Best Curling Iron – [BEST 5 For Exquisite Shiny Curls That Will Turn Heads!]

On this page, we review the 5 best curling iron (s) to get your exquisite shiny curls that will turn heads.

  1. Intro to the best curling iron

In one way or another, every lady wants to stand out and our hair is one of the ways to do just that. It is impossible to talk about hair and miss to stumble across the word best curling iron. It’s basically a magic wand in the hand of every lady, ready to transform you into a beauty queen. With the elapse of ages and centuries, so has the progression of this tool enhanced with invention of better technology for a better tool.
Let’s begin with knowing what exactly a curling iron is. A curling iron is a hair styling tool, one of the general kinds of hair iron, used to create luscious curls in the hair or waves. They are made with different materials such as ceramic, tourmaline and titanium among others and are of different sizes and shapes. Those made of ceramic are known to distribute heat more evenly through your hair and provide moisture. On the other hand, tourmaline controls the hair against forming tight curls while titanium, despite being good conductors of heat, do not protect the hair from forming small, tight curls. The type you decide to use depends on your hair type and how curly you want your hair to be.

  1. Factors to consider when buying a curling iron.

A few factors have to be put into consideration before you purchase your own curling iron.

  • Size

This depends on the type of curls you want to make. Small barrels provide tight curls and more waves than large ones. Hence, it is advisable for ladies with small hair to go for those with small barrels.

  • Temperature level setting

They have different temperature settings and hence you need to ensure that it gets hot enough to curl your hair. It is important to go for the iron that has the best temperature so as to achieve the best kind of curls for your hair type.

  • Material

Curling irons are made of several different materials. The type chosen should be harmonious with your type of hair so as to obtain the best curls.

  • Hair type

Kinky and thicker hair often requires more heat to straighten and even curl the strands of hair. On the other hand soft and fine hair requires little heat to make curls and waves on the hair.

  • Size of the barrel.

Barrels come in different sizes depending on the kind of curls you want to achieve. If you want to wear down longer and loose curls a smaller width barrel, preferably one inch or two inch barrel will do the trick. On the other hand ringlet curves require 5/8 0r 3/8 inch barrel

  • Shape of the curling iron.

Curling iron often comes in different shapes which give different desired results. Cone shaped irons often give off radiant beach waves. Wavers produce 8 shaped waves and are long lasting. Flat irons are multipurpose. They can either straighten your hair on form curls.

3. Best curling iron. The best 5 reviewed

# 1: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

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If you are looking for the best curling iron to get your exquisite shiny curls that will turn heads, this is the curling iron to grab. It produces flawless curls. The quality is undeniably high. It’s also one of the few curling irons that does a great job on both thin hair while also unleashing curls from thick hair too. If that’s not amazing, then I don’t know what is. It saves a great deal of time especially because it heats up and cools off fast.
BabylissPro curling iron has got a long cord hat conveniently works for you. It also ensures to leave your hair smoother.
You will also be amazed to discover that you can purchase this rare product at an affordable price. This is what I’d like to term as the perfect product with the perfect price for the queens all.
On the flip side, a few cons are clear. The small tip of the curling iron makes it difficult to use this curling iron. Generally, it may take quite some time to get your curls done with this curling iron. It should also be noted that it may end up burning your hair if turned to highest heat, especially on fine hair. Therefore handle with care. On a more disappointing note it doesn’t work well on short hair and the results may be disappointing.
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#2: The Beachwaver Beach Waver Pro Curling Iron

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Now, if you are out to get that sophisticated red carpet hair, then get this curling iron and get it fast!!! With just a touch it gets you your dream curls. It’s not a wonder why many ladies are crazy about this product, It’s incredibly time saving as it can get your curls swaying with poise within minutes! And if you’re thinking, “what about my long thick hair?” No need to worry Beach waver will curl it into perfection for you.
This curling iron also has a variety of temperature settings for you to play around with and discover your zone. It’s so easy to use, you can literally curl your hair with your eyes shut. And did I mention it makes long-lasting curls.
However, a few flaws here and there are noticeable and you may need to know them before you make the decision to buy it. First, its short clip makes it difficult to use.
Secondly, the gadget may be heavy hence exhausting on the hand especially when styling.
A few complaints of breakdown of the device within weeks cannot be ignored either. The fact that it doesn’t give any specifics on the voltage and watts may also be a deal breaker to some people.
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#3: T3 Twirl Convertible Curling Iron

