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A dishwasher is a very important “must-have” kitchen appliance. If you get the best dishwasher, it is of remarkable help because (i) it helps you save time (ii) Sanitizes your dishes (iii) helps reduce disease hazards from bacteria and germs, (IV) saves your hands. With regard to # (IV), scientists recommend that you should NEVER hand wash your dishes again but instead let the dishwasher take the strain. There three main reasons they give for this recommendation are: (I) Hand washing leads to wastage of 6,000 gallons of water per household per year. (ii) If you opted for the hand washing, you should know that the ideal temperature for cleaning dishes is 60C, which is too hot for hands thus impossible to work with. But a dishwasher cleans at even higher temperatures thus keeping us safe. (iii)Dish hand washing require a kitchen sponge, which some studies have shown can also be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat, thus more risk of illness from bacteria and germs if you use it.

That is why I recommend that if you have not been using a dishwasher for your dish cleaning needs, you should start now. On this page, I am going to show you the best dishwasher that will help you in all the four aspects I have mentioned above. These are the 5 best dishwashers on sale, rated from the #1 to the # 5 per categories of dishwasher.

Which Type of Dishwasher is Right for You?

Before we go to the best dishwasher, allow me a few seconds to guide you through which type of dishwasher may be right for you.

On the market today, you will find many types and styles of dishwashers to suit different lifestyles. The dishwashers have variable degrees of portability and installation requirements. That is why it is not wise to just buy any dishwasher without considering exactly what type of dishwasher will fit nicely in your home and provide you many years of satisfaction.

Countertop dishwasher / Small dishwasher

Countertop dishwashers also known as table top dishwashers are the most economical and ideal for a small family. This is because they do not demand for much space since it is a small dishwasher. You only need a counter or stand where you can locate this small dishwasher closer to the sink, and a connection or adapter to attach to the faucet. They will generally run as long as the faucet is switched on. As expected, the capacity of a countertop dishwasher is usually small, a place setting for four (though there are larger models). You may require hand washing for larger cookware or serving pieces. Dishes can either be heat, air or hand dried.

Portable Dishwasher / Free-Standing Dishwashers /Countertop

Portable dishwashers are a favorite for rented apartment (with small kitchens) or for people who are always on the move. This is because they only require a parking space in your kitchen. They are also commonly referred to as countertop dishwashers of free-standing dishwasher. Their operation is also very simple. You just place it to the sink, connect to adapter to the hot water faucet, turn on and load. They will generally continue to run for as long as the faucet is connected. The disadvantage is that your sink will be unavailable for the time the dishwasher is running.

Portable dishwashers provide more capacity than the countertops. You can expect up to 6 place setting capacity with this type of dishwasher. Since most have a butcher block or durable counter top, they provide additional counter workspace. Their preference for apartment dweller lies in the fact that there is no storage space sacrificed for these models.

Integrated Dishwasher / Built-in dishwasher / Under-counter dishwasher

Integrated dishwashers are the most traditional for family home kitchens. They are also called other names such as built-in dishwasher or under-the-counter dishwasher. This is simply because this integrated dishwasher is designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry, being permanently located for easy access with no need to relocate it to the kitchen sink every time you need to use it. They therefore provide the best operating convenience and free up your kitchen sink for use even when washing is going on.

Integrating the dishwasher requires a plumbing installation to your home’s waterworks. The instructions on how to do this are usually available with the purchase, or through the manufacturer or dealer.

Integrated dishwasher can be “Semi integrated” or “fully integrated”. In semi integrated, the control panels are displayed at the top of the dishwasher, while the rest of the appliance is concealed by your kitchen cabinetry. This option allows you to access the controls without having to open the door and stop operation.

In the fully integrated, everything is fully concealed by the kitchen cabinet and offers no visual access to the control panel. This dishwasher’s control panel is accessed on the top, by opening the door.

This type of dishwasher has huge capacity for washing all sizes utensils, larger cookware and serving pieces. They can also dry the utensils, us different wash cycles (depending on the brand) and offer huge energy savings.

However, a permanently integrated or built-in dishwasher is not advisable for a rental home or apartment because if you are planning a move in the future, it would be expected to remain with the home.

Ok, now that we have got that out of the way, lets review the best dishwasher for each of the above types.





