Post Amazon Prime Day News Updates and Deals : {Next Amazon Prime Day Date When?}

Amazon Prime day 2021 ended at 3am EST on Wednesday, July 12th with a BANG – by breaking all the company’s (Amazon, Inc) sales records and setting new one.  This post, last updated on Thursday, July 13th, 2021 give news updates on prime day 2021 and tries to speculate on the question that may already be creeping into shoppers’ and merchants’ minds – “When is Amazon Prime Day 2021 Date“. It may be early to start speculating on the date for  Amazon Prime day 2021, but we shall do anyway ???.

How to get access to Prime Day 2021 deals with Free Amazon Prime

Now we know that this is going to be an annual event and having broken sales records in the Market Today, expect that Amazon Prime Day 2021 will be the biggest Shopping Event Ever. Period. It is a “one-day only” global shopping event exclusively for Prime members – Those who have signed up to Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime, is a subscription service that gives users access to unlimited free (Two-Hour, Same-Day or Two-Day) delivery on over 50 million eligible items. In addition, as a prime member, you also enjoy exclusive access to movies and TV shows, ad-free music, Kindle books, original audio series and unlimited photo storage. Luckily, the company wants everyone to get access to Prime day deals. It is offering a free 30-days Amazon Prime trial if you want to enjoy all  the above benefits and participate in the Prime day deals of 2021. Check out all the benefits Here and Start Your Free Amazon Prime trial now.

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News Highlights from Amazon Prime day 2020:

Amazon prime day 2020 started early at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Monday, July 10, 2020 and ended at 3am EST on Wednesday, July 12th 2020.

So, now that the 2020 event ended, lets look at the news highlights/ updates:

The first thing we need to stress is that, this was the biggest shopping day in the company’s history. The event set new sales records.

  • According to the online retailer’s reports released on Wednesday 12, July, 2020 (A day just after the prime day), the company said that it’s self-created shopping event/holiday was its biggest sales day ever. Amazon Prime Day 2020 sales surpassed the e-commerce giant’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
  • It is estimated that worldwide sales orders grew by more than 60 percent from those obtained the previous prime day 2020.
  • More people signed up for Prime Membership on Tuesday 11, July 2020 than any other day.
  • This year, the event spanned across 13 countries with A “record number” of Prime members shopping across these countries.
  • While on Prime day 2020 the best selling item for the day was the Amazon Fire TV Stick , the best selling item on Amazon Prime Day 2021 was the smaller-sized Echo Dot smart speaker — priced at $35, down from $50 (check current price and deal here).

Unlike 2020 where the deals ran for 24 hours, the 2021 shopping event lasted for 30 hours. In addition to and increase in number of participating countries (compared to those that participated in the event last year), this could have contributed to the biggest sales results for the company.

In terms of numbers, the company did not mention figures (as of this writing), but according to CNN, Money and a press release from the eCommerce gaint,”tens of millions” of Prime members bought something on Prime Day this year, up more than 50% than last year.

What Prime Day 2021 deals did we highlight on this page?

During the event, these were our highlighted best buys

  • Amazon Echo: Recently, it was on sale for $50 off and during prime day 2020, it was at $50 off. So expect a good deal today on prime day 2020. If you can get more than $40 off, Grab it. That is one heck of a deal on an Amazon Echo. (check current price and deal here)
  • Echo Dot (2nd Generation): On Cyber Monday, it was offered for $10 off, making it extremely affordable. If you can get a similar or better deal on prime day 2020, grab it. (check current price and deal here)
  • Amazon Fire TV stick: This was the best selling item for Amazon prime day 2020. We anticipate that, this time around, the deal on fire TV stick will also be great. (check current price and deal here)
  • All-New Fire 7 Tablet: This is a new version from last years. Last years version was offered for $33.33. On prime day 2020, if you can get it at the same or better deal, grab it. It would be a great deal which gives you an upgrade at a low price. (check current price and deal here)
  • 55-inch Samsung HDTVs – Like Amazon Fire TV stick, SamSung TV was a great selling product on prime day because of the deals. So, expect another Samsung TV steal this year. (check current deals on SamSung TV here)
  • Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker with 24-Hour Playtime – This speaker provides superior sound quality, incredible battery life, Bluetooth 4.0 technology and more. Grab it if you can get 40% or more off (Check current deal and color choices here).

When is Amazon Prime Day 2021 date?

