Post Amazon Prime Day 2016 {Prime Day 2017 News & When?}

There is no reason to doubt that there is going to be an Amazon Prime day 2017 this year. This post last updated on March, 19th, 2017 looks back at prime day 2016 and looks ahead to prime day 2017.

Amazon Prime day 2016 was held on 12, July 2016. We wrote this post so as to show our readers what were the best Amazon Prime Day deals on 12th, July 2016? This covered best nail polish deals, Best Kitchen appliances deals, etc.? We picked out the best Amazon prime day deals on 12th,July,2016. We also did a live deals coverage right here – follow this blog post for a post Amazon prime day 2016 live coverage and update as we learn about them.  Currently, Amazon is running the Amazon Gold Box Deals | Today’s Deals. Shop Amazon’s Gold Box Deals. Also see the video and its deals below.

Amazon Prime Day 2016 deals

The First ever Amazon Prime Day was held on its 20th anniversary last year. On that day, people bought 398 items per second through the Amazon prime day deals. It smashed all sales records. This is bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Amazon Prime day 2016 promised to be even BIGGER and according to reports, It sure was the biggest sales day ever for Amazon. Even bigger that its first prime day.

So we expect Amazon prime day 2017  to be even bigger (see below for news about prime day 2017 dates).

News Highlights from Amazon Prime day 2016

According to the online retailer reports released on Wednesday 13, July, 2016 (A day just after the prime day), the company said that it’s self-created holiday was its biggest sales day ever. It is estimated that worldwide orders rose more than 60 percent while in the US, the rise was by 50 percent compared with the previous Prime Day.

The best selling item for the day was the Amazon Fire TV stick. Click Here to Check It Out

In terms of numbers (don’t we all want these), R.J. Hottovy, Morningstar’s consumer strategist, told CNBC that he estimated the event could have added between $500 million and $600 million in incremental sales to the retailer’s top line. That is a staggering amount.

Unlike last year’s prime day where new deals/discounts were rolled out every 10 minutes, during the 2016 prime day, the company upped its game by rolling out new deals/discounts every 5 minutes. Thanks to the wide stock and offers, Prime Members were spoilt for choice.

The deals were further spread out into the day, including more than 800 of Amazon’s limited-time “Lightning Deals”, launching well into the evening. The retailer said,  Prime members saved more than double the amount they did last Prime Day — and it is already working to amp them up for next year’s event.

Amazon Prime Day: How to get access to Prime Day deals with Free Amazon Prime

Now we know that this is going to be an annual event. So expect that Amazon Prime Day 2017 will be the biggest Shopping Event Ever. Period. The date for Amazon Prime day 2017 is not yet announced, but we shall update this page as soon as it is.  It is a “one-day only” global shopping event exclusively for Prime members – Those who have signed up to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime, is a subscription service that gives users access to unlimited one-day delivery as well as Amazon Prime Video and other services like music and cloud storage. Luckily, the company wants everyone to get access to Prime day deals. It is offering a free 1-month Amazon Prime trial if you want to participate in the Prime day deals of 2017. Click Here to Start Your Free Amazon Prime trial now.

For students: You get a whopping 6 months’ free trial. Should you then decide to stay after the 6 months, you will get 50% off the Prime Membership. Click here to Join Prime Student

When Is Amazon Prime day 2017?

Although last year the company held its Prime day on 15th, July, which was the 20th Anniversary since it was founded by Jeff Bezos, this year Amazon prime day 2016 was held on Tuesday, 12th, July. Shopping in the  U.S. started at midnight PT.

In my opinion, this is genius because Tuesday is the most ideal day for us the shoppers. Given the fact that every Prime Day deal is available for next-day delivery, it ensures that you will get the item within the week. During last years’ Amazon Prime Day, items were also eligible for one-hour delivery with Amazon’s Prime Now service – Hence fast delivery of any Prime deal item you snatch up.

What Deals Will you get during Amazon Prime Day 2016?

Amazon has made it clear that they will have more than 100,000 prime day deals available worldwide. That is huge. You can expect prime day television deals, Prime day Laptop deals, Prime day appliance deals and deals in most popular categories such as beauty products video games, books, DVDs etc.

Amazon Prime Day 2016: Best Amazon Prime Day deals- Amazon Prime Day Live Blog Posts


Fun and Interesting Finds on Amazon

Click Here to see all today’s “Fun and Interesting Finds” on Amazon


Here are the Links To the Deals Talked About In The Video.

Follow this space for our live coverage of Amazon prime day 2016 deals as they happen. We shall keep posting in this space the deals that we find interesting. Prime Day Nail Art deals, Prime day beauty deals , Kitchen Appliances deals, Prime day Fashion Deal of the day, best deal of the day, Amazon prime student deals etc.

UPDATE: Since Amazon prime day 2016 ended, these items may be back to their normal prices so please take note of their real prices on Amazon.

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