The Art Of Bottle Labelling

The label on a bottle can make a huge difference in how people perceive the taste. There’s a reason why companies like Coca-Cola and Budweiser spend millions of dollars on design and perception testing before they release a new label. As important as the beverage itself is, the label can be just as important for the success of a drink product.

You can use labels to position your bottle in all kinds of ways. You can position your beverage as a healthy drink by using green colors and an eco-friendly font type. You can position your beverage as athletic by using images of athletes or using electric fonts. You can position your beer as true and authentic by using wooden fonts and images.


The list goes on and on. How you use your bottle labels to position your bottle and prep people for the taste of your beverage is entirely up to you. There’s no limit to how creative you can get with your bottle labels.

Custom Water Bottle Labels

Are you creating your own water bottles? If so, pay close attention to the labels. They could make or break your water venture.

If you already have a bottle design in mind, talk to your labeling company about working with that type of bottle. Different kinds of bottles require different labels. If you have a bottle that has a smooth surface, that will be very different than labeling a bottle with an uneven surface.

A great labeling company should be experienced in and be able to label just about any kind of bottle.

If you don’t already have a bottle design in mind, talk to your labeling company. Often they’ll be able to recommend a design that works well with labels or even be able to give you a design that’s worked well in the past.

A great water bottle label should be made from materials that are virtually immune to water. They also shouldn’t deteriorate when refrigerated.

Whether you’re using water bottles for a party, a promotional event, or as a free giveaway to build your brand, your label is going to play a crucial component.

Examples of awesome water bottle label designs

Custom Beer Bottle Labels

If you’re making your own home brews and want to take your beer to the next level, consider investing in some custom beer bottle labels. If you own a microbrewery and want high quality labels to help you carve out a spot in the marketplace, custom beer bottle labels can make a big difference.

A huge component of marketing beer is crafting the perfect impression in people’s minds. Are you trying to be the best tasting beer? The most original beer? The spiciest beer? Perhaps you’re trying to go for a very unique, deep and dark taste? Whatever it is you’re going for, the branding on and off your bottle is going to shape a lot of how people perceive your beer.

The beer label will craft an impression of your brand and your beer’s taste in people’s minds. Then their taste buds will either confirm or deny that impression. Of course, if your beer is bad then there’s not a lot your label can do to improve the situation. However, if your beer is good, your label can make the whole beer drinking experience terrific.

There are a lot of different kinds of beer labels you can choose from. You can get circular labels, labels that completely wrap around the bottles, rounded rectangles, and more.  The possibilities are endless.

Let’s not forget the labels for the neck of your beer. These should also convey your beer’s brand and impression. When people pick up a beer, they often pick it up by the neck rather than the center. They’re looking right at the neck quite a lot of the time, and when they do, you want them to be looking at something that builds your brand rather than detracts from it.

Examples of fantastic beer bottle label designs

In the beverage industry, perception matter a lot. They can literally change how people perceive the taste of a drink. If you’re going to put out your own bottled water or beer, make sure you do it right by having a top notch label on the bottle.

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