Best Changeable Letter Boards

Are you planning to purchase a changeable letter board, and then this review is for you. You can use the board to help your children learn much as they figure out things independently.

Thanks to these boards, which can be used for home decoration or background for taking photos. You can use them to pass a particular message during weddings, birthday, merry Christmas, among others. They are also ideal for public places to communicate with people.

This list will guide you on the best changeable letter boards that suit your need and preferences and choose the best board.

Top Picks : 5 Best Changeable Letter Boards

10 Changeable Letter Boards Reviews

1. Felt Letter Board with Letters

Felt Letter Board with Letters, Pre Cut & Sorted 725 Letters, First Day of School Board, 10x10 Inch Changeable Letter Boards Message Board, Classroom Decor Farmhouse Wall Decor Sign Board, Baby Announcements


  • It has 750 characters to choose from
  • Durable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Metallic sawtooth brackets for displaying the board
  • Both sides can be used.
  • Easy to edit the characters


  • Expensive

The Felt Letter Board with Letters is a great board that comes with letters, numbers, emojis, and special characters crafted with durable plastic materials. The sanded smooth feature gives the board a crisp, clean appearance and even spacing. The partition box with a reliable snap-closure lid ensures the letters are stored well and protected.

The board has 725 letters, including 0.75-inch white letters, 0.75-inch gold letters, 1 inch big letters, and uppercase and lowercase cursive letters. The letter board comes with a metallic sawtooth bracket for hanging it on the wall. It is designed to resist fading and holds letters in place while making it easy to edit.

It meets all your needs; it is a great accent décor for your home. You can arrange the letters to add an elegant look that is suitable for any room. During special celebrations, you can communicate inspirational thoughts and messages in style.

2. Felt Letter Board 10×10

Felt Letter Board 10x10 (Black) | +685 PRE-Cut Letters +Stand +UPGRADED WOODEN Sorting Tray! Letters Board, Letter Boards, letterboard, Word Board, Message Board, Letter Sign, Changeable


  • It has 300 characters.
  • Durable frame
  • Brings elegant look
  • Wood easel helps in adjusting the board.
  • It has extras features kike canvas pouch and adjustable solid wood easel
  • Perfect for different places and occasion


  • Characters don't fit well and tend to fall off easily.

The Felt Letter Board 10×10 is a creative board from Little Hippo. It gives you 300 characters in both large and small-sized letters (1, 2, and ¾ inches). You can use these characters to bring out creative messages. The characters include; letters, symbols, hashtags, emojis, and punctuation. Plus, the free wooden tray helps you put all the characters and sort them quickly.

The letter board kit has a wood easel that can be adjusted for a great display. You will also get a bonus canvas pouch that comes in a beautiful gift box. The board is held together by sturdy frame joints and reinforced with thick staples that ensure the board is held firmly. The board is perfect for your office, café, or home; it brings an elegant look. It has a lifetime warranty.

3. Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board 10×10 inch

Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board 10x10 inch. Precut White & Gold Letters, Script Cursive Words, Wood Stand, Scissors. Changeable Letter Board Sign for Baby Announcement. First Day Of School Message Board


  • Perfect for all occasion and places
  • Durable
  • Hanging brackets
  • Combination of both white and grey characters
  • It features 441 characters.
  • Sturdy metal wall hanger
  • Additional feature such as vintage style packaging box


  • Few characters

The good thing about this Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board 10×10 inch is that it fits anywhere as a display, teaching material, home décor, and business presentation. It comes with 296 white and 145 gold characters, including numbers, symbols, letters, and emojis. The characters are ¾ inches and well sized to fit in the letter board. Thanks, a combination of gold and white characters enables the message to be delivered effectively.

The Rustic Wood Frame Gray Felt Letter Board has all the necessary components required. The vintage style packaging box makes the gift look more stylish and luxurious. You don’t need to worry about what to use to hang the letter board. This is because it comes with an easel wood stand or a sturdy metal wall hanger on the board’s backside.

