9 BEST Black and White Nail Art Videos And Pictures

black and white nail artWhen a nail art video gunners 1,619,027 views within 4 months, that is an indication that the particular trend is big.Black and white nail art is a craze for a reason. They are cool and make your nails look pretty.It is quite easy to do a black and white nail art to get good nails. The nail art video here shows you how to exactly do that at home, without any frustration.As you can see from the video, black and white nail art is creative and easy to make.It is the best black and white nails art video that I have watched  so far and this can be evidenced from the close to 2 million views it has received within just a space of 4 months.Thanks to missjenfaboulous.


Nail art Video: Nail Art in Black and White! Monochrome Nails.

What you will need:

  • Black and white nail polish
  • Base coat
  • Dotting tool, or q-tip or tooth pick
  • Precise brush (For drawing triangles) as seen in nail art video
  • Tape or stickers for making stripes.
  • Top coat

1. Prepare your nails:
-Remove any old nail polish that may be present due to past manicures. Use nail polish remover and hold it against the nail for ten seconds, then swiping it along the nail to remove the polish.
-After removing the polish (if there was any) trim and file your nails.
-Push back or trim any excess cuticle.
2.Prime your nails with a base coat. Using the brush on your nail polish’s wand, apply base coat on your nails.Apply two coats. This helps to keep your nails healthy, pretty and keep out nasty staining. Wait for the base coat to dry or spay with fast-drying spray.applying base coat                                                                   Source: All images curtsy of Missjen fabulous video above
3.Paint with the black nail polish: This helps to create an opaque result which will make the black and white nail art great.black nail polish
4.Paint your desired (Middle, ring and pinky/little finger) in white with the white nail polish.white nail polish
black and white painted nails
5.Make the nail art on the fingers: Dip your dotting tool in black polish and use it to apply some black dots on the fingers that have white polish and make your desired design, e.g flower nail design. See the nail art video above starting at the 1.36 minute mark. Do this for the other fingers with white nail polish.
black dots
6.while the black dots are still wet, make white flower dots on top of the big black dots.
black and white nail dots
7.Complete the design by placing a black dot on top of the flowers.
8.Then make white art on the black nails. You can see the video above for adorable designs inspiration.
white triangles
9.Apply topcoat. After all the nail art is done on the nails and fully dry, apply top coat over the designs. This helps to seal all the designs, add some shine and perfection.

Black and white nail art pictures

black and white nail art imagenail art videos
black and white nail art video 2
black and white nails image
That is it. Now you can make gorgeous white and black nail art thanks to this tutorial and the nail art videos by Missjenfabulous above. Go and show off your pretty designs.

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