Nail Stamps – My Best For Stamping Nail Art

When I first published our famous 8 steps nail stamping tutorial, a lot of people wrote in asking me to tell them about my best of the best nail stamps and nail stamping kits. That is what has led to this short and precise review of the best nail stamps and nail stamping systems. Nail … Read more

Best 9 Electric Nail File Machines – Good Brands for Nail art (A Review)

best electric nail file drill machine

Are you a nail technician or a “do it yourself” nail artist looking for an electric nail file that will make cleaning, filing and buffing nails easier? Well, you are in for a treat. We  have written this ultimate electric nail file buying guide for you. Let us help you narrow down your choices to … Read more

The Complete Guide to Making a Website Mockup

laptop and phone in the table

A website mockup is a visual representation of what a finished website will look like, created by UX or UI designers as an integral part of the web design process. Designers create mockups after finishing the wireframe, which is a barebones blueprint of a website’s design, and before working on the prototype, which focuses more … Read more

Ten Fun Facts About Japan Houses

The traditional Japanese house is an icon in terms of the nation’s history and culture. If you are a fan of classic movies set in Meiji-era Japan, or are a fan of Japanese culture, you’ll likely recognize the traditional Japan house. From its wood and paper external doors to its distinct clay tiled roof, such … Read more

Font Maker: Things You Should Know

image source: Pexels From the movable type of the Gutenberg Press to 1980s desktop publishing, history has been witness to many incredible advances in typeface design. If you are a web designer or font maker, you might consider the 2010 creation of the Web Open Font Format (WOFF) the best yet. Designers now enjoy unsurpassed freedom … Read more

Ten Patriotic 4th of July Nail Ideas to Consider

Image by Mark Mitchell from Flickr The Fourth of July is the designated day for celebrating America’s Independence from Great Britain in 1776. In current times, we show our American patriotism in various celebratory ways: cookouts, barbeques, fireworks, stars and stripes apparel, and red-white-and-blue 4th of July nails. We are proud of our heritage of … Read more