4. Awefrank Letter Board

Awefrank Felt Letter Board 10x10 inches with Precut Letters, Rustic Wood Frame, Symbols, Cursive Words, Farmhouse Wall Decor, 2 Letter Bags, Vintage Stand, Gray Announcement Board


  • Perfect for different places
  • The characters are well cut to fit.
  • Simple words in cursive form
  • Rustic frame for safety
  • It comes in a package.


  • Few characters

The letter boards from Awefrank give your office and home an elegant look as a presentation, décor, display, and signboard. It has a rustic vintage frame with gray felt, which adds beauty to the board.  It features 374 white characters, including letters, numbers, symbols, and emoticons. Plus, simple words in a cursive form such as “am blessed, thankful, grateful, our family,” among others. The words are ¾ inch sized, making them fit well in the letter board.

The characters are well cut with a smooth edge for easy placing on the felt letter board. With the emoticons, you can get different saying, which brings the fun. You can communicate an inspiring and encouraging message to others in your home or office.

You can use the letter board anywhere. It can be used in church to display sermon, restaurant to display menu, in movie theaters to show current film roster, bloggers when taking photographs, and decoration in your home and during a special occasion.

It comes packed in a customized box. Gift a friend or family member as Christmas, birthday, and thanksgiving gift.

5. Letter Board by Crystal Lemon, Felt Letter Board

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With this Felt Letter Board from Crystal Lemon, you can quickly put your favorite message and sayings to encourage and inspire others. It is black and whiteboard.  You can easily read out what is on the board because of the bold classical serifed typeface. It also adds a handcrafted charm to the bookshelf.

With the 188 changeable characters, you can rearrange alphanumeric characters to what message you want to display. More interestingly, it has enough repeating characters to help those who have challenge spelling sentences. Use your creativity to inform your guests and staff without being limited to handwritten characters.

The letter board is constructed with hardwood to ensure that it does not break if it falls accidentally. It is light enough for easy wall mounting using a metal loop. You can also use a sawtooth hanger and nightstand preinstalled for displaying. You can easily set up a message for different functions, such as outdoor activities.

6. ABELL Felt Letter Board

ABELL Felt Letter Board Include 680 Pre-cut Letters, 10x10 Inches Message Changeable Board for Farmhouse Office Rustic Home decor


  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • It features 680 pre-cut features.
  • Ideal for different occasion and places
  • It comes with a sawtooth hanger and a stand.
  • It has memorable characters, including symbols and emojis.


  • Characters come in one color.

The ABELL Felt Letter Board is a great board to express your heart content. It is designed from a sturdy natural oak frame, and the internal black part is not easy to pill and dirt. It is ideal for special occasions such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday, Christmas, and anniversary. You will get funny letters and creative designs that you will love on this board.

The letter board has 680 pre-cut characters, including letters, symbols, and emojis organized in a box to ensure you find the characters quickly. All the characters are ¾ inches sized. It is easy and convenient to place anywhere since it comes has a sawtooth mounted hanger on the back and stand. You can place it in your office, classroom, occasion announcement, baby room, or kitchen.

7. Tukuos Double Sided Felt Letter Board

Double Sided Rustic Felt Letter Board with 10x10in Vintage Wood Frame,750 Precut Letters,Months & Days & Script Cursive Words,Farmhouse Message Board Shabby Wall Decor


  • Both sides can be used.
  • Durable
  • Wooden easel and metal hook included
  • White and gold characters
  • It comes with a bonus phrase, cursive words, and emojis characters.
  • A package with all necessary components


  • The characters slightly differ in height.

The Felt Letter Board from Tukos is double-sided and designed with pure handicraft. The 2 sides can either be grey or blackboard. It has 376 white and 188 gold characters. The characters include bonus phrases like happy birthday, home, months of the year, and days of the week. It also comes with cursive words and emojis characters.