Disclaimer: This is just our opinion and in no way does it represent the official position of Amazon Inc. They reserve the right to announce the correct date. 

It may seem early to start speculating on the date for Amazon Prime day 2021. However, given the excitement from from the 2021 event , this question has started creeping into the minds of the merchants, and shoppers. So we shall try to speculate as usual.

At the time of this writing, there is no official announcement from Amazon with regard to when is Amazon prime day 2021 date. It hasn’t yet officially released details about the 2021 event

But, by tracing the history of the event’s schedules, we can make  some speculations (an educated guess) that it may be a Tuesday again, and in July 2021. In 2020, the company held its Prime day on Tuesday 15th, July, which was the 20th Anniversary since it was founded by Jeff Bezos. In 2020, Amazon prime day 2020 was held on Tuesday, 12th, July. And Guess what, Amazon Prime day 2020 was on Tuesday, July 11. The common theme in all the three events sofar being a Tuesday and month of July ( and usually early July).

In my opinion, this is genius because, Tuesday is the most ideal day for us the shoppers. Given the fact that every Prime Day deal is available for next-day delivery, it ensures that you will get the item within the week. During last years’ Amazon Prime Day, items were also eligible for one-hour delivery with Amazon’s Prime Now service – Hence fast delivery of any Prime deal item you snatched up.

So, when is Amazon prime day 2021 date?

Based on the above previous schedule , we can expect that Amazon Prime day 2021 date will be a Tuesday, early of mid July 2021.  Keep checking this page for any updates about prime day 2021 as we get to learn about them. Meanwhile, if you missed the shopping event this year, you still have the Break Friday and Cyber Monday, during which, the company also hosts great deals on the hottest items.

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When did Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals start?

Exclusive promotions leading up to prime day 2021 started on 29th, June 2021. But the actual prime day 2021 sales and deals started at 9pm EST on Monday, July 10th till 3am EST on Wednesday, July 12th. This means, unlike in the Market Today, this time, around, prime day deals lasted 25% longer by running for 30 hours. Members were be able to enjoy 30 hours of shopping starting early at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Monday, July 10, 2021 – with new deals as often as every five minutes.

For some of the best deals, they were snapped up very fast, thus making their duration very short and stock for the best deals ran out quickly. So you had to ready early and very quick. Like it happened during 2020, some deals went live in advance of Prime Day (particularly with Amazon’s own products). 

Amazon Prime Day 2021: Best Amazon Prime Day deals- Amazon Prime Day Live Blog Posts

This space was reserved for live update of the best prime day 2021 deals we wanted to share in the categories we write about on this website.


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Follow this space for our live coverage of Amazon prime day 2020 deals as and when they happen. We shall keep posting in this space the deals that we find interesting. Prime Day Nail Art deals, Prime day beauty deals , Kitchen Appliances deals, Prime day Fashion Deal of the day, best deal of the day, Amazon prime student deals etc.

Lets Look Back A Little at Prime Day 2020.

Amazon Prime day 2021 was held on 12, July 2021. We wrote this post so as to show our readers what were the best Amazon Prime Day deals on 12th, July 2021? This covered best nail polish deals, Best Kitchen appliances deals, etc.? We picked out the best Amazon prime day deals on 12th,July,2021. We also did a live deals coverage right here – follow this blog post for the upcoming Amazon prime day 2021 deals live coverage and updates as we learn about them. Currently, Amazon is running the Amazon Gold Box Deals | Today’s Deals. Shop Amazon’s Gold Box Deals. Also see the video and its deals below.

Amazon Prime Day 2017 deals

The First ever Amazon Prime Day was held on the company’s 20th anniversary back in 2021. On that day, people bought 398 items per second through the Amazon prime day deals. It smashed all sales records. This was bigger than Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Amazon Prime day 2021 promised to be even BIGGER and according to reports, It surely was the biggest sales day event ever for Amazon. Even bigger than its first 2021 prime day.

So we expect Amazon prime day 2021  to be even bigger (see below for our speculations about prime day 2021 dates).

What Deals Will you get during Amazon Prime Day 2021?

In 2021, Amazon had more than 100,000 prime day deals available worldwide. That was huge. You can expect prime day 2021 television deals, Prime day 2021 Laptop deals, Prime day 2021 appliance deals and deals in most popular categories such as beauty products video games, books, DVDs etc.

UPDATE: Since Amazon prime day 2021 ended, these items may be back to their normal prices so please take note of their real prices on Amazon.

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