Bedroom Design- 10 Ultimate Design and Decor Hacks For Your Bedroom

Building a perfect bedroom can be a huge challenge. The place where you spend almost eight hours every night sleeping requires careful planning. More than your living room, your bedroom should be the centerpiece of your home. It is the bedroom that makes your house a home. That is why I want to share with you some bedroom design ideas. I hope these hacks will make it easy for you to surmount the challenge.

bedroom design ideas
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In general, your bedroom should be a site exclusive for sleep, intimacy and family bonding. To achieve these objectives, you need to bring in the coziest furniture in your home. Along with your most cherished possessions.

Bedroom Designing is a Challenge

Designing your bedroom needs careful and meticulous planning. To make your bedroom an ideal sanctuary, you have to make sure it has all the traits listed below:

  • Quiet – While installing sound-proof walls is an excellent idea especially if you are highly sensitive to noises, the location of your room and other factors can increase or decrease the noise inside your room.
  • Dark – Achieving pitch-black darkness is ideal. But some people prefer a faint light during bedtime.
  • Regulated temperature – Sleep experts recommend a room temperature of around 65 degrees while dozing.
  • Pleasing scent – A room with scents that promotes relaxation such as lavender can be a sleeping paradise.
  • Painted with calming colors – The colors of your room’s interiors affect your mood and behavior. For the best effect, you may choose a creative combination of light cool colors and earth tones palette.
  • A cozy feel – The sense of touch is powerful in evoking emotions. Even a vicarious feeling of seeing things with soft, feathery surfaces can evoke a sense of comfort.
  • Have enough breathing room – A room with ample space provides a psychological breathing room that can make you feel relaxed.

10 Bedroom Design ideas, Hacks and Considerations

To own a room having all the above qualities requires you to have an extensive preparation. To make your decisions faster, here are some pointers to take into consideration:

  1. More is less

    With the commercial success of Apple, its co-founder, Steve Jobs, was able to prove to us the power of minimalism in design. By realizing this design and user experience principle, Jobs was able to catapult Apple’s then struggling financial situation to become the largest company by market capitalization. This news showed people’s clamor for a simple design. You can also use this concept in laying out the things inside your room. Only keep important things inside your room to allow enough breathing space.

  2. Outside view

    bedroom design hacks
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    If your room has a stunning view of the outside, make the most of having this advantage by clearing out any hindrances that block your view, which can help you cool down after a busy day at the office.
  3. Give yourself privacy

    Your room should shield you from the busyness and the intrusions outside as well as private moments that can be seen unintentionally from the door. One way to get privacy is to add a divider (a wall or a curtain) to block the view of your private space inside.

  4. Use dim lighting

    Pick lighting exclusively for bedrooms, especially those that emit yellowish light. Try installing shades and dimming switches to your lighting.

  5. Improve ventilation

    Apart from maintaining the 65-degree temperature, make sure to allow air to circulate freely inside your room.

  6. Install a great mattress

    At the heart of any bedroom is its bed, where the mattress is placed. It is on your mattress where you achieve the two primary objectives of having a bedroom – sleep and sex.  One of the most comfortable quality mattress type that provides you comfort and addresses your body’s pain points is a gel memory form mattress. You can buy gel memory foam mattress online or from offline shops. Which ever is easy for you.

  7. Put on a soft rug

    The flooring of your room can contribute to the overall comfy feel of your room. Once you get off your bed, the best sensation that your feet and eyes can have is the texture of your rug. Make sure your mat help add the cozy effect.

  8. Put on a pile of throw pillows 

    Besides your mattress, a pile of pillows can add to the comfort and support you receive from lying down on your bed. Pillows can also help enhance the aesthetics of your bed.

  9. Ban smartphones and other communication devices 

    Knowing the importance of sleep to your health and productivity, it should be treated with utmost solemnity. As much as possible, clear your room of smartphones, tablets, laptops and even television. These gadgets emit blue light and can make your brain active, both of which may disrupt the progress of your sleep. A quality audio is a welcome alternative to these devices, just do not play loud, fast music during bedtime.

  10. Post relaxing paintings and photographs but not of your family

    While sentimentality can gel family ties, emotions coming from them can affect your sleep and sex. Post nature photos or other soothing photos or paintings instead to set the dreamy atmosphere inside your sanctuary.

With a thoughtful touch of elegance in choosing the right fixtures, things and art pieces and their proper placements inside your bedroom, you can improve the dreamy, mystical qualities of your refuge inside your home for better sleep as well as imp roved relationship with your partner and family.

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