# 1: EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable Dishwasher (SILVER)

edgestar best dishwasher

Yes I must confess that I love Silver, but this is not the main reason why this dishwasher takes my # 1 pick of best dishwasher in the portable category. Instead, I gave the dishwasher first position because this washing machine is simply good at the job of cleaning those dirty dishes. My choice is supported by many happy customers who have given it a rating of 4.4/5, higher than any other dishwasher in this category. You can see for yourself here.

The EdgeStar 6 Place Setting Countertop Portable Dishwasher is beautifully designed, compact and small enough to fit in any kitchen size without taking up a lot of space. It is also much stronger and durable. It is only 17 inches tall, which means it has a low profile that fits comfortably under most cabinetry without permanent installation required. When it comes to doing its work of cleaning your plates, it will leave them crystal clean. It is quite while it works, operating at a comfortable ‘medium-quiet’ volume, thus not disruptive at all. This is which good especially in rented apartments where neighbors may not like roaring sounds.

It is a great saver for energy and water, using approximately 61% less energy and wastes very little water than similar countertop dishwashers.

The capacity of EdgeStar Portable Dishwasher is just perfect for a small family. With it, you can wash up to six standard place settings on your countertop and it is extremely easy to operate. It can hold plates up to 10.5″ in diameter, which are most sizes in small families. You also have a luxury of up to six wash cycle programs, ranging from 10 minutes for a freshwater rinse, 45 minute for regular wash cycle to longer cycles such as 70 minutes, and 1hr 45 minutes. The dishwasher features a delayed start feature so you can wash dishes when you want. Regardless of the cycle you chose, your plates will come out sparkling clean because of a powerful spray arm which ensures a deep and thorough wash of all your dishes.

Another reason that the Edgestar countertop portable dishwasher takes first spot is because of its stainless steel interior. This is a nice touch of quality which for sure makes the dishwasher look good no matter where it is.

It is easy to organize you’re the dishes because this dishwasher has a cutlery basket and cup shelf for added organization. It also features an LED display with full digital controls including a child lock function. Connection of the machine is a breeze, with a quick connect faucet adapter and five-foot hose to make hook-up to almost any faucet simple.

At # 1, I highly recommend this dish washing machine. Click the button below to read happy customer reviews and buy it on Amazon. buy best dishwashers on sale


#2 : Koldfront 6 Place Setting Portable Countertop Dishwasher

Koldfront Portable dishwasher

This nice portable dishwasher on sale has spectacular features that will make using and cleaning your dishes enjoyable. These are some of the great features that qualify this dish washing machine to take the # 2 position.

  • Convenient and efficient for small kitchens and medium sized kitchens. Beautiful design, compact and small thus has a low profile that fits comfortably under most cabinetry without permanent installation required.
  • Reasonably priced: Given the quality and great features of this dishwashing machine, its current price makes it one of the cheap dishwashers on sale today. The price is reasonable and affordable compared to similar models.
  • More than enough capacity to wash most sizes of dishes. You can wash up to 6 standard place settings and can hold plates up to 10.5″ in diameter.
  • Gives many choices of wash cycles. With this Koldfront portable dishwasher, you get to choose from up to 6 wash cycles. These range from short cycles to long wash cycles to suit your cleaning needs.
  • Completely eliminates germs and Bacteria while making your dishes sparkling clean: The built-in rinse agent dispenser helps to minimize water spotting on dishes, while an internal water heater and the heavy wash cycle eliminate germs and bacteria by boosting water temperature up to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Energy and Water efficient, which will save you a lot of money in electricity and water bills. The Koldfront 6 place setting portable countertop dishwasher uses only 200 kilowatt hours per year which is approximately 61% less energy than similar models. Plus it wastes very little water. Although the faucet is turned on the entire washing cycle, the dishwasher only pulls water from it at certain times. So the water is not running into the dishwasher the whole time.
  • Ease of operation and Quit: This machine is extremely easy to operate. It features a quick connect adapter for most kitchen faucets and a five-foot hose to make hook-up to almost any faucet simple.
  • Stainless steel interior. This makes the dishwasher look good and easy to clean.
  • Accessories to help you keep organized: with this model of Koldfront portable dishwasher, you will have cutlery basket and cup shelf for organization.
  • Durable: If handled well, you can expect to last with this washer for a good number of years without any technical problems.
  • Only needs about 1 Tablespoon of detergent, gel works best.

