Adding A Range Hood – 4 Important Tips and Considerations

Adding a range hood is one of the great methods to update your kitchen as well as your internal air quality. Many range hoods are out in the market that is fit with budget and style. Looking for appropriate and best range hood is much easier than you think, but there things that you must consider on choosing the right range hood and adding it to your home.

adding a range hood

What are the things you must consider on Adding A Range Hood?

Being aware on the things that you should consider on adding a range hood is very crucial in order to have the best range hood that will suit on the style of your kitchen. Therefore, here are the following guides in adding a range hood:

  1. Style

Range hood can create a big difference in kitchen no matter what the present kitchen look like. There are different designs of range hood styles in the market that can put up the styles of cooking and current style of home. The styles include the under cabinet range hoods that allow more than a filing cabinet space, pro designs for professional cooking midpoint, a wall-mountain chimney hoods that add European flair and customs systems can buried inside a mantel or cabinet style.


  1. Operating Performance

Range hood can ensure the internal air quality that is better than other appliances in the kitchen. However, other kitchens are designed with re-circulating hoods that are incorporated on a microwave unit. The best options are the ranging hood of ducts outside. In Cubic Feet per Minute, there is a standard measure on the volume that is consume using a range hood. In looking for certified ratings, here are the simple rules for assuring the enough CFM for almost applications:

  • 300 to 350 Cubic Feet per Minute for 30 to 60 inch wide conformist cooking appliances
  • 500 Cubic feet per Minute or more in cooking appliances is identify as professional style or high performance.
  • Ensure that the duct size in the midst of hood and outdoor is equal in the outlet of hood.


  1. Sound

In adding range hood, you must always keep in your mind that not all range hood are equal. Therefore, you must rely on the Sone levels and certified ratings. The lower the Sone level, the hood is quitter. In selecting of speed, the lower rating of Sone number has a normal operating speed.

  1. Range Hood Lightning

When Adding range hood, it must provide enough lightning that is distributed in the surface while cooking. Ensure that a range hood you select must be an example of picture. The perfect example of lightning systems with four halogen lightest are focused on cooking area and has a doubling brightness in cooking surface. There are different kind of hoods today in market that is designed to meet the budget and can fit in any home designs. Despite of that, you must ensure that it has HVI authorization.

Range hood plays an important role in kitchen therefore; being aware on the things that you must consider in adding a range hood is important. >Also Click here to  read our range hood buying guide here

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