The letter board has a white wooden easel and metal hook to display your content. It is made with sturdy materials that assure you of the durability of the board. It is crafted to communicate a message, advertising, tracking personal notes, and a decoration. The metal hook enables you to display the board either on the shelf or cabinet.

The package includes; Tukos letter board, 750 letters, a letter bag, a metal hook, scissor, and an 18-month warranty manual.

8. Felt Letter Board with 10×10 Inch Rustic Wood Frame from the Main Event store

Felt Letter Board with Letters and Numbers 10x10 Inch - First Day of Preschool Sign Classroom Decor, Farmhouse Decor Letterboard, Farmhouse Wall Decor Baby Board, Rustic Home Decor Letter Board Stand


  • It has 374 pre-cut characters.
  • The characters can be reused.
  • Sturdy metal hook
  • It includes unique letters, emojis, and symbols.
  • Comes with a cloth bag for storage


  • Few characters

The letter board is crafted to fit any décor since the solid wood frame gives a stylish and luxurious look. It’s ideal for people who don’t like many characters since it has 374 pre-cut characters. All the letters are ¾ inches in size and include symbols, emojis, and unique letters.

More interestingly, the letters can be removed from the felt letter board and reused later. For the unused letters, they can be stored in a cloth bag for easy sorting. You can either hang or display on a cabinet or shelf using a sturdy metal wall hook. This ensures your letter board is safe from falling. The plastic stand is unattached with 2 screws to attach if necessary.

The board is a great way to display an encouraging and inspiring message to others. It is a great product to gift your family, friend during a special occasion such as a birthday and anniversary.

9. Gray Felt Letter Board, 10×10 inches

The Gray Felt Letter Board, 10×10 inches, is an excellent board with characters made from sturdy polyester. It is designed with high-quality construction to last longer. The use of the free online editor can help you design a lovely wood letter board creation. You need to arrange the characters online first before placing them on the board.

The letter board has 300 characters, and each character is ¾ inches in size. Thanks to the drawstring pouch to store the characters. If you need more characters, you can purchase an extra letter set to make your board extraordinary.

The letter board is ideal for girls and women. You can gift one of them with this lovely package on their special occasions such as birthday, home party, and anniversary among others. You can use a wooden block stand to mount it on your wall as décor.

10. Black Felt Letter Board with Stand

Letter Board THE ORIGINAL Black Felt Board with Stand, Built-in LED Lights 10 x 10 -Menu Board + Wood Frame, 340 Letters, Emojis + Cursive words - Custom Sign Messages, Pregnancy Announcement, Weddings…


  • Durability
  • It has 340 characters, including emojis and letters.
  • It has both a hanging hook and a stand.
  • It has in-built LED lights.
  • Can be used for inspirational and breathtaking messages


  • Fewer characters

The best thing with the Black Felt Letter Board with Stand is the LED lights the board comes with. It brings a cozy look to the room as it radiates relaxed and dreamy vibes. It features 340 characters with letters and emojis (such as stars, moons, and music notes). It can be used to make breathtaking messages, including an inspirational message in the house, welcoming a child, among others.

Thanks to the 20 in-built LEDs, this board’s content adds brightness to a dim restaurant and during romantic dinner. It can be a fantastic board for kid’s night light because it has no bright white light. It is an inspirational board to encourage your friends, family, and kids.

With the rear hanging hook, you can hang your board on the wall. Also, using a tripod stand, you can display on a tabletop. With the PMPX letter board, durability is a priority. It features a thick, well-made wood frame for durability. Plus, the natural finish gives it a stylish look.


When looking for the best changeable boards in the market, you need to research to get what fits your preferences. With so many letter boards in the market, it can be confusing what to go for. You only need to be extra patient to get the best.

The review has listed the best 10 changeable letter boards in the market. I hope it will help while you are out there buying a changeable letter board.

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