Are there any downsides to this washer? Sure as any appliance, some people may find things about it they do not like but to others it may be no problem. For example, some people say that the 5 feet long hose is not long enough for them. Ideally, I find this to be long enough for even a washer parked away from the sink. Secondly, the machine may not be able to handle too much loose or caked on food on dishes. However, if you presoak anything that is extra tough, this will be no problem. Others complain that the Machine will not fit some of their dinner plates. However, if you purchase knowing that it can hold plates up to 10.5″ in diameter, then you can adjust.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this dishwasher. Click here to buy it on Amazon and get Free shipping.


# 3: SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable Dishwasher, 18-Inch, Stainless Steel

portable dishwasher

This stainless steel dishwasher is described by many as a life saver simply because it is perfect at its job. Do you need more loading capacity? Unlike the first two dishwashers I have recommended above, which give 6 standard place settings, the SPT SD-9241SS portable dishwasher’s spacious cavity loads up to eight standard place settings. Washing is perfectly done in this dish washing machine thanks to its ability to raise water temperatures up to 154 degrees which will kill germs and bacteria.

Do you have larger plates? That is not a problem with this dishwasher because it features an adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger plates/pots; so you can wash your dinner plates.

Plus you have a choice of 6 wash programs to choose namely; All-in-1, Heavy, Normal, Light, Rinse and Speed. You will not fail to get one that meets your cleaning needs. In addition, it has a time delay Feature which allows you to program operation at a later start time (1-24 hours).

It is also energy efficient and saves water. Actually, it is an energy star machine which consumes only 295kwh/year of electricity and 3.65 gallons of water per normal cycle. So you stand to save lots of money in energy and water bills if you purchase this dishwasher.

It is also easy to connect and operate: First of all, the size of the machine is perfect for kitchen layouts that cannot accommodate a built-in/ integrated dishwasher. It is only 18 inches, with dimensions of 17.72″W x 25.98″D x 36.02″H, thus can fit in most kitchen of small apartments. Moreover, it features a quick connect to any kitchen faucet which eliminates the need for direct plumbing or permanent installation. The included faucet adapter enables quick and simple connection. In addition this machine comes with warning aid in case of any error. These include; Error Alarm: displays fault codes; Rinse Aid Warning Indicator: refill reminder on rinse aid.

Beautiful exterior, beautiful interior: The SPT SD-9241SS Energy Star Portable stainless steel Dishwasher has a beautiful stainless exterior that makes it stand out. Its interior is also just as good. You can also get it in a white color.

The machine is also quite when in operation.

There are many great features to this reasonably priced and affordable stainless steel dishwasher which qualifies it to be the # 3 best dishwashers. Click here to read great customer reviews and purchase this dishwasher from Amazon and Get Free shipping.

buy best dishwashers on sale



# 1: SPT Countertop Dishwasher

SPT countertop dishwasher

Well, when it comes to kitchen appliances, the SPT brand has become synonymous with quality and durability. And it is no surprise that they have transferred that quality to this countertop dishwasher, which has enabled it to creep into the hearts of many people to become their best dishwasher in the countertop category.As my #1 best dishwasher I have no doubt that you too will love it.

You will love this # 1 best dishwasher thanks to the fact that it is;

  • Economical – features an efficient design that is Energy Star certified.
  • Space saving – fits between most standard countertops and cabinetry, thus Perfect for apartments, office kitchens or any small-sized kitchens.
  • Sleek silver finish is ideal for any contemporary kitchen.
  • Comes with 6 wash cycles, so you can choose the one that will most effectively clean your dishes.
  • Quick connect to any kitchen faucet eliminates the need for direct plumbing or permanent installation. The drain hose is actually one piece together with the quick connect faucet adapter. This one piece snaps onto your kitchen faucet. You turn on your hot water and when necessary, it will fill the tub. Once it is time to drain the tub, it will empty directly into your sink so that you don’t have to worry about a single loose hose that may fall out of the sink and onto your floor.

In addition, the machine has a bypass button on the connector to let you obtain water from the faucet while connected.

