Best Hair Straightener Iron for Natural, African American Hair – RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron Review

Natural, African American hair is incredibly gorgeous – but, it’s also incredibly hard to work with when using a hair straightener. Why? Hair straighteners aren’t designed to deal with thick hair! Some might say that they are, but really they don’t have the ability to heat up to the level you need and hold it evenly throughout the process. But don’t let this deter you from straightening your hair ladies and gents! Because new on the market is this amazing hair straightener – the RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron (Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 flat Iron) – The best hair straightener for natural African American hair that promises to give you the straight hair you desire even if you have nappy, thick hair.

Let’s talk about this product a little bit more; we’ll first start out with the basics of the the Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Professional Straight Iron

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Key Features of RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron (RSK686/RSK732 Str8)

  • Professional 1 ¼” straight ceramic iron
  • Has a ceramic heater and titanium infused ceramic plates
  • The plates have a sol-gel coating on them, which aids in a smooth hair straightening process
  • Leaves hair straight, smooth, and shiny after use

So, why is this hair straightener great for natural African American hair? Because of the sol-gel coating that the plates have – it helps provide a smoother glide when you’re using it on your hair. Usually, hair straighteners tug and pull on your hair while you’re pulling it over a section, but with this sol-gel coating that no longer happens. Plus, it helps make it so that your hair is in a perfect position so that it comes out smooth and silky in one pass, not multiple.

Not sold yet tat it is the best hair straightener for natural African American hair? Let’s look at some pros and cons for RUSK Engineering CTC Technology Professional Straight Iron (RSK686/RSK732 Str8) to help you out even more!

Pros that make Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 the best hair straightener for natural African American hair

  • This flat iron will get HOT, which is perfect for naturally thick hair. The iron has a lot of hot temperature options, but it only goes as low as 280 degrees. Because it traps heat so well, you can usually get by using the 450-degree setting.
  • Heats up in seconds! The ceramic and titanium infused plates work wonders on heating up quickly to any temperature (high or low) in a matter of minutes. Plus, they are the best metals for holding heat at a consistent temperature for periods of time.
  • You can use this iron at high-temperature settings (410-450 degrees) without having to deal with the burning hair smell that other irons usually get.
  • It easily straightens and smooths out hair and keeps it soft for any hair texture – especially thick hair.
  • There are two different size options for this flat iron. You can get the 1-inch iron or the 1 ¼ inch iron, depending on the size that you’re looking for.
  • The price of this iron is a lot, but it will give you salon quality hair every single time you use it. So, it’s basically saving you money from going to the salon to have your hair professionally done.
  • It works fast for curly, wavy, frizzy, thick, etc. hair types. When it usually takes you half an hour, you can now accomplish it in about 10 minutes, saving you time and energy!
  • The sol-gel coating makes it easier to glide the iron through your hair. You no longer have to put up with the pulling and tugging that other irons usually do to your hair.

Cons of Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Hair Straightener Iron

  • There is no automatic turn off setting on this iron, so if you’re someone who forgets to turn off your flat iron be warned! This iron gets incredibly hot quickly, so if you’re not careful, you might burn your counter or worse.
  • This iron doesn’t work well for those of you who have shorter hair because it’s not shaped for small passes. If you decide to give it a shot, be careful because the shape of the iron can potentially burn you!
  • The plates are designed to go all the way to the edge of the plastic, so if you’re not careful or aware, you can easily burn yourself while using this iron.
  • The lowest heat setting this iron has is 280 degrees, which isn’t great for anyone with finer hair.
  • There are some cases where the iron turns faulty and stops working after a couple months. While your chances of receiving one of these faulty irons are low, it’s still something you want to consider when dishing out money to purchase the iron.
  • There is no light indication to let you know when the iron is ready to go, so that can be rather annoying for most people.


Overall, the Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 straight Iron is the best hair straightener for natural African American hair. It is a great buy for someone who has thick hair – much like natural African American hair. I highly recommend this hair straightener for anyone, even if you don’t have thick hair because it works wonderfully and is designed so nicely. The flat iron works wonder on quickly and easily gliding through your locks and making them incredibly straight and smooth in minutes. The fact that you can now easily straighten your hair in mere minutes instead of longer is incredible, I mean, who doesn’t want a few extra minutes in the morning?

The only downsides which challenge its place as the best hair straightener for natural African American hair are that there is no automatic turn off feature, which isn’t a necessary thing but it’s incredibly nice to have. The temperature range isn’t very broad; it goes from around 280 degrees to 480 degrees, which doesn’t give you many options when you’re using it. Plus, there isn’t any indication light to let you know if the iron is ready to go. The design of the iron is a bit weird, having the metal plates go all the way to the edge of the plastic because it’s easy to burn yourself. All of these things are personal preferences, and they are things that you could easily learn how to deal with over time.

So, if you have thick hair – much like natural African American hair – do yourself a favor and purchase a Rusk RSK686/RSK732 Str8 Iron: you won’t be disappointed because it is the best hair straightener for natural African American hair available on the market this year.



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