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Praised widely for its job well done, providing polished swirly curls that last all around the clock, this curling iron makes #3 of the best curling iron for your hair.
Its light weight makes styling easier and faster. This curling wand also heats up quickly so prepare to ditch your long waits for your curling iron to heat up. It gets even better ladies, Twirl convertible comes with a variety of interchangeable barrels to suit your hair. You get spoiled for choice.  Keep in mind the barrels are ceramic. It works well on short hair. I admire the volume it adds to one’s hair without crisping the strands.
Another cool thing a like about this gorgeous tool is the fact that it automatically adjusts to the wattage of your country. Hence you can travel with it all around the globe and wear down your curls just the way you like it. To top it all, its heat is gentle on your scalp.  It has got 5 heat settings which are easy to use.
Lastly, just in case you may need a little walk through on how to get your curls done, this best curling iron comes with a manual which has clear instructions and diagrams. Finally, I mean who wouldn’t want to purchase this curling iron if you saw it. It has a luxurious look to it.
There are a few pointers that the manufacturer should check .The shut on and shut off button doesn’t work right. To completely shut off the device one has to pull it out from the water outlet. The large size of the handle make it difficult to use the curling iron. It’s not suitable for professional use since you’ll keep on changing the barrels now and then. The price may be a little bit over the roof for a standard lady.
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#4: HSI Professional Curling Iron Set

The forth entry on our list of best curling iron is the HIS PROFFESSIONAL.

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The HSI is a set which YOU would buy and your hair needs get satisfied. It has so many pros such that cons (if one notices any) are bearable.
It is undeniably easy to use, heats up very quickly (and stays regularly hot) crowning you with glorious waves as you would wish. The curls may last for more than one day and still look good maintaining their shape.
It is flexible in that one can get different looks, that is, it can provide different sizes of curls. This is because one can easily switch or interchange the barrels to achieve the sizes that they want.
The other reason why YOU would prefer it is because of its size. It allows one to easily walk around with it, and this is also supported by its dual voltage hence one can travel anywhere with it. One can easily adjust the temperature setting and comes with a heat resistant glove that one dresses on to protect them from its heat. In addition to providing service for a long time, it has a good price the high quality it provides.
However, some of the few things that maybe seen as drawbacks could be the lack of a stand to support it off the surface and this may cause damage. For the inexperienced, one may turn it off by accident because of where the power switch is positioned. It also does not have a button for shut off and one must unplug it after use as a precaution.
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#5: BIO IONIC Goldpro Curling Iron

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Bio ionic Goldpro is our #5 best curling iron. It is great especially if you are having problems with curling your hair (especially fragile hair). With Bio ionic Goldpro curling iron, you won’t have much of this problem. This is because the curling iron ensures your hair gets curly and within a short time.
This device takes a short time to heat up (approximately 10seconds to get to 200 degrees) and as it reaches high temperatures, the rate of heating up reduces. It is very convenient for those with thin hair as they require low temperature and hence, it heats up almost immediately to their preferred temperature. It holds the hair well and smoothly as you glide through
There is an option of keeping it from turning off by accident. This option ensures that one is not frustrated by constantly switching it off and on.
It also has good features such as the strong handle which does not make any unnecessary sounds or movements. You will also fall in love with the stand that holds it up.
On the flip side of things, you may find it inconvenient because you are constantly altering the temperature level while using it since the temperature dial is located where you place your hand.
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Well, there you have it. Chose the best curling iron that will give your hair the shiny curls that will turn heads.

4. Tips for efficient use and maintenance of curling iron

Tips for efficient use of a curling iron
  • Applying a heat protection spray before ironing

This is very important as it ensures that you are protected from any adverse effects that the heat of the iron may cause.

  • Use of texturizing spray before curling

Texturing the hair ensures that the best results are obtained when curling your hair. So, having some texture to your hair is advisable.

  • Spraying some hair spray after curling

This ensures that your curls look neat and perfects the diva kind of look.

  • Ensure to curl your hair with the right heat setting careful not to overheat your hair which would greatly damage your hair.
  • If your hair isn’t oily or apply a dry shampoo.
  • Ensure to clean your curling iron.
  • For easier curling divide your hair into manageable sections. This saves on time.

Tips for Proper Maintenance of curling iron

For proper maintenance, clean it at least twice a month to remove any build up which may have occurred due to natural oil from your hair, the sprays used, gels and other hair products. This may cause your iron to spoil and great damage to your hair as well.
For proper maintenance, this build up ought to be cleaned. Items you will need include water, a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Step-by-step method
  1. Unplug the curling iron and allow it to cool
  2. Moisten a small towel with warm water
  3. Using your fingers gently rub on the plates of the curling iron and avoid use of too much force.

Ensure to wipe out all the buildup in the curling iron plates.
You can opt to use a cotton swab to clean unreachable corners.

  1. Then go ahead and clean the side edges of the curling iron using a clean side of the towel.
  2. Let it air dry before using it


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