  • Durable stainless steel interior.
  • Color choices to choose from: You will love the fact that you can chose between WHITE and SILVER.

Click here to read over 796 reviews from satisfied customers and buy this dishwasher (Countertop) on Amazon.

#2: Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher


Danby DDW611WLED countertop dishwasher

I LOVE Danby and I feel sorry that this model did not make it as my # 1 best dishwasher in the countertop dishwashers. However, as # 2 best dishwasher, it is still one of the best dishwashers that will do a perfect job for your family.

At 17.25Width, 21.63Depth and 19.69Weight, this durable stainless steel dishwasher is small enough to fit under most kitchen cabinets, making it a perfect fit for families and singe homes.

Despite its compact design, it offers enough loading room so that you can load all your plates. It can hold most normal size standard dinner plates up to 11.5 diameters. It has 6 place settings and will hold four place settings plus several cups and glasses and has a silverware basket for easy organization.

It also has 6 wash cycles which will ensure that you get sparkling clean dishes free from dirt, germs and bacteria. The longest one, the heavy is 1 hour 45 minutes, normal 1:25, light 1:15, glass 1:10, speed 45minutes and soak 10 minutes.

The only downside I found with this dishwasher is that when the cycle finishes, the dishes do not come out fully dried, they may have some water drops on them still. However, this is easy to get rid of. Just open it when the cycle is done and leave it open for ten more minutes and then the dishes will fully dry. Hence this is not a serious problem that should stop you from enjoying the other great features of this washer.

The Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher is easy to operate even for the first time. It features Electronic controls with LED display. Connection is easy as it also features a quick connect system which lets you hook it up to any kitchen tap. And you will love the convenient automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser of this machine. If you get any problem, the machine comes with operation instructions which a written in many languages (English, French and Spanish).

As with all the other best dishwashers I have featured here, the Danby DDW611WLED Countertop Dishwasher is energy star, with less power consumption and minimum water wastage. This will save you a lot of money in the long run so that the machine ends up paying for itself.

Click this button to buy this best dishwasher from Amazon. You get FREE SHIPPING on the dishwasher.

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# 1: Bosch Dishwasher

The Bosch 800 Series SHX68T55UC Fully Integrated Built-in Dishwasher 24″

Bosch dishwasher review

Want to add a touch of modernity to your kitchen? Get the stainless steel Bosch integrated dishwasher. This Bosch dishwasher review and award for best dishwasher in this category is as a result of my respect for Bosch dishwashers and most of Bosch kitchen appliances.

First of all, with a stainless steel exterior, the machine looks beautiful even though its beauty will be concealed under the cabinetry.

This 24” Bosch dishwasher is roomy enough for even larger family who expect to do lots of dishes. The washer has 16 place setting and can hold all normal standard size dinner plates and the extra-large cookware such as an 11 ½” x 17″ pan. These tall items can fit fine in the bottom rack. So there is room for all your items. It features a top rack which raises or lowers to three different positions via paddles on the sides, and has two folding tiny racks on the right side; so you have plenty of space depending on what you’re loading.

There is also a cutlery tray which can hold about 70 pieces of cutlery. If you don’t wish to use the cutlery or flatware tray, you can always use the accompanying silverware basket that fits in the bottom tray like most conventional dishwashers.

You get 6 wash cycles which you will enjoy depending on your needs. For example, the half load cycle when you don’t have a lot of dishes, full load the Eco cycle and others.

This beauty is also energy efficient and energy star rated. Its power consumption is very minimal given its size and capacity and it consumes very little water per cycle.

The machine is easy to operate with clear instruction manuals to guide you through every step of the way. The happy users of this machine have also posted lots of helpful usage instructions on Amazon, which you can read on these two links below to Amazon.

  1. Click Here to read and buy the Bosch 24” Fully Integrated Built-in stainless steel Dishwasher on Amazon
  2. Click here to read and buy the Bosch 24″ Stainless steel Semi-Integrated Dishwasher on Amazon.

Watch this video to understand the difference between a “fully integrated” and “Semi integrated” dishwasher

Well, I am glad we have come to the end of these dishwasher reviews. I hope you are able to purchase the best dishwasher that will be a perfect match for your kitchen and your cleaning need.

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