well.

An extensive symbol library means you choose from thousands of different elements to place in your home. You can pick anything from pieces of furniture and walls to items like landscape decorations. It’s a truly comprehensive software that gives you a ton of value.

An easy-to-understand interface makes interacting with the software fun, and the drag-and-drop ability to snap walls together is a must-have.

If you have any questions, SmartDraw also offers free support. All you have to do is call or email them, and you’ll receive the best support money can buy.

Lastly, if you need help decluttering your home, don’t feel like you’re alone. Use books such as this one in conjunction with your digital software to create the best possible room or home.



Many of even the best interior design software offer only one template when constructing your dream home. This can be constricting, and you feel as if you need more options. You won’t feel this way with RoomSketcher.

RoomSketcher offers three different ways in which you can bring your vision to life. The first one is a group of templates laid out and ready to go. If you want to get more creative, you also have the option to create an entire plan from scratch. Finally, user-created plans allow you to view what others have done.

The software is also easy to use, so don’t worry about getting confused. It’s an excellent product and deserves a spot on this list for the best interior design software.

While using this software, you may be lost as to what style fits you. Luckily, books such as  steer you down the right path.



When researching the best interior design software, HomeByMe is a little different than the rest of the other software. Why? Well, HomeByMe focuses some of its resources on the underutilized community aspect of interior design software.

It’s useful to be able to develop your rooms and homes, but what if you want some inspiration from others? Do you need to see someone complete a task before you learn it? HomeByMe takes this concept and runs with it.

With HomeByMe, you can view other users’ interior design projects. They are up for anyone to see, and you may be inspired by how others designed their rooms and homes.

Along with this community feature, the software allows for the creation of rooms in both 2D and 3D. For a minimal fee, you can also upload your floor plan to HomeByMe, and it will convert it into a HomeByMe project. It’s a nice feature that respects your time and gives you an option if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Plus, don’t be afraid to look at books like Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, From Tabletops to Bookshelves to help you craft the perfect room while using HomeByMe

With all of these features, it’s really no wonder why HomeByMe is considered as a selection for the best interior design software.

Start Designing Your Rooms Today

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As mentioned above, interior design is becoming an essential part of a healthy life. You don’t need objects and things to be happy, but you do need to organize what you have in a way that pleases both your heart and mind.

The various interior design software on this list allows you to expand your mind and create almost anything that comes to it. From the hundreds of varying templates to the easy-to-use features and the ability to render precisely what your room will look like, these software selections are fantastic.

If you are planning on moving or refurbishing your living space, give one of these selections a shot. You never know what you’ll be able to make once you start them, so start designing today.

Have you used one of the pieces of software on this list before? Are there any others that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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