Best Hair Straightener for Long Thick Coarse Hair: Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener Review

If you have thick, coarse hair and you’ve tried to straighten it with a hair straightener, then you know the struggle that comes along with it. But there’s a new hair straightener on the market now, and it promises to be the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair. The Turboion Croc Classic Straightener is a professional hair straightener that promises to give the sleekest, smoothest, straightest hair for anyone who uses it. So, let’s get into more details about the Turboion Croc Classic Straightener and figure out if and why it’s the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair.
Before we get into the pros and cons of this hair straightener, let’s talk about the basics of the product and figure out what makes it tick:
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Key Features of Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener that make it the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair

  • Has titanium plates to help give you an effortless glide when you’re using it.
  • The ceramic heaters are able to heat up instantly to the temperature you desire.
  • Has a fully digital 17 custom temperature setting which helps you keep the temperature that works best for you!
  • Allows you to create balanced, humidity, and frizz free styles.
  • Offers a comfortable grip/shape that gives your hand a break while using it through your hair regardless of hair type.
    • The base is thinner than the top which makes the handle of the hair straightener smaller. Which is perfect for anyone with tiny hands or a clumsy and wimpy grip.

Looking at the description and features of this hair straightener, it already sounds like it’s one of the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair on the market. Who doesn’t want a flat iron that is easy and comfortable to use or heats up quickly? The titanium plates and ceramic heaters allow you to heat up the iron to whatever temperature you need it to be and not have to worry about unnecessary heat damage. These two metals work wonders on trapping and keeping the heat at an even level, which means that you won’t have to go over an area more than once!

But before we make any decisions, let’s look at some pros and cons of this flat iron.

Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener Pros: (Why you will love it)

  • Quickly straightens your hair even if you have incredibly thick coarse hair. It heats up quickly and holds that heat in evenly to help quickly and safely straighten your hair.
  • It doesn’t burn, rip, bend, or fries your hair if you have to use it at high heat settings, which is a huge plus! You can safely use this product and not worry that you’re going to end up excessive heat damage.
  • It will easily keep your hair straightened throughout the day, unlike other straighteners on the market.
  • The final look is smooth, silky, and completely straight regardless of your hair type, and it does this in a matter of minutes.
  • The temperature settings help make it easier to warm up the iron and ensure that it’s the correct temperature you need or want before you start using it. You can save up to 7 different temperature settings, how perfect is that? I don’t know what you would do with saving 7 settings, but it’s really neat that you have that option.
  • The digital temperature read out helps you figure out if the iron is staying consistently on one heat setting if it changes you’ll be able to tell just by looking the digital readout.
  • This hair straightener offers a comfortable design so you can use this product for long periods of time without your hands becoming too tired. Which is perfect, because straightening your thick, coarse hair is already working out enough, so why not give your hand some comfort?
  • This hair straightener is so lightweight! Even though it has titanium plates and the design is unique, it’s still one of the lighter hair straighteners you’ll find on the market.

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Turboion Rbb Croc Classic Straightener Cons

  • You might find that after a couple of uses this hair straightener starts to drop in temperature randomly while using it. It might at first just be hardly noticeable, but if you look at the digital display, you’ll see that it did drop the temperature.
  • The design of this flat iron might not be up to your standards; you might find that the cord is located in a weird place and keeps winding up. Or, you might not like that it has a curved handle design where your hand goes.
  • This hair straightener isn’t designed for adding curls to your hair. The plates on this iron are bigger than the rest of the iron, because of this it’s hard to get the curls that you want to create in your hair. Therefore, this hair straightener is best used for just straightening your hair.
  • The only size plate option for this iron is 1.5 inches, which is cumbersome if you wanted something smaller or larger. If you wanted something with different plate size options, then you’ll be better off finding a different model. But if you want to look at the positive of this, here are a couple things: one, you’re getting more plates for your money; two, the thin body makes up a little bit for the size of the plates making them work better for everyone.


Overall, if you’re looking for a hair straightener that will work extremely well for thick, coarse hair, then you should really consider purchasing a Turboion Croc Classic Straightener. Its claims to be the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair are perhaps substantive. Even though it’s price may seem high for some, it’s worth every single penny you’ll spend. You’ll find that your hair is straighter, feels great, stays in shape for the whole day, and is comfortable and easy to use. Once you try it once, I promise you’ll never want to put it down.
So, if you’re in the market for a the best hair straightener for long thick coarse hair, I highly recommend this one. The Turboion Croc Classic Straightener is perfect for anyone and everyone, and it’s safer for your hair! If this article hasn’t sold you on this hair straightener yet, go on over to Amazon and look it over for yourself – you won’t be disappointed.
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